Tip: Don’t Run in Hail Storms

So we had some freaky storms yesterday in North Texas.  I knew they were coming, so I went for my run just before they arrived.  Man, I’m glad I did.  Others weren’t so lucky.

First off, my pre-storm run was incredibly humid and windy and hot.  I was a sweaty mess.  But then the storm came.  The temps dropped, the winds increased, and hail fell from the sky.  We were also under a tornado watch.  In fact, this photo was taken at the minor league baseball game about 3 miles from our house.

The game was called on account of twister.

The game was called on account of twister.

What was really crazy though was the hail.  They were mostly golf ball size.  Some smaller, some bigger.  I would’ve taken a video, but I was too busy running around the house making sure no windows were getting broken.  I also didn’t take a photo of any of it.  But luckily the next morning, some was still outside.

Real hail has such interesting shapes.

Real hail has such interesting shapes.

As I was examining our windows, I saw a truck pull into the school down the street.  Why?  Apparently a lady was walking her dog when she got caught in the storm and was trying to take shelter next to the building.  She called the truck driver to rescue them.  I cannot begin to imagine how bad that would’ve hurt – getting pelted with ice balls falling from the sky.  She was probably all like, “What the hail!?!?”

Other than that, it was a good week of workouts.  Sun – Trail Run & Yoga Class, Tues – Run, Wed – Weights & Track Workout, Thurs – Run & Hail Storm

Have any hail horror stories?  Ever been on a run and got caught in a storm? (I did once – a thunderstorm out of nowhere – had to take shelter under a park awning.)  Anyone else have any real hail photos?

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57 thoughts on “Tip: Don’t Run in Hail Storms

  1. We very rarely get hail but we were in Texas (Lubbock) for a race a few years ago we got quite the weather trifecta to welcome us. An hour after we arrived, the hotel was evacuated to a big central room because a tornado had touched down nearby. We had to hunker down for a few hours then the alerts lifted so we went out for a while to scope out the course and get food, whereupon it started raining so torrentially that the streets were flooded in the ten minutes it took to drive back to the hotel and formed rivers all around town overnight. Then on our second night, we got a hailstorm that produced so much hail, my pictures look like there was snow all over the ground. We were only there for 4 days but it was crazy.

    • Wow! Hahahaha! Sorry to laugh, but that’s Texas weather. Most of the year it’s just miserable hot, but in the fall and spring, you never know what is going to come out of the sky! Glad you ended up safe and okay!

  2. My only experience with hail outside of the house was actually oddly enough in Chicago — in the Spring. I was in my car heading to Zach’s apartment and seriously thought I was getting shot at the hail was SO loud. Then of course, I did run it it. Only to the front door, but that was enough.

    • Oh no! I hope your car was ok. Hail damage is big business here. You see some cars that it looks like someone in golf spikes walked all over the hood and roof!

  3. TartanJogger

    Hail is something we’re used to- but not monster-hail like that! 😮

  4. I got caught in a pretty heavy hailstorm while on a run once. I was in shorts and a t-shirt since it was pretty nice when I left work for my run, but less than a mile before the end of my run it started hailing like crazy! I tried to take shelter under the measliest tree I’ve ever seen, but ended up braving it and sprinting back. It was no fun.

    Glad you managed to get your rain in before the hail! That funnel cloud looks terrifying!

    • Oh wow, it’s crazy how it can change so fast! Glad you are OK! I can just picture you running with your arms over your head, haha!

      Yes, it was so sunny out, and then the clouds rolled in out of nowhere. It made for a scary sunset!

  5. Crazy hail. I hadn’t seen your post before I commented on your Instagram photo and I thought it was fake. #mybad

    Never been in hail like that before thankfully. Glad you made it safe and sound.

    Also…I voted. Good luck.

    • Bwahaha, I have a confession to make….it is fake! I’m sorry! Everyone was posting photos online of the hail in their hands, so I thought it’d be funny to do it with some ice from the freezer. Remember – I’m a jokestar!

      Also, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That is SO scary!!! Be careful down there!!

    • Thank you! Usually the tornadoes miss the big city, but sometimes funnel clouds do touch down. The hail does cause some real damage, luckily we had our cars in the garage!

  7. Oh my, ouch, I’m glad I don’t have any hail horror stories!! I’m glad you got your run in safely!!

  8. Ummm…that’s some serious hail!!!! That picture is crazy! I’ve played soccer in some fun rain/thunder/lighting storms – obviously we came off the soccer field and cancelled the game. Vote again 🙂

    • Ummm, I’m sorry, but the pic is a fake. I just took a clump of ice from the freezer as a joke. I really should’ve taken a photo of the hail the night before, it was CRAZY! It was flying down and bouncing all around.
      Thanks for the vote! I always loved growing up that soccer was played in everything but lightning. Rain, snow, mud, it didn’t matter!

  9. I got caught in an intense downpour a few years back. When I left town it was sunny and when I came back into town it was sunny but somehow I got myself caught up in a little storm cell out on some country roads. And while it wasn’t hail, the rain came down hard and it stung! I had no where to go but to keep biking. Came back into town soaking wet and everything around me was dry. Drivers must have wondered what happened to me!

