Runnin, Pro Soccer, & Cassanova

I’m always pretty worn out come Monday from my weekends.  I think we need to make Monday’s a national sleep in day.  Yes, I know we’re supposed to sleep in on the weekends, but runners (and parents) don’t seem to have that luxury.

Saturday I got up and ran 10 chilly/windy miles with one of the pups.  Why did I run ten?  I dunno, sounded good.

That evening I got called to work with the TV broadcast of the FC Dallas match vs. Portland Timbers.  If you don’t know, when I’m not exercising, I’m a TV producer guy.  This gig called for me to stand at midfield and watch soccer.

On field Selfie!

On field Selfie!

I’ve played soccer since toddler days and it’s still my favorite sport.  So this is a pretty sweet gig for me.

The next morning I was going to get up and run with group on some trails, but I didn’t get up in time for their start.  No biggie, I was able to get 4-5 miles on the trails by my lonesome.  I hadn’t been on the trails in a while, and I loved it.  It’s so awesome to run in nature.

My shoesies got a widdle durty.

My shoesies got a widdle durty.

I’m so glad to be re-introducing trail and track running back into my routine.  It’s so great to mix it up!  And so beneficial too.

Afterwards I went to the Lululemon yoga class, where get this, a lady had a newborn baby on her mat.  It was kind of cool to see the baby looking around as her parents did yoga over them.  That is until the baby got fussy and they had to step out.  Anyways, it was a good class and I did some poses I had never even heard of before.  Reverse tree/eagle anyone?

And of course the weekend also included some doggy/kiddy walks.  The boy even collected some flowers along the way.

He's a little early for the prom.

He’s a little early for the prom.

How bout you?  Do you like trail running?  Are you a soccer (football) fan?  Would you accept flowers from a boy in a shark shirt?


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60 thoughts on “Runnin, Pro Soccer, & Cassanova

  1. I LOVE trail running but need to do more of it to get better. I always feel like I hardly move when I’m running on trails — slows me down!

    • You def run slower on trails than on the road, but you’re probably working harder. I know you must have some good ones where you live!

  2. Tough day at work (I’m 100% jealous)…now I’m pumped for my game tonight!! ha ha! I’m a BIG soccer fan…more playing but lot fo watch it too. My husband is from England so we call it “football” in our house 🙂
    And yes, us parents don’t get to sleep in ever! Great job on your runs and yes I would totally accept flowers from a boy in a shark shirt – what a cutie!

    • I never understood why they called American football “football”. They hardly ever use their feet to kick the ball. And I have even less of an idea where the word ‘soccer’ came from.
      Thank you! I’ll tell Grif that he has a Canadian fan!

  3. Trail running is so great! I am often torn between “it’s safer with other people” and “I love running alone in the woods”. It is also such a nice, different workout for the lower body.

    • Ha! I was thinking on my run that I like running with other people because they can take out the spider webs if they’re in front of me. Is that selfish? Ha! Yes, it’s like having a Stairmaster when you come to some of the little hills!

  4. I would ALWAYS accept a flower from a boy in a shark shirt!

  5. Such a cool job!!! Lol when I read that “a lady had a newborn baby on her mat” for some reason I thought you meant a lady gave birth to a baby right then and there… And then I read that “It was kind of cool to see the baby looking around” and I was like, wooaaa as the baby was coming out?? Boundaries Scott. Boundaries. I’m a slow learner…

  6. LOVE trail running! Jesse’s a huge soccer fan, it’s his international language. 🙂

  7. I don’t mind trail running, but it scares me because I’ve twisted my ankle I can’t tell you how many times and uneven pavement makes it easier to do that. Last year as I was training for a marathon, I did part of my run on a trail and part of it on pavement. I twisted both ankles on the run and then continued to do 9 miles on the pavement. Whew! You have such a cool job! I’m pretty envious!

    • I hear you! I always find that trail running is as much mental as physical as you cannot zone out. You have to focus on every step to make sure you don’t trip on a little slant, root, etc. And since I almost stomped a copper head, I pay extra attention!

