My Thoughts on Boston Marathon 2013

This is what I wrote one year ago about the Boston Marathon bombing.


I have never run the Boston Marathon.  I may never be able to.  To qualify I’d have to run a 3:10:00 marathon.  That’s 7:15 per mile.  The best I’ve done at a 1/2 marathon is an 8:13 pace.  So I’d have to shave an minute off my current best pace and go twice as far.  I’d have to run at basically my 5k pace for 26.2.  That’s a tall order.  But never say never.  Someday maybe.  It’d be an awesome achievement.  And I have nothing but respect for others who can make it there.

Long before I ever had any inkling about running these distances, I still knew what the Boston Marathon was.  It’s a storied event, known worldwide.  And around this same time in my life, I actually saw the finish line.  I was in Boston on business and had some free time to explore.  I randomly got out…

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13 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Boston Marathon 2013

  1. I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve been dreaming about running Boston since I first started running marathons 5 years ago. I have a long way to go too – but never say never! It’s what helps me stay driven and motivated to keep training!

    • Yes, I ran into one of my elite friends recently (who’s running Boston again this year) and he said he’d help get me there. It’s a tall order, but all we can do is try, right?

      • Absolutely! Why no dream big?! With enough time and hard work, we’ll get there! Especially if you have a coach! I think it would be amazing just to go to spectate, I’m going to plan for that in 2015. (The thought occurred to me too late this year to make it happen! Haha) I think that would be the ultimate inspiration for me! 🙂

      • Oh I’m with you! I’d also love to spectate. Yes, even watching stories on the news and internet got me so fired up I may have hurt myself by going to fast on my run today, haha!
        Let’s make it happen!

  2. Love your 2013 Boston post. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Did you hear about the Boston Marathon World Run next Monday? I’m going to try to get some of my runner friends to participate with me!

    • Thanks so much Amy! I don’t think I did hear of that. I will look it up! That would be cool if you could get a group together!

  3. I have never thought about running Boston until the other night! I actually looked up my qualifying time and realised that I would actually have to run a marathon first before even think about it. I was shocked last year when i heard what happened, as a runner, as a person with family living in Boston, as a Nova Scotian who is thankful our Province received support from Boston when we had an explotion many years ago and as a Canadian. My heary sank that day.
    Thanks for reblogging this post.
    Sincereley, your “up north” blogger/runner buddy, Piper.

    • I hear you. I thought it would be cool before, but now I really want to! Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of connections to it. I feel the same way from my visits there, to friends there, to being a runner, it really touched me.
      Thanks again Piper, from your ‘down south’ blogger/runner bud, Scott! 🙂

  4. Excellent post.

    You’re a weirdo for liking the Boston accent. You should hear my dad, lol. Actually, I didn’t realize he sounded like that until I heard him give a speech when I was in my 20s.

    You can always run Boston in a charity spot. Then again, of you get old like me, qualifying times get easier.

    • Thank you!

      Ha, I bet it could be annoying after awhile. But in small doses, it was fun to me.

      Yeah, I thought about going the charity route. I may have to do that. I do enter a an older age bracket next year, so I got that going for me!

  5. Very thoughtful and awesome post last year. And definitely never say never! The events in Boston happened like right after I started running last year. They were part of the reason why I kept going. (Because as we all know, when you first start running it kind of sucks. Heck sometimes it sucks still.)

    • Thank you very much Salt! Oh wow, I didn’t realize that’s when you really got going with running. Very cool that it helped inspire you. I had friends message me who weren’t runners but said they were going to go for a run for Boston! And ha, yes, running does get better, but it never gets completely easy, does it?

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