    • Hahaha, I’ve gotten caught in those too. It really stings when it hits you! And then out of nowhere, it’s gone! Just tell everyone you were on a 600 mile ride and that it’s all sweat! 😉

  10. I saw that photo posted on twitter last night (and not by you)! How crazy that you live right near there. We had tornado sirens yesterday morning and evening but thankfully just a lot of rain and wind where I live.

    • wow, you saw that? I sometimes run past that stadium. Yes, thankfully you didn’t get an actual twisters!

      • Yeah, whoever posted it (probably a baseball fan or writer–I follow a lot) said something like “these people don’t appear nearly concerned enough about what’s going on in the background”. I agree, that looked very scary!

      • Haha, yeah, it looks more like they were more interested in taking an Instagram. To their defense, the sum was still out when the storm hit. It was weird.

  11. That’s some freaky weather! We just had some crazy hail and rain too, but I slept through the hail, haha!

  12. I love running in rain. Never run through hail before. Knock on wood. Sounds scary!

  13. Ha! I thought those were ice-cubes! Once when I really young we had hail the size of golf balls come down and it did ruin the car! Years ago when I worked in forestry (imagine being out in the woods far far away from people) a massive hail storm hit and I had to hide under an overturned stump (with my other dog at the time). It hurt really bad!

    • Oh wow, that is a crazy story. Glad you’re ok though!
      This same storm did shatter a bunch of car windows in the area. Luckily ours were in the garage. And ha, I’m sorry, but those were ice cubes. Everyone was posting photos of the real hail around here, that I thought it’d be funny to take some ice from the freezer. Haha!

  14. That hail is insanely huge! And that twister pic is scary!!! Yikes!

  15. Is that hail real? or did you just pull a bunch of ice cubes out of your freezer? If it is real that’s crazy! I’ve never seen anything like it! If it isn’t real, you are quite the jokester!

    • Hahaha, it is from the freezer. I didn’t take a picture of the real hail, so I though this would be funny. Sorry for the trick!

  16. You just jacked that “hail stone” out of your fridge. That’s a mass of ice cubes… Never run in hail, I think that’s the one weather scenario (aside from tornado/hurricane) that would keep me inside every time.

    • Haha, you got me. I can’t believe how many people thought it was real. And yeah, I’ve seen the damage it does to cars down here, so there’s no way I want to be running in that!

  17. I’ve been in hail (Midwest girl), but I’ve never seen hail like that! That looks like a chunk of ice from your freezer. Weird! Glad you got your run in before…

    • Come on! It is a chunk from the freezer! I was joking around because I didn’t take a pic of the real hail. Haha, sorry!

  18. That hail picture is intense! It looks like you just hit up my fridge’s ice machine. I once went for a bike ride on a limestone trail when it started pouring. Normally biking in rain isn’t too bad, but it was just sludgy, grimy, and in my eyes! Painful ride home and a limestone skunk stripe up my back to boot.

    • Hahahaha, sorry about the skunk stripe! And yes, that is a hunk of ice from the freezer. I didn’t take a picture of the real hail, and thought it would be a funny prank.

  19. Wow, I remember watching ‘Twister’ when I was a kid with the cow that got caught in the twister…that’s the closest I’ve gotten to that weather! It looks scary as! We had hail a couple of weeks ago. Ours looked the same size of small peas….

    • Haha, I remember that movie. I also remember going on the Twister ride at Universal. It was just as unrealistic.
      Luckily the twisters usually avoid our areas, it usually hits the more rural areas for some reason. Glad you were safe!

  20. I knew that hail had to be fake! But yeah that twister picture is really terrifying.

  21. Wow! That is crazy! I am glad your house is ok, and that lady, too! It is definitely important to check the weather forecasts when running. I am glad you were so smart!

    • Thank you! I was worried about windows getting broken – luckily none did. I did have some friends who weren’t so lucky though. Hail is such a weird thing!

  22. OMG that twister!!! Crazy! Geez that hail is huge! That could do some serious damage (not like my third-of-a-tic-tac sized CA hail). Although, for all I know you could have taken some ice from your freezer and let it thaw together 😉

    • Hahahaha, I knew you would fall for that! That is ice from the freezer. LOL, all my friends were posting photos of their hands holding the actual hail, and I thought this would be funnier!

      • WHAT?!?! Dammit!!! Wait, don’t I get some points for suggesting it was fake even though I thought it was real? Damn me and my gullibilosityness.

      • Ha, you should’ve gone with your instinct! Sorry about that! But guess what, you’re not alone – several people thought it was real. I guess they have gullibilosityness too!

  23. Wow, that picture from the baseball stadium is craaaaazy! And I thought the hail looked suspiciously ice cubed shaped… ; )

    • Yeah, it’s scary how close it was to us!
      I cannot believe how many people fell for that pic. The real hail was golf ball sized and pretty spherical, btw.

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