Almost Race Day & Bestie in Town!

I just got back from my packet pickup for my 5k this weekend.  I gotta say, pretty nice little swag bag – even a bear of local honey!!!  That will save me a trip to the farmers’ market.  At least until I run out of farmers, that is. 😉

It’s been since Jan since I’ve raced, so I’m excited.  Some people are curious how I can be excited about “only” a 5k, since I just did the Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles in 4 straight days).  Ya know what, I learned long ago to respect each distance.  None is better than another.  They are all different and all good.

And I never want to be a running snob.  I’ve seen people in tears at the finish of a marathon and at the finish of a 5k, alike.  I have friends that run 100 mile races too.  It’s all running.  It’s all good.

Anyway, I got in a good run today and a good weight session.  Friday, it has been predicted, that I shall none run, but rest up and foam roll instead.  Speaking of which, I know kids learn by watching, and I guess I’m teaching the little girl a few things.

She's seen me put myself through so much pain on this thing, she decided to give it a go.

She’s seen me put myself through so much pain on this thing, she decided to give it a go.

And more exciting news, one of my besties is in town.  It has been exactly one year since I saw her last.  She lives in Raleigh, NC.  I was there with my sis last April to run the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in OBX.  Still my favorite race experience to date.  You can see my recap HERE.

With my sis and sis from another miss.

With my sis and my sis from another miss.

Unfortunately she’s here to see her mom who underwent emergency surgery today.  I won’t get into details, but hopefully she will be all good.  I wish it was another circumstance, but it will be nice to see my friend.

How bout you?  Anyone racing this weekend?  Any good race swag lately?  Is it wrong to teach kids to foam roll (it hurts so good)?


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32 thoughts on “Almost Race Day & Bestie in Town!

  1. I love what you said about respecting each distance because it’s true, each race is a journey and we learn and grow and are challenged just the same. Our challenges might vary, but you still go through powerful emotions during a 5k!! I can’t wait to hear about your race!! That’s exciting!! 🙂

  2. It’s so funny that when I started running I was so into being a marathoner, I actually think 5ks hurt the most and are the toughest for me so I only learned after I had gained a bunch of running experience that ALL the distances deserve respect and can be someone’s favorite or most feared. Good luck at your race!!

    • I agree! 5k’s can hurt sooo bad. Cause you’re trying to sprint for 3.1 miles. On a marathon, most of us can take some slower jogging breaks. There’s a groupon for a race I’m actually debating – choosing the 5k or 10k option. I know they will both hurt, but which will be more painful?
      Thank you!

  3. I love running 5k’s!!! You’ll rock it! It’s always great to see your besties but not under those circumstances….all the best to her mom.
    The medals for the Tartan Twosome came out last week (5k and 10k races) and they are intense plus all the swag pre race is intense too. I’ve never seen an event give out so much stuff!
    I’m sure your kids will sleep better after foam rolling 😉 might have to try that on my girls….our youngest just learned to jump tonight, tomorrow she foam rolls!

    • Thank you so much! Her surgery went very well, so they’re in good spirits!
      Nice! Gotta love good swag!
      Haha, I think little kids are made of rubber, so nothing really huts/bothers them too much. But good luck with your daughter!

  4. A 5km race will be fun and fast (and fast hurts). I love/hate my foam roller so I guess you can never be too young to learn to appreciate one. Enjoy visiting your besty, hope everything goes okay for her mom.

    • Yes, it will be fast, and it will hurt. I guess knowing that going in helps??? And yes, I guess it’s good to teach them the pain of a foam roller at an early age, haha!
      Thank you!!!!

  5. I dread 5k’s. I find them to be harder than longer distances. They are so fast and even if I go in thinking I will take it easy, as soon as everyone takes off I try to stay with the pack. My ego seems to make this distance rough.

    • Exactly!!! It’s a short distance, but it hurts so much because I’m pushing to go faster than I can maintain on longer races. Haha, you’re just competitive, like me!

  6. I totally agree! I have a hard time with 5Ks because they are sooo freaking fast! And I can’t quite figure out how to pace myself. Every distance comes with different challenges!

