10k, Putt-Putt, & Thundersleet

The weekend started out great – temps took a sudden upswing to the 70’s/80’s on Friday and Saturday.  We took full advantage.

I got up and ran 10K to start the Saturday.  The miles will go toward these two challenges that I’m taking part in:  Around the World Running Blog Relay and 100 Miles in March by Fitfluential.

I was going to run anyways, might as well join the challenge!

I was going to run anyways, might as well join the challenge!

Afterwards, the 5 year old begged me to take him to play putt-putt.

We're quite a pair - like bread and putter.

We’re quite a pair – like bread and putter.

He’d never played before in his life, and I’m not sure how it got into his head, but it sounded like a fun idea to me.

Good thing they had more than one green, because he got a hole in one.

Good thing they had more than one green, because he got a hole in one.

Afterwards, he begged me for a hot dog.  He typically doesn’t like to eat any kind of animal protein, so this was a new one too.  Maybe it was the nice weather and the smell of people BBQing in the air?  I’m not a huge fan of him eating them, but figured it was a special day.  We went to a really cool patio bar that’s friendly to pets and runners alike.  It was packed.  He got his dawg and I got a brewski.  Here’s a 6 sec video I took of the scene:

The next morning, the wheels fell off.  The temps dropped to the low 20’s and we got freezing rain.  Oh, and something called “Thundersleet”.  It’s apparently that thing when it’s sleeting and thundering at the same time.  It’s weird.  I wasn’t about to run in that noise, so it was off to yoga at Lululemon.

A man's child pose.

A man’s child pose.

For some reason, the boy begged me to let him tag along.  He really wanted to go.  I was excited to bring him, but looking back I’m not sure why he wanted to come.  He spent the entire class playing games on my phone.  Oh well, eventually I’ll get him to participate.  Baby steps on the way to child’s pose, I suppose.

As the day went on daying, the weather continued to worsen and colden.  Wind chill was around 0 degrees and the roads got all iced over.  It was a real bummer of a way to end the weekend.  But I did get to weather it in a cool way.  I moved from the ice outside to the ice inside where the Dallas Stars NHL pro hockey team plays.  When I’m not running, I’m a video producer and so I that’s what I was there doing.

On ice #selfie!

On ice #selfie!

So there is the weekend that was.

How was your weekend?  Last time you putt putted?  Last time you yogad?  Last time you patio barred?  Doing any March challenges?  Ever been caught in thundersleet? 

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38 thoughts on “10k, Putt-Putt, & Thundersleet

  1. TartanJogger

    Thundersleet: nice sounding word, horrid weather! Last time I had a patio beer was probably in Tenerife last year… Far too long ago!

    • It was weird hearing the ice hit our house, and then at the same time hear thunder. Hopefully you’ll get some patio beer soon!

  2. You Texan’s have really had it bad this year . . . I feel for ya.

  3. Yeah for running! Thundersleet – have never heard of it – be careful! I’m doing the “Around the World Running Blog Challenge too. I’m actually going to do some yoga now……my body is hurting and exhausted.

    • A couple months ago they said we were having ‘freezing fog’. I think they’re just making stuff up. Hope yoga was good!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Ours was very low key. The last time I putt putt”ed” was last year. Jon and I went for a date night and had a ball. Last time I yogad was last week. I definitely need some yoga asap. Hopefully I can squeeze it in tomorrow morning! Last time I patio barred seems like years ago. I am ready to get rid of this winter.

    I have never been caught in thundersleet and it sounds horrid. Hope you’re staying warm!

    • It was pretty good! Glad you’ve putt putted and yogad recently. I think it had been years since I last putt putted. It’s a fun outing! I hope y’all get some good weather soon. This winter has been crazy!

      Thundersleet was very bizarre. It’s still freaking cold, but they say it will warm up this week. I’m so over winter.

  5. Weekend was very chilly up here, but no thundersleet thankfully. Haven’t put putted in a lonnnnnnggggg time, about as long ago as having patio barred. Need to yoga this week for sure and I’m in the “around the world running blog challenge”.

    • I had never heard of thundersleet, I would have thought they made it up if I hadn’t witnessed it myself! I hadn’t putt putted in years, but it was a lot of fun! Sweet, good luck on the challenge and yoga!

  6. Cute that he wanted to do those fun activities with you! Are you guys vegetarians, or does he just not like the taste of animal protein? Interesting!
    I hate to say I can’t feel bad for you with the thunder sleet! It got down to -50 here this weekend!

