Boston Marathon Tribute Run

I’m sure by now, most people know how amazing the Boston Marathon went today.  From the gutsy performances, to course records, to MEB! winning it all for USA and the City of Boston, it was amazing.  Made even more amazing when I learned he had the names of the bombing victims written on his race bib.  No wonder he found the motivation to hold on at the end.  So inspiring.

I also followed along online the progress of my friends running the race.  Very cool for them – they don’t know it, but I was cheering for them from Texas.  I hope to join them in that race one day.  I’m not sure how, but I will try to find a way.

In the meantime, the best I can do are tribute/virtual runs.  This year I participated in the Boston Marathon World Run.  That way I could at least feel I had a small part in it.  And hey, they sent me some virtual awards for completing my pledged distance.


Additionally, I decided to run my own little virtual Boston ‘mini-marathon’.  I couldn’t be in Boston to run 26.2 miles, so instead I ran 2.62 at home.

Told ya I did.

Told ya I did.

Anyway, not much more to say.  One year after the the bad guys tried to scare us, the whole world came back bigger and stronger than before…and we keep on running.

How ’bout you?  Anybody run on Boston Marathon day?  Anybody else inspired by the race?  Tell me something!


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32 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Tribute Run

  1. So amazing, I was so incredibly happy for him and heartbroken for Shalane. Today was my rest day but I was itching to run after their performances!

    • Yes, I was rooting for her too, but in the end, she still had an amazing race. Just wasn’t her day today. I know, right! I cannot wait to run tomorrow!

  2. Heading out for a four miler now. Awesome day in Boston!

  3. I ran 6.2 today 🙂

    Hooray Meb! So freaking exciting. I burst into tears when I heard he won.

    • Ha, I was going to do a 10k, but then thought it’d be cute to do 2.62. It was very exciting to watch, I was all nervous when it looked like the 2nd place guy might catch him.

  4. Cat Hiles

    Today is a rest day for me, but I definitely wanted to get out there! Meb was awesome–all the runners were!

  5. I was sad for Shalane but stoked for Meb. What a race! I did a little run today with a friend and our dogs played and got all dirty. It was fun.

    • Yeah, that would’ve been the icing for her to win too, but who knew so many ladies in front of her would set course records?!? Glad you had a good one!

  6. Got in 5 today. Wouldn’t have missed it. Great work!

  7. I did 8.25 this morning – had to track on my second monitor when I could, but loved being able to have the ‘finish line cam’ on screen! Great stuff!

  8. Such exciting races! Those women were beasts 🙂 And of course Meb made me cry.
    I stuck to my guns and didn’t run today despite being so inspired! Instead, I took my bike out on the highway for the first time this year; it felt SO good to ride outside!

    • I agree!!!! Yes, it was hard not to tear up at the whole scene.
      Glad you got to go outside!!! Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and everything that comes with it!

  9. Today’s race was so inspiring! Running is Boston is still a dream for me, but maybe one day it will be a reality!

    Also, I’m sending some sunshine your way, to let you know how much I appreciate your blog by nominating you for The Sunshine Award! No worries if you don’t want to participate!

  10. Wow, I was totally inspired by the race and absolutely loved and enjoyed my run today!! Great job on your run!! What a wonderful thing to do!!!

  11. I was having a hard time finishing my 6 miles yesterday when I reminded myself that it was Boston day and I should suck it up. Finished strong!

    • Niiiiice! Way to find inspiration! I also think about the race/runners/victims on some of my runs when it gets tough. Always helps!

  12. Why didn’t I think about running 2.62Miles?! 😀

  13. So so inspiring! I was watching secretly at work and stalking friends online. Damn, I should have stopped at 2.62 miles. I did like 2.75 right before dinner, and then a walk after dinner with Kyle and his mama.

    • Haha, I wasn’t watching so secretly – had the TV on in the office. I also was stalking my friends, but I don’t care, I’m always a race stalker – I like looking up all my friends’ times. Yes, you shoulda joined me in the mini marathon!

  14. Even while away on vacation, I found the treadmill and made sure I ran! So inspiring to see everyone come together.

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