    • Agreed!!! Going all out for a short distance can take as much of a toll on the body as going slower at a longer distance. I haven’t raced a 5k since last summer, so I’ll need to figure out my pacing too, haha!

  7. I’m foam rolling right now, and cuss words keep slipping out of my mouth. :/

  8. Good luck with the race! I totally agree that running means different things to everyone and even though I run marathons and ultras, I’d never dream of “looking down” on anyone doing a 5km. Firstly, I actually find the short distances really hard and painful myself. Just because I like to run stupidly long distances doesn’t mean that I am good at dealing with the pain the short ones bring! And secondly, there are so many people tackling races for very personal reasons and to overcome adversity. I’ve met countless people who have come back from really tough times in their lives (health problems, bereavements, confidence issues, weight problems, etc.) who turned to running to find strength. I firmly believe that for many of these people, tackling a 5km is a harder and more emotional journey than it is for me to run an ultra – I have nothing but the uttermost respect for them. On another note, I might run a half marathon on Sunday – after doing a 22 mile long trail run on Saturday. That could be interesting. 😉

    • Thank you! I totally agree! There is always someone who can run further and faster than you, so there’s no room to get a big head! Yes, short races hurt because we’re pushing hard to go fast, where in a marathon for example, many of us are just trying to finish, or keep a steady pace. That’s so true about the personal reasons. I remember being at a 5k and this group of ladies were all hugging and crying at the finish. They were so happy that they accomplished their goal of their first 5k. You’ve written some very good things here! If you do run the half, good luck! I hope you’re able to take it ‘easy’ on the long trail run to save something for Sunday!!!

  9. Hah, your daughter is adorable! Preemptively attacking that muscle tightness before it happens. 😛

    Good luck at your 5k this weekend. 🙂 I’m planning to do the Martian 10k on Saturday, as long as my hip feels good after today. It has been feeling tight all week so I haven’t run since Monday.

    • Ha, thanks! I’m sure she has a lot of knots to work out from her stressful life. Haha!

      Thank you! Good luck on your 10k. I hope your hips don’t lie, but rather cooperate with you! 😉 Maybe you can roll it out some?

  10. We’ll see what kind of swag will be at the Rock n Roll race tomorrow when I head to the expo. Will let you know. Good luck in your race!

  11. Aww, I hope your friend’s mom will be OK. Enjoy your visit and good luck at your race!

  12. I have been wrecked at every distance! 🙂

  13. Have a great race this weekend – love what you said about respecting every distance. I’ve been putting off signing up for a 5k and need to get my butt going. I too have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller – never too early to show them how to keep the body healthy 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Sounds like you’ve had that race in your sights, if you want to do it, go get it! I know what you mean about the foam roller. It hurts doing it, but I can tell a difference after!

  14. LOVE your attitude towards racing distances! I hate running snobs. We all thought a mile was the longest thing ever at some point! Your daughter on the roller = the best thing ever. I’m excited to hear about your race!! Make sure you get lots of good photos for photo captions 😉 And yes! I’m racing on Sunday- Santa Cruz Half!

    • THANK you! yeah, I have a friend who ran one ‘ultra’ marathon, and now he’s a total snob. Screw that. Yes, she is aight, I think she gets it from me. 😉 Haha, thanks! I’ll do my best to caption it all! YES!!!!! good luck on your half!

  15. Cat Hiles

    Honey as swag! I am jealous. I did get a sweet poster and a cooler bag from the Flying Pig last year, but I’d prefer honey!

    Today I used the most evil-looking foam roller ever–it has these giant bumps that look like spikes and it hurt. And not in a good way! Think I’ll stick to my smooth foam roller and leave that torture instrument to others at the gym next time!

    • Thanks! I honestly buy the same honey, so I was excited! Glad the Cinci race has good stuff!

      Hmmm, I wonder if the brand was Trigger Point. That’s mine. It is horrible (until it’s over). I’ve worn out 2-3 smoothe foam rollers already, so had to make the switch.

  16. I’m running a 5k in the morning, and I’m trying not to say “just” a 5k. 5ks are hard if you’re putting in 5k pace effort.

    • I hope you did well in your ‘just’ a 5k! Haha. I know, this morning I wanted to quit after the first mile. Of course I didn’t, but it was hurting.

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