Weekend Trail Run: (Wo)Man down!

It was a pretty good little American Easter weekend.  I got a run in, a few fam/dog walks, and a sunburn from doing yard-work.

With two dogs and two toddlers, It's never as peaceful as the photos make it seem.

With two dogs and two toddlers, It’s never as peaceful as the photos make it seem.

For Easter we got together with the fams and some friends to hang out and eat food stuffs.  Pretty good times all around.

I think the chicken that laid these must've been sick.

I think the chicken that laid these must’ve been ill.

Blowin Easter bubbles.

Blowin Easter bubbles.

Another highlight was the 7.5 mile trail run.  I got up early Saturday to meet some friends at a park.  It was perfect weather – the kind where you are in short sleeved clothes but still have steam coming off you when you get all sweaty.  And even better, my little nagging calf injury thingy didn’t bother me at all!

There were lots of people in the park who were camping, biking, and even a few taking off in hot air balloons.

I don't care what you say, those dudes are full of hot air!

I don’t care what anyone says, those guys are full of hot air!

Funny thing happened on the run.  One of our friends fell down.  We can laugh because she didn’t get hurt…but then again, we’d probably laugh at her anyway.  She was right in front of me and I saw it all happen.  A tree root jumped up and grabbed her foot.  She claims she could’ve stopped her fall, but was too lazy to do so.  She probably just wanted a break.

I thought we might've lost her for a second, but I was eventually able to locate a pulse.

I thought we might’ve lost her for a second, but I was eventually able to locate a pulse.  It took me a while to even find her because her cammo shorts made her really blend in amongst the nature.

Anyway, pretty good little weekend there.  Not too shabby.

How bout you?  Ever fallen during a trail run?  Color any eggs this weekend?  Weather in your parts nice enough for walks, bubbles, and balloons?




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32 thoughts on “Weekend Trail Run: (Wo)Man down!

  1. Cat Hiles

    Looks like a fun weekend! It was nice and warm here so we got lots of walks in on top of our run!

    I’ve fallen down a few times while running trails. The first time was the day before a half I was scheduled to run and I had to give it a miss because my knee was all cut open and stuff. I’m not very graceful.

    • It was! Glad you got some fun in too!

      Haha. Wow, remind me not to run behind you either! I have been lucky not to fall on the trails yet. It can be mentally exhausting, because you can’t zone out, you always have to pay attention to where you’re stepping. I’ve narrowly missed a few snakes!

      • Cat Hiles

        It definitely can be mentally exhausting. I love trail running though, I need to do it more.

      • I love it too. I hadn’t done it (trail run) since last summer until a few weeks ago, and it felt sooo good to be in nature!

  2. Another awesome weekend!!! 😉 I love the pictures!! Cool Easter eggs!!

  3. I love trail runs but they’re so so dangerous for me. The worst was when I tripped running down a hill a couple falls ago. I twisted my ankle, somersaulted down the hill, and had to limp the last half mile to the parking lot. Ugh!

    • They are a blast, but you do have to watch what you’re doing. My other buddy ran his head into a low thick branch. I’ve had some close calls with snakes and spiders. It’s pretty crazy, but I like it! I’m sorry about your fall, but I’m picturing it in my head following your description, and I’m sorry, but I’m having to chuckle a little. 😉

  4. Sounds like a great weekend all around! We didn’t colour eggs but had lots of Easter fun 🙂 Finally we are having awesome spring weather – great for bubbles, bbq’s and lots of outdoor playing 🙂

  5. Pahaha I never want to fall in front of you. Which basically means I cannot be near you. Things jump out of the ground all the time, grab me, and trip me. Oh and those walls, they like to bump into my shoulders too. Your 2 dogs and 2 kids comment- hahahaha. I never thought about it until you said it.

    • Hahaha, I’m sorry, but yes, I will laugh at your klutzy butt! I’m sorry about all the inanimate objects that keep hitting you though. 😉 It reminds me of an old Mark Twain story I read where he talked about his roommate coming home drunk and ‘hung his coat on the floor’. haha

  6. the camo shorts totally did their job, I am glad you found your friend. :p I have been tripped up many times but haven’t fallen yet on the trails…knock on wood. That would hurt!

    • hahaha, yeah, she was pretty hidden there for a minute. Her neon pink socks helped give her away. I haven’t fallen on trails either, but I know that’s rare. There is hardly a group trail run I’ve gone on where at least one person hasn’t fallen!

  7. I fall quite often on the sidewalk but take extra special care on trails – I think I’m a little gravity-challenged!

    • Hahaha, you need to watch your step! I’ve only ever fallen once on a run…a few months ago…and really jacked up my knee. I’m hyper alert now about where I step. And trails take extra hyper alertness.

  8. What a fun weekend! You have one adorable family.

  9. Great photos of your son!!
    Sounds like a fantastic weekend!
    Mine was awesome- filled with family and lots of good food 🙂
    I always fall when I run- in winter on the roads, and all the time on the trails! I think I’m a lazy runner and don’t pick my feet up enough on the trails. It’s always funny, especially when Kelly’s behind me and sees it!

    • Thank you!!
      It was pretty fun! Glad you had a good one too! It’s hard to be good when so many rich foods are around though!
      Haha, I’m sorry that you fall so much! I guess as long as you don’t get any real injuries, then you don’t have to change your style too much. Try to get video of the next fall so we can all laugh along (at) with you!

  10. No falls yet … (Knocks on wood)

  11. The pictures do make your family look peaceful! Glad to see you had a nice weekend! That trail looks fantastic! That’s one thing I miss about NC. I have yet to find a good unpaved trail in PA. Too many housewives scared to break a nail for dirt and tree roots! Our weekend was wonderful, and I’m looking forward to the next one on the way.

    • Thank you! Luckily still photos don’t always capture the real scene 😉 The walks are fun though! It’s a great trail – abot 8 miles around and some pretty crazy parts. I’m surprised there’s no good ones around you (that you haven’t found at least). But haha, yeah, you can’t just go around Philly with broken nails and dirt all over you! 😉 Enjoy your weekends!!!

  12. Glad to hear the calf is doing better. Sounds like a great weekend!

  13. Yup. About 3 weeks ago we attempted to run up mt oxford but soon turned back due to rain and mud. On the way back down my foot slipped on a tree root and down I went …. 3 weeks later I still have the bruise on my butt!

    • Ha, yeah sure, the bruises are from falling on a trail run 😉
      I’d rather fall on my booty than on my face, so consider yourself lucky!

  14. That’s why I can’t do trail running! I’d be slipping all over the place. Grace is not my middle name.

    • Ha, I’ve had some close calls, but you just have to always be paying attention on the trails. I bet you’d fall gracefully.

  15. I have fallen running more times than I care to admit. Seriously it’s pathetic. Fortunately I have some super ninja like skills and manage to face plant, pop up and keep going without missing a beat! (Except for that one time where I did some sort of crazy mid air somersault landed flat on my back…I may have missed a beat on that one.)

    • Haha, remind me not to run behind you!!! I hope you didn’t fall at Disney, but then at least you’d have an excuse wearing the Newsie costume!

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