    • It was a lot of fun! I’m not a pure vegetarian, but I try to eat as little as possible, I mostly stick with fish and eggs. The boy just doesn’t have a taste for most of it yet, which I like. But he also doesn’t have a taste for fruits or veggies either, so there’s that.
      Haha, yeah, I guess I shouldn’t complain. But part of the reason I live in the south is to avoid this garbage weather!

  7. Yoga happens in the morning for me.
    Sounds like your little boy just wanted some one on one time with his Dad. Take those moments when you can. I hear as they get older it is hard to come by…
    Warren and I did mini golf a year or two ago. It was lots of fun and hopefully this summer we will get to do it again.
    Thundersleet is new to me but I have heard of sleet…

    • Enjoy your yoga!
      You’re probably right, and it was a fun weekend with him!
      That’s cool that y’all went so recently, I was trying to remember the last time we did, and I think it’s been like 8 years!
      First freezing fog, then thundersleet, not sure what will be next!

  8. Like bread and putter. Pahahaha. I think it’s sad that I think these jokes are funny. No? Grif just wanted to be just like dad this weekend- I guess only with the yoga thing though…

  9. Jane Likes to Run

    That is some impressive father/son time. Good for you! I actually experienced a blizzard thunderstorm a few weeks ago. Did not know that was possible beforehand.

    • Yes, it was fun! How weird to be in a blizzard thunderstorm. It’d probably look cool though if there was lightning!

  10. That child’s pose made me laugh. I want to hop on your back and push you down until your nose hits the ground! 🙂

    • Haha thanks! That was taken a few weeks ago when my knee was still jacked up. I couldn’t bend it all the way and couldn’t get my body all the way down. Sorry!

  11. getgoing-getrunning

    Thundersleet would be much better as the name for a ‘sudden death’ period they should put onto the end of drawn ice hockey matches instead of the shootout. I’m thinking two pucks and no holds barred skating for three minutes or something like that. Now that would liven up the series!
    For running? Thundersleet sounds terrible.

    • Haha, that would be sweet! Maybe AC/DC can write the theme song for that part of the match.
      And yes, it was horrible for running. Almost as bad as the ‘freezing fog’ we had a couple months ago.

  12. Seems like you had a fantastic date with your son! I’m not a big fan of hot dogs either, but I could totally go for one right now!

  13. The last time I putt putted was in a tournament. Yes I am that good at mini golf. My team came in 2nd!

    And the last time I yoga-ed (yogued?) was this morning at the ass crack of dawn. And I managed to get home before birthday girl woke up!

    I cannot even deal with this cold any more. I hope it stays warm for all of us soon!

    I love when my kid decides to throw me a curve ball and suddenly try new things that she has never cared about before.

    • Whaaaa??? I was in a tourny as a teen, but that was a long time ago. I can tell that you’re a competitive person, aren’t you!

      Glad you made it to your ass yoga!

      Tell me about it, I am so over it, and I live in the south!

      Now if only I could get him to eat a varied diet!!!

  14. 80 degrees to 0? That’s quite a jump in temperatures! I miss patio bars, there just aren’t that many in San Francisco. I’m also doing the Around the World relay, it’s good motivation as I’m (hopefully) running a marathon this summer! Part of my training does include weekly yoga as well 🙂

    • Tell me about it! I guess SF can be pretty chilly, that’s a bummer about the lack of patios though. The ones here are funny because it gets so hot in the summer that they all have to have some kind of shade, misters, fans, etc. Good luck on your marathon goal!!!! Yes, keep yoga in your training!

      • Yeah SF can be chilly, although fortunately I live in the warmest part of the city! I think logistically too, most restaurant spaces and bars are just to small to accommodate a full patio. Haha I’m from Arizona and there are shades and misters absolutely everywhere! And of course an abundance of patio bars 🙂 Thank you, I’m excited to really start training!

      • Oh, I forgot about how small everything is there, yeah they probably don’t have room for a patio. Haha! I think I told you, but I used to go Phoenix for work every so often. I remember hanging out at some of those patio bars in Scottsdale. Good times!

  15. Yoga in a store seems odd to me. Is there an instructor or are you following a video? Is it free in order to get people in the store?

    • It is a bit odd. I’m used to a dark empty room. I assume it’s to get people in the store, but to also promote a healthy lifestyle. There do seem to be quite a few gals buying sports bras after the session though.

  16. Aww. It’s s cute that your son wants to spend time with you. I can barely get mine out if the basement unless it involves food.

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