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Last night I got to run with a group that I hadn’t been able to run with in like forever.  Thursday Night Social Run is a fun group that meets and runs each Thursday (coincidentally).  Afterwards we have a little get together at a different establishment each week.  The joints usually hook us up with drink and food specials.  Last night we were at a cool TexMex joint Chiladas.

Before the run (not sweaty).  I'm wearing the sweet headband in front.

Before the run (not sweaty). I’m wearing the sweet headband in front. (click pic to enlarge)

There are people of all levels from walkers on up to elite (seriously).  I like it because running with them I usually go faster than my solo runs.  It’s nice having others to pace with.

During the run (sweaty).

During the run (sweaty).  I know there are no others next to me in the pic, but trust me, this was a rare stretch where I was separated. Get off my back, sheesh.

Afterwards we enjoyed some good food and drink.  It was fun to catch up with all my running peeps.  I also registered for a RACE!  I’ll write more about it later, but a local 5k sent representatives to our group to offer us some discounts and incentives to register…so I did.  It’ll be my first race since the Dopey Challenge, and that’s exciting times right there.

How bout you?  Ever run with a social group?  Ever pick up your pace when with others?


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53 thoughts on “Social Running

  1. I haven’t run with a group but there is a brewery near us that hosts a run club that Zach and I are definitely jumpin on this Spring/Summer.

  2. I want to do group runs so badly but there aren’t any close to me and let’s face it, I’m not driving 45 minutes each way to run in the closest city on roads when I have a trail 2 minutes from my house. But I wish I had the social aspect of training all the time.

    • OK, so I take it you live in a pretty remote place? Are you in the wilderness? Is the closest city really that far away? I joke a lot, but these are serious questions this time.

      • Not crazy far, but 45 minutes each way to get to a city with minimal parking. It stresses me out to drive there anyway 😉 I do live in a heavily forested area though, lots of trails and surrounded by regional forest parks (3 within 5-10 minutes).

      • Hmmm. I’m always interested in people who chose to live somewhat isolated. I think sometimes I’d really like it, but other times not at all. I’ve been to Alaska a couple times – to some really remote areas and could see both the advantages and disadvantages. But that’s extreme when they’re hours from the next city.

      • I would love to be further, I hate having people around. Even suburbs are too people-y for me. Ideally, we’d love to be out like an hour from a mid-sized town and a few hours from a real big city.

      • Wow, good for you. Not sure I could handle that. But I haven’t lived that way, so I can’t say for sure.

  3. I want to do group runs, but no one is crazy enough to run at 5:30-7 in the morning. And after work, I refuse.

    • Ha, we actually have some groups here that do meet that early (and earlier). I don’t like to run after work either, but I will do it with this group occasionaly.

  4. I need to get back into the group runs. I have found them to be enjoyable, especially if they go out afterwards 🙂 We are heading to NYC for a few months so perhaps I will find a new one there. Very exciting with the race sign up! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Oh yes, some people even skip the run and just head into the bar. Haha. I don’t know if I told you, but a couple years ago I was in NYC and my buddy took me to a local running store for a social run on a Saturday morning. We ran through Central Park. It was awesome.

  5. Yep, you sure do look social in that run pic…were they avoiding you? Did that wicked cute headband scare them off?

    • Haha, actually we had just gone up about a half mile 40 degree incline of a hill. People were dropping like flies. After I passed the camera, I also took a second to catch my breath.

  6. YAY A RACE!!!! That’s exciting. 🙂 And that sounds like a really fun group. I’m part of a social run group online, but I’ve never actually met up with them because of the kiddo. Maybe one day. I am in a run club, but I’ve only ever met up with them for races. And some of them definitely make me pace myself differently!

    • Ahh yes, you need to meet up with your group! We have one guy that always runs with ours with a two-toddler jogging stroller. I hate it when he beats me with that thing, but he’s really fast. Haha! I hope you get to meet up with them sometime!

  7. Whoop Whoop! Love social running! I have been running during the work day with a new friend who has been kicking my booootay. I used to go to a regular run group in NC but haven’t found one in PA yet. I always have more fun and pick up the pace when there’s someone there to push me.

    • Yay! Glad you found someone to kick your butt! I’m sure PA has plenty of run groups. Good luck finding one! I agree, it is easier to keep going faster when you have someone doing it with you!

  8. I love this! Sounds like a blast!! 🙂

  9. Yeah for running with a group and yeah for signing up for a race! I was planning on going to a group run tomorrow (9:30am) but they changed the time to 8am 😦 I said I’m a “maybe”.

  10. I think I need an antisocial running group. Or maybe just not-so-social. I’m not keen on having another runner shove me into oncoming traffic due to antisocial tendencies.

  11. I’m afraid to run with others-I feel terrible if I think I’m slowing their pace. Silly, but true.

  12. That is a huge running group! That’s awesome. I’ve run with a few groups and really like it. The one group we did just Sunday runs and would go eat afterwards. I loved that part. I do “race” when with other people. It just kind of happens.

    • Some nights we have close to 100 folks. Each week is different. I’m glad you have a group there. Sunday brunch is the bestest!

  13. I run with a team. It makes all the difference in the world and has really improved my running. Plus, it’s more fun. I haven’t been to a workout all winter long though. Need to get on that!

    • Awesome! I like how supportive they all are. That and the free tips the super fast ones share! Last time I was in NYC I ran a social run with a local running store one Sat morning. It was awesome! We ran through Central Park – can check that off the bucket list.
      Good luck getting back with your team!!!

  14. Yay, congrats on the race registration! I haven’t run with a group, but I probably should join one as I don’t really know very many people who like to run!

  15. There is a zebra in your picture! How cool! 🙂 I’m not part of a running group. The Parkrun and the race I just did, I find I run faster. Maybe its the pacing with others, or just the social thing.

    • Ha, you noticed! He’s been wearing that lately. Not sure why. Yes, I think other runners help mentally pull you along!

  16. Helly

    One of the best decisions I’ve made is joining a running group. They’ve def challenged me and helped me grow as a runner

  17. Nice to have a group to run with, and then talk about running with afterwards!
    Ooh- a race! I’m excited to hear about it!

  18. TartanJogger

    Woo hoo! You have a race in your sights!

  19. There are no other runners next to you probably because you were sweaty. Did you forget to wear deodorant again Scott? I’m telling you, this really isn’t optional for runners who want to have friends. 😉 I want to run with a group! I def pick up my pace when I’m with faster friends!

    • OK, true story here, but I haven’t worn deodorant or antiperspirant in like 5 years. I’m kind of a hippie at heart. Afraid of all the chemicals/unnatural effects. Maybe that’s why my friend circle has shrunk in recent years. Tho one of my good friend wasn’t afraid to tell me when I stank on day. (I had met up with her after a particular sweaty run and before showering). Yes, find a group! You’ll be glad you did!

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