Interview with someone who runs really fast.

A buddy of mine here in Dallas recently qualified for the US Olympic Trials in the Marathon.  He did so by running a 1:03:55 half marathon.  His goal in the 26.2 is to run right at 2:15.  I know a lot of people who have a goal of breaking 2:00 in a half marathon.  So that gives you an idea of how fast these people are moving.

My fastest ever mile was in high school at 5:04, he was running faster than that for 13.1  If you want to know what goes through the head of someone running sub 5 minute miles in a half marathon, here’s the link to an interview he just did about that race.

I bump into Enoch on the roads, trails, and at races around town.  He’s always very supportive of us non-elite runners.  And we are supporters of him as well.  So congrats to him for this accomplishment!

How bout you?  What are your thoughts on running that kind of pace? 


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36 thoughts on “Interview with someone who runs really fast.

  1. That is not human. Were you talking with a cheetah again maybe?

  2. It’s amazing!

  3. Holy crap-that’s my thought. I seriously couldn’t run that fast or even a 5:04 mile if I was being chased by a murderer. Love hearing about elite athletes being down to earth though 🙂

    • Well I hope you never come across any speedy murderers! Yeah, my other friend is trying to qualify for the Olympic trials too, but he needs to shave 2 minutes off his time. He’s cool too and has volunteered before to come talk to our run groups and put on presentations. Good info!

  4. cathiles

    That’s so fast! The fastest I’ve ever managed a mile was 7:30, and I was running flat-out!

    • I know it’s so crazy to be running near these people. Or rather, far behind them, haha! I believe everyone has their own pace, and sure we can get faster, but these guys are on a whole nutha level!

  5. Super-human…

  6. 5:04….drool! That is so awesome. Those elite runners are incredible aren’t they? I can’t imagine but they certainly do work for it. When I break a 7:00 mile in a race I feel super human….until I see everyone who finished ahead of me and it is a long list!

    • Ha, that time was from a high school track meet. I’d have to do a lot of work to get back to there. They are incredible – and they do work. Whenever they post their workouts on facebook or twitter I’m amazed at how far and fast and how many laps on the track they do. 7:00 miles is pretty fast too!

  7. I’m one of those people trying to break 2 hours in the half marathon 🙂 I know when I run in the sub 8 minute mile range I get really uncomfortable, very quickly. I can’t even imagine a 2:15 marathon! Definitely impressive.

  8. There’s this out and back half I’ve done few times so you get to see the elites running the home stretch while us mere mortals still aren’t at the halfway mark. I love watching them run by me really really fast. I often wonder what’s going on in their heads and if they hurt.

    • I’ve been in some like that too. Sometimes I’ll jokingly yell at them, “I’ll catch up to you in a minute!”
      I know that they hurt too, in fact one of my elite buddies told me that before his last race his coach told him to “Leave your comfort zone.” Good advice for any runner!

  9. I second that holy crap. I’m still trying to break 2:00 as well. 5:04 is just intimidating.

    • I know you’ll break 2 hrs! I ran that time in a high school track meet. I just thought it was crazy that that was my fastest time only running one mile and he was running 4:50 or so per mile for the entire half marathon!

  10. Insane. That’s what I think about that pace. Lol! I recently got my sub 2 hour half and it was hard! That’s awesome that he’s so friendly and approachable. I love talking and listening to runners of all levels.

  11. Oh my fast!! I can’t even fathom that.

  12. missadventuresinrunning

    I think it is amazing. I can’t really wrap my head around it! It is great that you are all really supportive of each other, though!

  13. That pace is almost unfathomable to me. He must be a super hero to run that quickly. Glad to know he is supportive and encouraging!

    • Yes, it’s crazy to see in person. They just blur by you! And yes, it is pretty cool to have them offer congrats and good work when they see us on a training run or at a race.

  14. The only time I really think about elite runners is if there was a zombie apocalypse. 😉 ….but seriously, I think they are amazing!

  15. Holy cow congrats to your friend! I have actually often wondered what it’s like to go that fast. I just can’t wrap my brain around it!

    • It really helps keep our egos in check too. If I ever start to think that I’m getting fast, it brings me back to earth when I see them on the trails and they go flying past me!

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