Race Recap: Abby’s Run for Dandy Walker 5k

I hadn’t raced a 5k in quite a while.  I wasn’t sure how I’d do…turns out I did aight.  I didn’t PR, but still had a decent time (for me) – 22:08.  Good enough at this race for 5th place overall, 1st in my division!

I wasn’t the only one able to represent – I had a ton of friends who also got medals (too many to give shout outs too here)! Including the overall winner.  The best part was that when my friends and I saw each other on various parts of the course, we’d shout encouragement to one another.

I'm #5.  #1 & #4 are friends of mine. Way to go team!

I’m #5. #1 & #4 are friends of mine.  Go team!

I was happy, because if you read my race PREVIEW, then you’d know that I wanted to do well.  The reasons are that my friend is the race director, and also because the race supports a good cause – raising money to help those with Dandy Walker syndrome.  The race is named for a friend’s daughter who has DW.

305425_421674951237573_2122629155_nThis race is fairly small (I think about 200 runners), but it grows each year.  In fact, they raised over $22,000!!!! Amazing!

Besides the many many friends I knew who were running the race, there were also a bunch volunteering.  So I had several great surprises when running along the course I’d see them standing at their station and they’d give me words of encouragement.  That was helpful!

A small sampling of friends I saw that day!!!

A small sampling of friends I saw that day!!!

The race itself involved a two lap course.  I’m not a fan of lap races (it’s always such a tease to pass by the finish line halfway though), but I’ve run this course before, so I was expecting it.  It was also super windy – like 35mph gusts, but I was expecting that too.  So I did a mile warm up and then did my dynamic stretching drills.

When the race started, people took off sprinting like mad.  I’ve run enough races to know that if I remained in control of my pace, that most of those sprinters would soon be behind me.  And by the first mile, they were.  By now there were the four leaders ahead of me, and I was in a pack with two other dudes.  The start of the second lap we hit the wall of wind.  I tried to keep my pace into it hoping to pull away from them.  I did.  A half mile from the finish, a volunteer friend told me I was by myself.  But I didn’t want anyone to entertain thoughts of catching me, so I picked up the pace and let the wind help me cruise to the finish!

After, I ran backwards on the course looking for friends to help them finish.  I found a few, but then saw one who didn’t have anyone around him.  I ran with him to the finish.  I thought nothing of it, but he was really appreciative.  I’m glad I did it, he finished strong!

My prize for winning my age group was some movie passes and a medal hand painted by a kid with Dandy Walker.

One of a kind!

One of a kind!

I was fortunate enough to win my age group in this race last year too, so I’m pumped to be able to add another one of their unique medals to the collection.  I definitely treasure these ones!!!

How bout you?  Ever show up at a race and see a ton of friends there?  Do you encourage other runners during a race?  How cool is that medal?  


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42 thoughts on “Race Recap: Abby’s Run for Dandy Walker 5k

  1. That’s awesome the race was able to raise a lot of money! Congrats on your AG win and placing top 5 over all–awesome awesome!
    And that medal…..LOVE

  2. Congratulations on a speedy 5k! I love the medals- you’re right, they’d mean something to people who win them! And wow- that’s a lot of money raised for not a ton of participants.

    • Thank you! Yes, I like going around to my other friends who won them to check out the different designs. You’re right, I’m not sure how they got that much money, but they must have had a ton of donations from different groups!

  3. Congrats on the speedy race!

  4. Aw the medal is amazing! That’s definitely a special keepsake 🙂 Congrats on 1st place! I’ve never run a 5K but I want to give it a shot this year 🙂

    • I agree! Some of my other medals kind of get forgotten, but not these! Thank you! Just to warn you, 5k’s hurt. It’s only 3.1 miles, but you’re going much faster than normal!

  5. Wow, very nice!! That’s a great time and very cool medal!! I love it!

  6. Great time and it’s awesome that they raised so much money!!
    The only time I see a ton of people I know is if my work sponsored the race 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, some of us were chatting with the originator of the race (Abby’s mom) and she was very pleased with the outcome!
      Haha, I hope your work sponsors a lot of them then!

