St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love Ireland and the Irish.  I love Guinness.  I love Irish music and food.  My favorite color is green.  So needless to say, I love this holiday.

I'd be a giant in leprechaun village.

I’d be a giant in leprechaun village.

I have been to Ireland thrice, twice of which was on St. Pat’s Day.  Those are some good times, my friend.

My St. Pat’s weekend this year kicked off with a 5am run.  I met some friends and we cruised to an easy 7-8 miles, followed by a mimosa 1 mile fun walk – it was St. Pat’s after all.

I'm checking my watch, and yup, it is 6ish AM.

I’m checking my watch, and yup, it is 6ish AM.

I was on daddy daycare duty (and doodie) this weekend, so I wasn’t able to go to the big shindig with all my peeps.

Playing firefighter selfie.

Playing firefighter selfie.

I was however, able to make it to one of the big St. Pat concerts – Graceland Ninjaz.  It’s basically Elvis singing cover songs.  It’s fun.  I was actually in one of their music videos last year.  I played a ninja, coincidentally.

In between takes with some "Felvis" dancers (female Elvis).

In between takes with some “Felvis” dancers (female Elvis).

We had some wicked storms blow in the early evening that day, and I thought the show might be cancelled, but then we got a St. Patrick’s Day miracle.  The skies cleared and delivered us a double rainbow!

But what does it mean?!?!

Turns out I was the pot o’ gold at the end of the double rainbow after all.  But what does it mean?!?!

The show was on!  It was a fun time!  I’m friends with most of the people in the band, and so they brought me on stage for a bit so I could perform some of my sweet dance moves to titillate the crowd.

On stage open mouth selfie.

On stage open mouth selfie.

Back up for Elvis!

Back up for Elvis!

The next morn we were supposed to do a trail run, but it was too muddy.  So I met my runnin buds for power yoga at Lululemon.  Afterwards we went across the street to Starbucks.

Starbux selfie!

Starbux selfie! Why am I always in back?

Now I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life.  So I don’t make it to Starbucks much.  But I wanted to try the turkey bacon egg sammich that Run Salt Run goes on and on about.

Salt made be do it.  I'm a sucker to peer pressure.

Salt Gal made be do it. I’m a sucker to peer pressure.

It was purdy tasty!  Thanks Salt!  However I think I pissed off the line of coffee zombies behind me when I ordered my sandwich and tea.  I’m sorry I held you up, but their system of cup sizes cornfuzed me!  Sheesh!  Like I said, it had been years since I’ve been in one of those shops.

Anyways, it was a nice lil weekend there.  And today is the actual St. Patrick’s Day, so I will celebrate with a pint o’ the black stuff in my custom etched Guinness glass that I’ve been saving for today.

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Another thing to love about this holiday – it doubles as my birthday eve.   Yay me!

How bout you?  How was your weekend?  Do anything special for St. Pats?  Ever been to Ireland?  Did I take too many selfies this weekend?

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55 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. TartanJogger

    Sounds like a great celebration! I’d love to have been in Dublin this weekend 😉 Happy Birthday-eve!

    • It was mad both times I was there for it. We were smart though, when everyone was watching the parade, we went to Guinness – had the place to ourselves. Then we headed back to town after the parade when everyone else was queing up at Guinness! Genius!

  2. You can really never take too many selfies as far as I’m concerned…

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Our weekend was full of events and today I am a bit tired. But it was fun.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your birthday week! 🙂

  4. Wanna know something ridiculous? I don’t think I’ve ever gone out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. At least my non-drinking self says this to be true. Maybe I did in college and don’t remember? Hmm…quite the question for the day for me to think about. Pretty sure I didn’t. But looks like you had fun. Happy Birthday Eve too! 🙂

    • Well if you did it right, you wouldn’t remember it. Haha!
      It was a fun, but exhausting weekend for sure.
      Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Super lol at “felvis”!! jajajaja!! and it sure is hard to resist Salt’s peer pressure too!

  6. This is a great post! I love it so much!! Very entertaining and great pictures! I especially love the picture of you looking at your watch, the firefighter selfie (such cute kids), and the talk about Starbucks. I am a total Starbucks diva (haha, I love my espresso), but my husband always makes me laugh when he comes with me and attempts to order. I end up laughing and having to order for him before the people behind us get impatient.

    • Thank you so much! I forgot how much went on during the weekend until I went back and looked at the photos I had taken. Haha! And yes, I will always ham it up for the camera! I feel for your husband, it’s like y’all have a secret language, and everyone already knew what they wanted to order before even stepping inside. They did not appreciate my unfamiliarity with the menu!

  7. Awesome selfies! You are a rock star! I haven’t had a Guinness in ages. I’m unfortunately a bit of a light weight when it comes to booze (and coffee – I drink decaf lattes at home, it’s more about the milk). I feel like the weird one at Starbucks when I order a “medium tea-misto”.

