I Got to Run!!!

It had been over three weeks since I took a running tumble and jacked up my knee.  But I finally felt like it was time to give a run a go-go.  This was Saturday.  We had some nice weather and I wanted to take advantage.  I did a lengthy warm up to make sure everything was loose.  Then I hit the streets.

I went to my go-to little 5k route around the town.  I took it nice and easy, listening to my body.  The knee felt a little stiff, but no major pain.  It felt good to run again.

It was super windy, but I didn’t complain, I was just happy to be outside and moving!  In fact, afterwards we took advantage of the weather and wind and took the kite on a walk.

Kite rider.

Kite rider.

On Sunday, I decided to play it safe and not join my buds for a trail run, but I did join them at Lululemon for some yoga.  Different instructor, and she challenged us.  I was sweating and shaking all over the place, but like she said, “Shaking is weakness leaving the body.”  I’ll go with that.

How bout you?  How did it feel your first time back after an injury?  Last time you flew a kite?  Any weakness leave your body recently?

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46 thoughts on “I Got to Run!!!

  1. No injuries right now but still working on completely kicking the flu bug. Does that count as weakness leaving the body?

  2. TartanJogger

    Yay! Glad you got out there! I have a kite in the boot of my car- we have a beach nearby that’s great for kite flying, even if it usually freezing cold!

  3. Hey don’t look now but there’s a kite following you….

  4. PS – glad you are back to your running ways! This morning was the first run where I felt like my lungs were fully operational again. That upper respiratory virus kicked my butt.

    • Thanks! Glad you got out there too. I ran for a second time today and felt pretty good. It’s just sad being sore after only 4 miles.

  5. I’m going to have to try to remember “shaking is weakness leaving the body” when I’m doing pushups at bootcamp on Friday. hehe. Glad your first 5k back went well!

  6. Yeah that you got out there! Sounds like you are really enjoying yoga! I injured myself a number of years ago before a big race – I was so upset. Lots of physio and rest to get me back on the road and it felt so nice to get back at it!
    It’s been a few years since I flew a kite but am sure this summer we might get the girls out with their kites.

    • Thank you! I’ve enjoyed yoga since I got into it about 6 years ago. I can always feel a difference from it!
      Getting hurt before a race – that’s the nightmare for all of us, isn’t it!
      Enjoy the kite! Our toddlers loved it!

  7. I haven’t flew a kite in years! My run today was a toughie! So I get that was weakness leaving the body! 🙂

  8. YAY! So glad you can run now!! Did you get any free undies this time?

  9. yay for running!! and fun kite flying–haven’t done that in forever 🙂

  10. Damn man, you look real happy flying that kite…haha!

  11. Awesome, glad you were able to finally run! When I returned from an injury, I had some discomfort and weakness in my muscles at first. But I built up my mileage and pace slowly and it wasn’t long before I felt normal again!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you were able to come back slowly (smartly). I ran again today, and was back near my old pace. Not sure if that was smart, but it was fun!

  12. I’m desperately wanting to feel that happy feeling of running after an injury, but sadly I feel like I’ll always feel like I’m running with an injury. I like that “weakness leaving the body” comment. See, yoga does make you stronger.

    • Just be diligent in your care, and you’ll be back better than before! Ha, yeah, she said it when we were in a really difficult pose, just trying to encourage us to last a few more breaths!

  13. I’ve never seen such a serious look on your face. You must take kite flying seriously. 🙂 Glad that first run back went well! I’ve apparently lost a lot of weakness in the few first yoga classes I’ve taken this winter…

  14. Yay for getting back out there! I’m still taking it easy, but look forward to the day when pain-free running returns.

  15. I’ve never understood that saying about shaking (or pain) being weakness leaving the body. I’m pretty sure that it’s my body saying “arrrrggggghhhh!!!!” and nothing more profound.

    I love that you took a kite for a walk.

  16. Yay for running! Congrats on little to no pain. Forced time outs bite!

  17. Awesome job!! That’s great you’re getting back into it 🙂 The weakness of my IT band is leaving by body and it felt FANTASTIC going for my first pain-free run!

  18. PaulSmuts

    These injuries make us appreciate the joy over running even more. Glad you’ve recovered and have gone back to hitting the tar!

  19. Glad you made it out! I’m dealing with some IT band stuff and my knee feels wrecked lately, but I don’t care-I gots running to do.

  20. Whoop! You were off running. This is great news. Happy to hear that you didn’t feel too bad either.

    As for flying a kite…no I haven’t but I could sometimes tell people to go fly one. 😉

    The first time getting out after an injury I usually get tears in my eyes because it feels so good to finally be out doing what I love.

    Weakness leaving the body…well that was probably on Monday when I was doing my strength and cardio class. My arms were shaking after doing Cobra push-ups. Ugh!

    • Thank you! I actually ran again yesterday and felt even better!

      Haha, go fly a kite! Maybe Marry Poppins was being rude!

      I know what you mean, it feels like being let out of a cage!

      Every time I shake, I just remind myself that it’s making that part of my body stronger which will make me a better runner!

  21. Rainy Writer

    I like that …”took the kite out for a walk” … NICE.

    And glad your knee is feeling better.

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