Never Trust the TV Weather Dude

I have known most of my life that the weather updater person on the local TV news shows were never very accurate.  Growing up my dad used to say, “The weatherman couldn’t predict a bowel movement, let alone the weather!”

More recently I spoke with someone who said they can only accurately predict 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the weather happens.

I’m sad to say I forgot both of these lessons yesterday, and I paid for it with a run loss.

Yesterday it was in the 80’s (American), and the lead story on all the local news was that overnight the temps would drop to the 30’s and it would be WINDY.  They were talking 45 mph (American) gusts.  And that wind would be cold and would make it feel even colder outside.

Like a fool, I believed them.  I mean, after all they had maps and satellite images and ‘futurecasting’ all used to dupe me.

I had planned to run hill repeats this morning, but when the alarm went off, I could hear the wind blowing against the house.  I thought, “I don’t want to run up and down hills in the face of tornado like freezing winds.”  So I slept in.  Mistake.

It was a little windy, but then again it’s always kind of windy in North Texas.  It was a little colder, but not the near freezing temps they had predicted.  I should have run, it would’ve been perfectly fine.  It’s actually quite lovely out.

Lesson learned, don’t trust the TV weather dude or lady.  Another lesson:  You can’t control the weather on race day – It could be hot, cold, windy, rainy, etc.  So you might as well train in all conditions too.

Anybody else ever get tricked by the TV/Internet meteorologists?  Does the weather ever adjust your running schedule?


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57 thoughts on “Never Trust the TV Weather Dude

  1. The son of a friend in my run club asked his mom: “Mommy, do they cancel the race if it rains?”

    She said, “No, they don’t”

    “Well then you should still go and run!”

    Those kids, I tell ya!

  2. TartanJogger

    As the song says: ‘I don’t care what the weatherman says, when the weatherman says it’s raining…’

  3. I will adjust if the weather’s super crappy. Yesterday we had those gusts you were talking about here, so I opted for the treadmill since I literally had a hard time walking forward, let alone running. Most of the time, I just get out there and do it, though!

    • I tend to start my track workouts back up in the spring. It is so windy that time of year here that you turn a corner and feel like you hit a wall, so I know what you were dealing with!

  4. Darn weather guessers…guessing wrong all the time. :/

  5. Sorry. I disagree. When I got up to run the winds were gusting over 45mph. And while the temp was in the 50’s, there’s no running with wind like that. The winds started dying off as the front pushed thru. There was a noticeable difference by the time I got to work. And now it’s just the typical breezy March we are used to.
    So why not go run now?

    • Well maybe at 3:00 am it was super windy, but I wake up closer to the time of a normal person, and it wasn’t that windy by then! I couldn’t go for a run later because I hadn’t packed my running gear, but I did have my workout gear so I was able to hit up the gym. I’ll just go with the flow…

  6. That’s a bummer that you missed the opportunity. Yeah, I’ve been there before too….I try to run in all you said, race day can be unpredictable too. I try to go with what’s actually happening outside. They were calling for 20-50cm of snow tomorrow and it’s now changed to 20-35mm of rain, freezing rain and 2-4cm of snow!

    • Yuck! I hope your weather turns around soon. I know it’s hard dealing with those conditions. Let me play weather man and predict that your spring will arrive by the weekend!

  7. Haha- hilarious what your dad said and yes, I’m guilty of not running and sleeping in because of what the weather was supposed to be like that morning. Now I’ve learned (usually) to just get up and do it!

    • Yeah, he’s quite the character. Good for you for learning to fight through it. I’ll get back into the groove soon enough. It’s just been a little hard since I took a break after doing the Dopey Challenge and then banging up my knee. I’m getting close to being back to normal though!

      • Ouch, that sounds painful!! I hope you feel better soon! It always feels good to get back to a routine. I’ve been out of my routine, too this week because of my soreness and I’m ready to get with it next week.

  8. They can’t predict a damn thing. I’ve definitely not done a workout due to weather that I could have. Now I just go do it.

    • Good on you! Luckily I’m not training for anything specific right now, but if I was I would’ve gone out to run regardless of the weather!