  8. I’m obsessed with soccer but I don’t follow the MLS (though I go to games occasionally because it’s fun!). Long before it existed I watched European soccer instead of cartoons on weekend mornings and I’m still glued to the Premier League every week and try to go to games in any of the major leagues whenever I’m in Europe 🙂

    • YESSSSS! I am obsessed with the BPL. Watching MLS after watching a BPL match is kind of depressing. My #1 bucket list item is to attend a BPL match in England. Last time there I tried my best to get to one, but the tube was under construction and I was detoured. I do get to see some of the teams when they come to Dallas in their summer preseason, but it’s not the same. You’re lucky!

      • I’ve seen a BPL match (Birmingham/Everton in 2010) but my massive bucket list item is to see my favorite team in their home stadium. Sadly, even though I lived in England for 3 years, it was hard to get tickets and we were several hours by train away so it didn’t materialize. Still hoping it happens 🙂 I love going to those touring games though, AC v Chelsea a few years back was insane!

      • You’re so lucky! That would be amazing! I know it’s hard to get tix. Last time there I tried really hard, but couldn’t. I decided to take the tube to a match anyway to see if I could get in somehow, but there was construction and the train was diverted, so I never even made it to the stadium.
        Good luck on your bucket list!!!

  9. TartanJogger

    Ha! I did 10.16 miles this weekend 😉
    And be soccer, I assume you mean football? 😉 I’d rather watch American Football or rugby, unless my nephew is a mascot of course 😉

    • OK, now you know I didn’t do exactly 10.0, right?!?! Don’t make me go and look up my Nike+ review to see what my actual mileage was. I’m guessing it was at least 10.17 😉
      I’ve been to several American pro football games, but I’d trade them all for just one BPL match in England! That’s just me.

  10. Sounds like my old job may have been similar…except I’m assuming you were producing for TV (I was producing in-arena).

    I really need to see if there are any trails around me to run on, I’m soooo bored with my usual running routes!

    • I saw your tennis working pics. What was your role? I was ‘director spotter’. Pretty easy gig! Just a little side job. I’ve also done in-arena work for the local minor league hockey team. But they decided to replace us pros with ‘high school interns’. Grrrrrr.

      I’m sure you’ve got some trails there. It will change you world!

      • I worked in minor league hockey as the in arena game director and then for an NHL team more as the floor director/ stage manager. I also helped with whatever other sporting events came to the building which is how tennis got thrown in there : )

      • OK, very cool! Good to know. It can be a fun gig (if you like sports that is) 😉

  11. I must confess that soccer sends me running for the hills. Which isn’t a bad thing though, because I love love love trail running. Even when I’m primarily training for road races, I do a lot of my runs on the trails and in the mountains, especially the easy ones. It’s just so relaxing. For speed workouts I stick to the roads or track of course, and for my long runs I often mix up a bit. However, I’m now training for my first ultramarathon, so I’m in for a LOT of trail runs. 😀 I’ve started to do some speedwork on the trails too, which is really interesting as it’s teaching me to become a better technical runner on the trails, too. Now I just need the weather to get a bit better, so I can run in the sunshine! 😀

    • I think trail running is so important. It’s such a great cross train. And I know it makes you a stronger road runner. Yes, speed training is great on the track, but on my trail run the other day, I came to a hill, and I remembered how I ran that hill a year ago with a very fit friend who made me really push it. I could hear him encouraging me “you can have a rest when you get to the top’ It really helped (and kicked my butt). I hope yo get good weather soon!

  12. So true about Mondays, my intense training is on weekends! My boyfriend is a soccer fan so I’ve watched a few games and it’s actually really exciting! I wouldn’t call myself a huge sports fan, but I prefer to watch games with constant action. Which I why I can’t really get in to baseball (don’t tell anyone in SF though, everyone is a die-hard Giants fan). Sounds like it was a fun job! I do love trail running, I hope to run a trail race in the second half of this year 🙂

    • Awesome! Many Americans think soccer is boring, but they don’t get that it is a constant motion – the beautiful game. I also hope to run a trial race soon. There’s a 5 mile one coming that I thought might be a good first timer race. Good luck to you (and me)!

  13. Dig soccer from my days living in Switzerland…hate the thought of trail running. I can’t even run on grass without rolling an ankle. The thought of trail running gives me a near panic attack.

    • Try it one time, you might be surprised. You don’t even have to run, just hike it. It def takes all your focus so that you don’t roll an ankle. But that’s part of the fun – constantly jumping over roots, rocks, snakes, etc. All the cool kids are doing it.

