Scab Watch 2014!

When I say “scab watch” I’m not talking about a timepiece made of dried blood, that’d be odd.  And I’m not talking about checking out people who take over for people on strike.  That’d be bizarre.  I am, of course referring to my dinged up knee.

If you follow this blog then you know that the other week I took a tumble on my run and broke my fall with my knee.  It got all swol and bloody.  Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t even attempt to run again until at least the scabs heal.

I’m happy to announce that they’re healing just fine.  The scabs aren’t completely gone, but they are getting there.  Hopefully the rest my knee is getting is all it needs to get all better.

You’ll notice there are no photos in this post.  I didn’t want to gross anyone out (or turn on any weird fetish people) with pics of scabby knees.  So you’re welcome (or I’m sorry).

Hows bouts yous guys?  Who’s excited for Scab Watch ’14?!?!  Anyone else have any boo-boos they’re nursing? 

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21 thoughts on “Scab Watch 2014!

  1. Sorry, I am laughing and that sucks because you are hurt. But I will be waiting to hear how the scab watch progresses!

  2. Glad you didn’t post any pic’s…would have made me sick. ha ha. hope the scabs clear up fast for ya!

  3. I only have scars from the scab watch of 1976-1983 (tree climbling, kid tumbling years) and 2010 (Boo to surgery). No 2014 scab watch for me – i’ve paid my dues. Glad you are healing.

  4. You KNOW there’s some fetish out there for scabs. I’m not tainting my pristine google search history to prove it, but we both know the truth.

  5. this made me laugh sorry!! I hope scab-a-palooza 2014 fades away quickly!!

  6. Ha. Until the second line, I thought you might be watching The Replacements. Glad to hear you’re healing.

  7. Man, I was hoping for scab pictures. Nothing turns me on like some big gnarly scabs. (Not really.) Good luck healing.

  8. NO SCABS!? WTF!?! ::walks out of blog::

    I’m glad you’re healing great! And you know all about my current boo boo. 🙂

  9. I thought you were going to say you were going on strike or something. I don’t know why I didn’t think of boo boos first

  10. Pahaha I was sooo hoping there weren’t going to be any scab pictures. Thanks for not sharing!

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