  7. Good job! Congrats on a great time and great race. When I sign up for the 3 local races we have up here I know everyone as it’s a small town!! When I sign up for races way out of town I surprisingly run into a few people I know. In particular my (2nd) cousin who I rarely see until we bump into each other at a race. It’s so very random.

    • Thank you!!!
      Ha, yeah I bet you know everyone in your town’s races! And that’s awesome about running into friends/family on destination races! I couldn’t believe at the Dopey Challenge how I ran into friends from Dallas, Hawaii, and Ohio. So random!

  8. Congrats on the great finish. What an awesome medal and a great way to honor some special people!

  9. Cat Hiles

    Awesome job! Congrats on getting first place in your division, that’s so exciting! And I love the medal–I’ve never had one that cool before. It’s such a nice thought to have a medal hand-painted by one of the kids!

    • Thank you!!! 1 of the 2 guys I was running with the first lap looked like he might’ve been in my age group (the other was younger), I figured I’d at least try to beat him, and lucky held the both off! Yes!!! The medals definitely mean more to me knowing they were made by the kids and their imagination!

  10. Well done! It’s fantastic that you all ran for such a good cause. I think it’s great to run and race with friends, especially if you get to catch a glimpse of each other at times and cheer and holler. Makes it all the more fun. I’m developing a bit of a reputation amongst my running buddies though for possibly wasting a little too much energy on the cheering while running! I tell them there’s no such thing!

    • Thanks! And Yes – A bunch of registered just so we could support our race director friend. Runners helping runners! And even though we were hurting from the race – we always managed to give a shout or a point. Runners helping runners. Haha, good for you! My only complaint of one of my friends that day is that he slowed on the course so he could cheer for us and take a video of us. Haha!!

  11. Those are the very best medals ever

    • Uhhh I hit return too soon. (Probably because I was so excited about the medals.) Anyway your time ROCKED! Congrats on the AG win and it sounds like it was such a great race! I love hanging out at the finish and encouraging other runners. One of the most fun times I’ve had at a race was when my best friend was running her first 5K and I ran her in to the finish. 🙂

      • Haha, no worries! Thanks so much! I never felt completely out of breath the whole way, so I can’t wait to build on it! That’s so cool about your friend! I started going back and encouraging people a while back, and now my friends do it too. You can REALLY see how it helps some of them. Runners helping runners!

    • I certainly cherish them!! I was actually excited to see what mine would look like! I always wonder who the kid was that painted it. I hope they know it’s appreciated.

  12. Great job!! That’s awesome you get medals hand-painted by those you’re running for 🙂

  13. Awesome job!! I still love those medals. Sounds like a great day all around, you know, other than the super wind.

    • Thanks!!! It was so cool to see all the different medals. Was pretty good, I tried to take advantage of the wind by letting it push my back when running in the right direction!

  14. I’m part of the local tri club and when you are doing a race and see a familiar face, it’s so fun to give a shout out and push each other on to the finish. BTW, a 22 min finish is amazing… my 5k time is up around the 34 min mark – if I ever got below 30 I would be floored!

    • Very cool! Sounds like a friendly club! It’s crazy how many people I run into at races now a days!
      Thank you! I know how speed is all relative…I have a couple friends here who run sub-15 minute 5ks ~ Insane!!!

  15. Nice job!!

  16. That medal is so cool…what a fun race!

  17. What a great medal! Congrats!

  18. What an amazing race!!! Pretty freaking awesome that you placed 5th and you were up there with your buddies! Rockstar team! Incredible that you guys raised that much money! How wonderful! And love how you went back to run with your friends!! If I had friends who were slower than me, I’d go back 😉 but actually I don’t have too many running buddies… but anyways, CONGRATS!!!! You did amazing!

    • Thanks so much!!! Yeah, I saw my buddy that finished ahead of me toward the end, but he was too far away to catch. Yes, it was very exciting how much money they raised! Just amazing! I usually go back and cheer for people, even when I don’t know anyone, but I was glad to be able to run back this time and find friends! “But actually I don’t have too many running buddies” I”m not surprised. JK!!!! It’s helped over the years to really get involved with some social runs, etc. to meet runners. Or even just talking with them at races. Again, thank you so much!

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