  14. I like trail running although I don’t do as much as I’d like!! It is fun to get out there and do it, though!! You had a fun weekend, too!! Incredible job!!! Neat-o!!

    • I hadn’t done one since the fall, and I forgot how much fun it is. I honestly felt a natural lift just being in the natural setting. I was huffing and puffing, but also smiling.
      Thank you! Everything is neat-o…including you!

  15. I like soccer a lot, but never thought of going to a game til this year (Toronto). Yep, I think that’s definitely in the plans this year.

  16. Sorta off topic but I’ve started doing yoga again – I’ve set a goal to be able to do one of those fancy arm balancing poses!

    • Nice! I’ve been doing it for like 8 years, but still can’t do Crow. I’m close, but haven’t got it yet. That said, I can do other poses that the arm posers can’t do, so it’s all relative. Good luck!

  17. I’m totally with you, Mondays should be a national sleep in day to recover from the weekend. Soccer is my favorite sport to watch too. I lived right next to the Camp Nou for several years (Barça soccer team stadium) and I’ve watched a lot of games there. My little brother has been playing soccer since he was 3, and sometimes he goes to tournaments to play against big teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, etc. So cool!

    • Oh wow, that is amazing! You’re so lucky! I love watching the European leagues on TV, but it is my number 1 bucket list item to go to a match in person. I really want to experience that atmosphere!

  18. How can we make that a real Monday thing?! I could really use some extra sleep after the weekend 🙂

  19. Your job seems to rock! I’ve gotten my shoes dirty lately and I’m ok with it because they’re getting some use. But on the other side of that… I’ll probably never buy white running shoes again. And yes, I would totally acce

    • Ugh… Yes, I would accept flowers from a little boy in a shark shirt. As long as he is as cute as your little dude.

      • Thank you!!! I’d like to say he gets it from me, hahaha!
        Running shoes have so many crazy color options now, you never have to buy white again! Good luck on your runs!

  20. missadventuresinrunning

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I have been itching to get into trail running. It is just so industrialized and congested around here. I will have to keep hunting for a good trail! Love that picture of your son!

  21. Agreed- Mondays should be sleep in days (and maybe Tuesdays, too).
    I would definitely take flowers from your son in a shark shirt. He’s adorable!
    Sounds like you got in some awesome runs! What kind of dog do you have?

    • Haha, yes!
      Thank you! He’ll be glad to hear he as a fan!
      We have two stray mutts we got from the shelter at different times. The smart one looks like a mix between a lab and a beagle. The dumb one looks like a mix between a lab and a pit bull. The smart on is getting old and I don’t take her on runs any more, but the dumb one can run all day (he doesn’t know any better) Haha.

  22. Mondays should definitely be sleep-in days! Fridays should be non-work days too. Love trail running! Love speed work on trails too, makes it more challenging. My trails are still snow packed, but will soon be muddy so I may have to run on the roads – not much fun.

    • Oooh, I bet speed work on the trails would be challenging. I did sprint down a hill one time doing it, and it was scary-fun.
      I hope your snow melts and the mud dries soon!

  23. Your son is so cute! And in all my years of yoga I have no idea what a reverse tree/eagle is. Haha.

    That’s interesting that someone brought their infant, but I just can’t imagine ever doing that. I feel like it would be a disaster. Plus the times I got out of the house for yoga were kind of like a mommy-break.

    Love your on-field selfie! You go to so many cool places!

    • Thank you! We were in eagle, but then she had us wrap our leg around the back of the other instead of the front. Challenging!

      Ha, I wondered how long they would last before she would start getting fussy. To their credit, they made it at least halfway through class. I agree on the parent break!

      Thank you! I do always appreciate the access I get to some places!

  24. Ok, I must be slightly delirious because when you wrote about the baby on the mat in yoga, I thought you meant she gave birth on the yoga mat right in front of you. Then started looking around.

    Must be feverish or something because now I can’t get that image out of my head.

  25. getgoing-getrunning

    I’m new to trail as well, however am a convert. I don’t think I’ll give up road running and racing for a while, but going off road has a real appeal to it and I’ve really enjoyed adding it to my training. Not sure about the flowers, but the shirt is cool!

    • Ha, thanks! I also love the trail, but I haven’t run a race yet. There is a short 5 miler coming up that I was looking into. I wonder how trail races differ. Maybe I’ll find out soon!

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