Sibling Visit

I have been missing in action (I wish there was a shorter way to say that phrase) a bit this week.  Just it’s been crazy, busy, and good.  Here’s a quick update.

My sis came to town for a few days.  We had family get togethers.  We also met for lunch (tacos of course).

My sis, my lil gal, and me me me. (sorry was warming up my vocal chords there)

My sis, my lil gal, and me me me me meeeee. (sorry was warming up my vocal chords there)

Other than that, I’ve got some runs in.  My last one was 4 miles at 7:55 per mile.  Felt good to open up the legs a tad.  It’s starting to warm up around here and I’m looking into some races.  I’ll keep you posted.

Hope everyone had a great week!  Tell me something – highlight of the first week of March?

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19 thoughts on “Sibling Visit

  1. You and your darn tacos — obsessed. I can appreciate it.

  2. At least he’s not addicted to pretzel thins Ashley! 😛 I’ve got my first race of the season tomorrow, hoping to at least beat last year’s time on the same course.

  3. I’m more of a flautas girl personally 🙂
    Highlight of the first week of March: Running my first marathon!

  4. Mmmm tacos! Like Helly, I also like flautas. But I love some home made tacos… This conversation seems very familiar!

    Sibling visits are most always awesome! Hope you had a very good time! I miss my brother and am looking forward to seeing him soon.

    Starting to warm up around here also. Was finally above freezing. That’s a huge deal…

    March has been good to me. I won some things. Nbd.

    • Oh I don’t discriminate, flautas are good too!

      Unfortunately it was a short visit, but we managed to pack in some fun! Hope you get to see your bro soon!

      Ha, that is a huge deal. Here’s to spring springing!

      Yes, I saw you kept winning the give-aways that I was also entering. Grrrr. 😉

  5. Great job on the running! Love your blog!

  6. The temps here have gotten above zero periodically. I know this sounds kinda depressing, but for me, I give a ‘high-5’ to March so far for that alone!

  7. Awww yay for sibling visits! Something random- While running, I saw the cutest old man riding his bike wearing ski goggles.

  8. getgoing-getrunning

    Soft cornflour tacos or hard shell? Either way, Mmmmm
    I make mine with 3 hour slow cooked pulled pork more often than I should…
    My highlight for first week of March was new PB for half marathon.

    • Oh, I always go for the soft corn variety! This time I got seared ahi tuna and the other was migas. Awesome.
      Your pulled pork ones would make you popular here in Texas!
      Congrats again on your PB!!!

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