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Just a quick post to send a shout out to Amy over at FitnessMeetsFrosting. Last week I mentioned here that it was my birthday week. She promptly emailed me and asked for my mailing address. At first I was worried that she wanted it for stalking purposes, and I spent several days looking out the blinds for someone hiding in the neighbor’s bushes with binoculars focused on the bedroom window. But to my relief, that didn’t happen (yet)!

Instead, what I got was a birthday present! Frosted Lady sent me some Rocktape!!!

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

This was thoughtful because she knows I’m a runner/exerciser. And she knows I’ve had a couple knee related injuries recently. So that’s a cool gift.

I’ve never met the Fit Meeter in person. We haven’t spoken on the phone or via skype. But we are blog-friends (and Twitter & Instagram buddies), and it was really cool of her to do this. So thank you Amy, you totally “Rock”! (get it…rock, Rocktape…I’m so clever)

How bout you? Has a virtual friend ever sent you anything? Last thoughtful gift you got? Why didn’t anyone else get me anything?!?! (KIDDING!)

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37 thoughts on “Blogger Shout Out

  1. Love her!! And I guess you’re Ok too…

  2. Cat Hiles

    What a great surprise!

  3. TartanJogger

    Cool! Well I’ve bragged all about my recent blogging gifts! 🙂

  4. Amy is pretty cool as are you! The girl is smart, she knows a winner when she finds one! I am going to have to find some of that tape as my husband’s name is Rock and he would appreciate the help and his name 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! Ha, I was about to say the same thing! I’ve bought it before on Amazon as you can find some deals there. My college roommate was named Rocky. Very cool!

  5. Nice! I’ve never tried that stuff – do you think it helps?

    • Oh yes, I’ve used it before and you can feel the support. I looked at several tutorials on youtube to learn how to apply it. There are cheaper KT tape versions out there, but this brand is pretty well known for being tough.

  6. Haha, I have to say, this post was hilarious and…so sorry I didn’t get you something…oops!!! Just kidding but I’m happy you got a cool gift and had a great birthday!!

  7. Aww, that’s so sweet!

  8. PAHAHA thanks for the shout out! It was my pleasure! Glad you like it! My disguises must be really good cause I definitely caught you rocking out to Hannah Montana when you thought no one was looking…
    This one time, this guy sent me a pretty cool penguin ornament. He’s okay I guess. 😉

  9. She’s so awesome!

  10. I’ve only tried the cheaper KT version (and I like it). I’ll have to try Rock Tape. I was hoping you’d send me a taco, but I reckon it would have some trouble getting through Customs and be a bit nasty by the time it got up here.

    • I had issues with some of the cheaper stuff, but looking back I may have not been applying it correctly. BTW, I did send you a taco, but mailman returned the package because it was “leaking” 😉

  11. Awesome!! 🙂

  12. Aw!! Super sweet! 🙂 Salt and I sent each other just because gifts a few months ago–she got me a hip headband and I got her a runner’s wine glass. Runner friends are awesome.

    • Oh yes, I remember that wine glass. Very cool! Ha, yup, runner friends are better than my real friends…most of which are runners now a days, so uh, er, huh? I’ve confused myself!

  13. Aw, I love Amy and that’s adorable! I got a little fun package from my runner friend I “met” on Instagram but that’s the only one so far!

  14. How sweet! I missed your birthday….happy belated! I hope it was a good one! I always like to think the people I meet over blogs/twitter/insta are just as cool in person…sounds like she is pretty awesome! Sorry I didn’t get you anything…virtual high five :0)

  15. Are you kidding me? You were hoping she wanted to stalk you. 😉

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