    • Please tell me you are drinking moose milk or something fancy like that! I know you live in a remote area, and I actually was wondering if there was a starbucks there – crazy to hear how they are everywhere!!!

      • There is no Starbuck’s where I live actually. I partake when I head south. Closest one is 4 hours away. Never tried moose milk actually. I think there is a law that prohibits wild animal farming related activities up here.

  8. That looks like one awesome St. Patrick’s Day. And what would it be without some festive firemen?! I am so jealous that you have never had coffee. I love the stuff and am trying to wean myself. Painful times!

    • The boy said the name of the game was “the fire put out rodeo police”. Um, sure! Haha Yeah, it wasn’t intentional, I’ve just never had any. I do think it smells good though. Good luck with your wean!

  9. Ha- I love that you enjoy st Patricks day so much! Age I love the selfies with the kiddos!
    I didn’t celebrate at all- well, I celebrated my mom’s birthday quite well on Friday evening!
    Happy birthday eve!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Birthday!

  11. Didn’t you do the beer mile on Guiness a while back? I’d say that puts you in a special league of your own. A custom Guiness glass seems to fit right in with that!

    • I did indeed. Thank you! Yeah, the Guinness reps were here at some of the pubs a few months ago and giving out the glasses for free and engraving them for free. Pretty good deal!

  12. Very impressive that you’ve never had a cup of coffee! I always want to cut back on my coffee consumption (and I have, one 2 cups a day now!), but I honestly don’t even drink it for the caffeine, I just LOVE the flavor!

    And I really should check out the yoga at the lululemon by me, I honestly never think to go there and I totally should – I mean free yoga class?!? (Although I’m sure I’d end up wanting to buy have the store every time I’m there!)

    • Yeah, people look at me like I have an arm growing out of my head when I tell them that. I actually did think about trying to drink a little of it just to try the different flavors (that you love so much), but never got around to it.

      Yes. Free yoga is where it’s at! But you’re right, half the women in there do go grab a few items and line up to buy them after each class. Resist if you can!!! Ha!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! I love the custom Guinness glass. Happy Birthday!

  14. Sounds like a fun weekend! I try to avoid Starbucks if I can. I’m more of a Dunkin doughnuts and Wawa gal. No you didn’t take too many selfies and our weekend was great!

    • It was! And yes, I forgot about how Dunkin Doughnuts rules the land in the Northeast!!! I remember in my many trips to Boston that they were on every wicked corner! Thanks for your approval of the selfie number! haha! thanks Jenna

  15. Haha what a fun weekend! I agree with the Starbucks cup sizes. I’m fairly certain each size is in a different language. And why grande is a smaller cup size than venti, and why venti aka “twenty” is 24 oz, is beyond me! I swear the next time I go there I’m just gonna say gimme the small cup. Happy birthday!!

    • Yes, I think they call that language “Italian”. However when I went to Italy there were no Starbux anywhere! They had their little espresso shops on every corner though. Haha, I ended up just telling the “barista” to give me the biggest tea.
      Thank you!

  16. Happy Birthday! Back to back celebrations!

  17. Looks like you’ve had a cracking day! I’m amazed by how much you managed to fit in to one day of celebration – go you!

  18. cathiles

    I have been out for St. Pat’s twice, and neither time was memorable. I have been to Ireland though–unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t a beer fan so I made my husband drink my Guinness at the factory! Now, if I were to go back it’d be a different story! 🙂

  19. You have no idea how glad I am that you liked the sandwich. I know I have built it up to be this amazing thing and I would have felt so bad if you were disappointed in it.

    That 5am run sounds SO FUN! Actually it sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend overall. Very nice collection of selfies. I had a pretty selfie weekend at my St. Paddy’s Day race too. 🙂

    And no never have I ever been to Ireland, but I WANT TO!

    • Haha, well no matter how much I liked it, there’s no way in hell that it could live up to your hype! Ha!

      I meet with that crew every so often to run, but sometimes I can’t get out of bed at 4 am. They be crazy! They get up that early several times a week to boot camp or run. Yowza

      You should go sometime, it’s a magical magical land for sure! They have races there too, but I haven’t done one there…yet.

  20. Dude, you got a rainbow coming out of your head.

  21. I’m late-but you know we were in Ireland this past Fall! Loved the Guiness brewery, I was in that SAME BAR. We call it amateur night around here and generally stay far from where booze is served to avoid the sloppy drunks.

    • Lucky! It’s been a few years since I got to go. Glad you enjoyed it! I agree about St. Pats. It is kind of embarassing to go out and about and see all they rookies out there!

  22. I am still stuck on “I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life.” What?! You need a whole post about that statement alone.

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