Pretty Good Lil Sports Weekend

The weekend was a pretty happy one for the Ole Scott-O. First up, you should know that besides running, I’m also a fan of all sports. And this weekend was big for some of ‘my’ teams.

As we creep into March Madness, my Ohio University men’s basketball Bobcats won a big game against our arch rival in overtime. #Excellent

I had to look up to make sure I was balancing her correctly.

I had to look up to make sure I was balancing her correctly.

My Dallas Mavericks won two big games to keep them in the NBA playoff hunt. #Dope

Pic I took getting Dirk's autograph.

Pic I took when getting Dirk Nowitzki’s autograph a little while back.

My FC Dallas won their season opener. #Sweet

FC Dallas dancers.  We granted their request to have a photo taken with us.

FC Dallas dancers. We granted their request to have a photo taken with us.

And my Dallas Stars won a very exciting comeback on a night when the team was honoring Mike Modano by retiring his jersey number. #Radical

Me and Mo as I call him.  We go way back (to our two run-ins)

Me and Mo as I call him. We go way back (to our two run-ins)

It’s rare when all of my teams win all of their games on the same weekend. #Booyah

Other than that…I had a good 7.5 mile run. Went to yoga with some friends. Had some nice doggy walks. And met the whole family at a park for a photo session. #Awesome

One of the photos.  My mom always complains that I ruin photos, I think I make them funny.  So does the boy.

My mom always complains that I ruin photos, I think I make them funny. So does the boy.

And it gets even better, because the weekend also kicked off my birthday/St. Pat’s week! #Cheers

I'd be a giant in leprechaun village.

I’d be a giant in leprechaun village.

How bout you? Did you have a good weekend? Do you follow sports? Will you be celebrating St. Pat’s Day? What are you getting me for my birthday?

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39 thoughts on “Pretty Good Lil Sports Weekend

  1. Ahh the days of the Dallas stars. Mighty Ducks and Modano anyone?

  2. I meant day of the NOR stars**

    • Yeah, I always wonder how they felt up north about that. I have never forgiven Baltimore for stealing my Browns…then winning the super bowl…grrrrrrrrr

  3. I’m obsessed with basketball so I watch that pretty religiously. Our Suns beat the Thunder Friday so that kicked off the weekend pretty nicely 🙂
    I’ve got a chill 5k on Sunday for St. Patty’s
    Hope you have a great birthday!!!

    • Oh yes, we’ve had some great battles over the years with the Suns, and now we’re in a playoff race with y’all! Good luck on the St. Pats race!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend.
    I don’t follow sports. We watch the Tour de France when it is on but that is it.
    We probably won’t do much for St. Paddy’s day but we have a busy weekend ahead so that is all good. 🙂
    When is your birthday? Hope it is a great one!
    Looking forward to seeing the fam pictures (if you share)

    • My birthday is the day after St Pats. Which is always kind of a birthday party bummer because people are usually partied out from the day before.
      Since you asked, I’ll be sure to share some of the photos!
      Hope you find something fun this St. Pat’s Day!

      • Well, it is a good thing you can celebrate all month then. 🙂 That is what I do in January for mine.
        Great. Happy to hear you will share photos. Even if you email a few if you don’t want to do a blog post.
        Have a good day!

      • My mom is an amateur photographer and she took the photos. Unfortunately she took several hundred, so it may take some time for her to go through them, but I’ll keep you posted!

      • Sounds good. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the pic of you and your boy.

    Right now, I’m trying to follow the Paralympics – they are crazy talented athletes and I’m trying to exposed my oldest to the games. I’ll be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with the kiddies :)…and work – maybe a green beer or two 😉

    • Thanks, he’s a bit of a ham too!
      I haven’t watched any of the Paralympics – I hope they have better weather than the regular Olympics did!
      Have fun with your kiddos and your green beer – I’ll be sticking to Guinness tho!

  6. I don’t really follow sports, but I did get into college basketball when I went to UNC chapel hill. I think it was a requirement of matriculation.

    That picture of you with the dancers — you look ready to join the dance troupe.

    • You went to UNC? I have a good friend in Raleigh that I’ve visited a couple times the past few years. She took us around the colleges. Pretty nice area!
      They asked me to join, but I had a previous commitment. 😉

      • Yep, I’m a Tarheel. Well, a northeastern girl who loved in Raleigh & Chapel Hill for a decade or so. I almost ran the Tobacco Road marathon in Cary so I could visit friends, but I chose to go to Florida instead.

        I think you mentioned running in Umstead Park. I’ve never run there, but I did go hiking there with my high school boyfriend back in the day. Most of what I remember was seeing copperhead snakes.

      • Very cool. Yes, I went there last year to run the Flying Pirate Half in OBX, and I did also go for a run in Umstead. It was a great spot, and luckily I didn’t see any snakes, but there were tons of those big fuzzy bumblebees all over the visitor center and they would swarm you when you walked up. The rangers told me they were just curious and wouldn’t sting me, but it was still a bit freaky to have them buzzing all around me!

      • I like big bumble bees, but that would freak me out too

  7. OK there is too much to comment about here. First of all I love the pic of you with Mike Modano and love that you called him Mo! Pretty cool. Love the pic of you and your son. Reading all of this I would say you are really on a roll.

    • Haha, thanks! I’ve met him a couple times. Real nice guy!
      Yeah, the boy can turn it on when there’s a camera around too!
      I need to put some butter on this roll!

  8. That is a lucky weekend to have all your teams win! My SIL used to LOVE Mike Modano!
    And that cheerleading photo, and caption, are fantastic! Hope you post some more of the family photos- too cute!

    • Ha, thank you! I figured all you Canadians would know who Modano is! And yes, that’s the first thing people always say about that pic – why am I looking up her skirt? Honestly, I have to look up to balance the gals, as they are not allowed to balance themselves when we did those stunts. They have to remain perfectly still.
      I’ll post some more photos soon!

  9. Happy birthday week! Like the photo of you and the boy, great expressions.

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Have a happy birthday week!

  11. TartanJogger

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  12. What day is your birthday? Mine’s this Friday. I’ll get YOU something if you get ME something!

  13. Those are some pretty great pictures. The only sport I used to follow was Braves baseball since I lived in Georgia for eight years. But after moving back to California and not having cable, I haven’t kept up with them for a couple years. My grandma is a big Padres fan though, and I’ll take her to games sometimes, which is always fun.

    • Thank you! I do enjoy going to baseball games too. I think they’re much more fun in person than on TV. I’m a Cleveland Indians fan, but since I’ve lived in Texas so long now, I’ll root for the Rangers too. That’s cool that you take your g’ma to games!

  14. YAY BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I proudly pass my birthday crown over to you. (I see you already have a tiny hat for the occasion.)

    Congrats on all those wins!

  15. 1) You were totally checkin’ out her chonies. 2) How much did you charge the dancers for the photo? I would have gone with $10/person. 3) WHAT?! When is your birthday?!!

    • 1) Don’t worry Amy, our gals knew to wear “conservative” undies under their spanks. At freshman tryouts each year, it was a different story – those chicas didn’t know better and wore more “flashy” drawers.
      2) Wha? More like they had to pay me!
      3) My birthday is always the day after St. Patty’s Day!


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