  9. In the past I’ve definitely adjusted my schedule based on weather predictions that weren’t always right, but then I got a dog. Now poor weather, predicted or real, is no longer an excuse not to run outside.

  10. I totally understand. I work outside and live by the weather. It is so hard figuring out what is going on. Today it was supposed to storm in the afternoon so I had someone drop me off 10 miles from home. No hydration in sight and it was super hot an super windy. I was feeling pretty low for 9.5 of those miles.

    • Oh wow, that’s crazy! Pretty soon it will be all hot all the time, but this spring/winter it’s just been so unpredictable.

  11. My husband thinks he’s a meteorologist — and to be honest I trust him more than our local weather dude.

  12. Our weather doesn’t change much here. It’s actually kind of sad when they predict rain because it rarely ever happens.

  13. Jane Likes to Run

    I usually just look at my phone right before I head out. Like you said, you can’t stop the nasty weather from showing up on race day so you gotta prepare for it. The only thing I will not run in is heavy rain because that’s just miserable. The weather app on my phone has lied to me before though. And for some reason I have 2 weather apps and sometimes they are really different!

    • Yeah, it is confusing. I’ll look on my weather app and it will have tabs for hourly forecast and one for current conditions – they hardly ever match up! Unfortunately it doesn’t rain much around here, we really need it, so I’d take a rainy run right now!!!

  14. I never watch the weather dude/dudette on TV. Since I don’t really get extreme weather where I live, they are never too far off. But I’d just rather look online or on my phone. I really only let the weather dictate my runs when it’s raining or very hot (in the summer it’s usually around 110F- not the best for running)

    • I just happened to see it as the tv was left on. Normally I look on my phone, but that isn’t always accurate either. I hear ya in the heat – obviously it can get pretty hot in Texas too, and that can make for some miserable running conditions!

  15. I never watch the weather, mainly because my attitude is: 1. They are never correct 2. I live in New England, if you wait 10 minutes the weather will change 3. I can’t change it so why worry about it.

    I’ve always said I chose the wrong profession, in what other job can you be wrong MOST of the time and still get paid? Seriously, meteorologists have it so good!

    To date, the only time I have altered my runs for the weather was when there was lightning.

    • You are right, I should’ve just dealt with it regardless. You have a good attitude!

      Haha, that’s true, I never thought of it that way before. Good point!

      I had to alter mine when we had a freakish ice storm a couple months ago. And yes, lightning is always a game changer!

  16. I’m lucky enough to be able to run anytime during the day, so I have mucho respect for my husband and ALL who drag themselves out of bed in the early am. You weren’t just being a wuss…wind is a killer on runs. Don’t let Running Girl get to you…she’s a special kind of animal (just kidding, RG!) 🙂

    • Yeah, that should give you some flexibility when it comes to the weather. Pretty soon I’ll have to be doing most of my runs before sun up as it will be too hot during the day. Tell me about it, I ran a 5k last spring and we turned a corner right into the wind and it felt like we were running in place. Crazy!
      Oh, and don’t worry about Running Girl – she lives near by, and I know she’s a germ a phobe. So next time I see her at a race I am going to discreetly use the portapotty, then exit it, then greet her with a polite hand shake. Notice the step I skipped – washing my hands! Muwahaha!

  17. I typically don’t even look at the weather app on my phone before I go outside.

    I don’t watch the news so I don’t hear what they have to say. I always go regardless if I have planned on it. Rain isn’t going to hurt me and if I get to the front door and it is cold then I can go add another layer.

    Laughed at what you said your dad would say. ha!

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  19. Aw what a bummer! You can come to PA where it’s nice and chilly! I would be glad to trade places! The weather has majorly affected my running this winter, it’s been tough to maintain my routine and I’m looking forward to spring!

    • OK, I get your point, I need to be happy with the North Texas weather – it could be worse!!! I hope it warms up for you soon, it seems like this winter has been a really crazy one all over!

  20. I wish they’d be wrong about the freezing cold we are still forecasted with here.

  21. I am a loser. I only train in temps above freezing and no precipitation. And then I pray like hell months before my race for nice weather. Like I said, I am a loser.

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