Runner Who Can’t Run

To anyone who likes to follow along with my silly posts, I apologize that I’ve been MIA (that stands for Missing in Action, but it also is short for Miami, I wish I was using it for the latter definition, but I’m not).  I’ve just been out of sorts since I hurt my knee.

The good news is that it is feeling better each day and I think I’ll be back on the roads soon, but as of right now I am still not running.  It’s been two weeks, which I know isn’t that long, but when you’re used to being active almost every day, it feels like an eternity.

Whenever I’m driving and I see someone running along the side of the road, I feel an insane jealousy.  They don’t know how lucky they are!  If you are healthy, please remember that it is a gift.  Every run is a gift.  Every workout is a gift.  And it’s a good kind of gift, not a crappy one that your friend picked up at CVS at the last minute.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is just the universe giving my body some rest.  I must need it.  Must keep reminding myself.  Must.

It’s funny, most people get upset at the fact that they are hurt.  But runners don’t get upset that they’re hurt, they get upset because they can’t run.

But staying positive.  The good news is I took the thumb sucker on a doggy walk yesterday, and I didn’t think about my knee at all.  That’s a good sign.

Sorry we don't match, I tried, but my hair wouldn't reach.

Sorry we don’t match. I tried, but my hair wouldn’t reach.

Anykitandkaboodle, we finally got some sunshine, and the weather is warming here.  Hopefully that’s another sign that it’s almost time to hit the reset button.

How’s everyone else doing?  Anyone else on a “break”?  Do all little girls like the taste of their own hair?  Any good or bad gifts recently?

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38 thoughts on “Runner Who Can’t Run

  1. What a cutie! (and by that, I mean your daughter 🙂 )
    I’m not a break but I have had my share of injuries throughout this training. It was so frustrating not being able to run :/ I hope your knees continue to heal…

    Bad gifts…..well, for my wedding I got 12 Crock Pots. Yeah….

  2. I’m finally OVER my break, and have really been increasing mileage lately. It feels great, and I will remember not to take that for granted. 🙂

  3. TartanJogger

    I used to sniff my hair as a child. Weird, I know!

  4. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and that you’ll be back running soon! It sucks taking time off, but I’m sure you’ll be back in not time! 🙂

  5. I’ve been on an unwelcome break for over three weeks now. I’m gonna try running again this weekend and see how it goes. My dog is a girl and likes to eat her hair when I brush her as well as the cat’s hair when I brush them.

  6. I was in a full day meeting and some how managed to see three people running outside and I was completely jealous! However, we did start our meeting with a game of “pickleball”.

    • I have no idea what pickleball is, but my mind is working on possible versions of it!

      • It’s a combination of badminton/tennis and you use a waffle ball! It’s crazy…will post some pictures soon! It’s big with seniors but I have to tell you, being a badminton player while growing up…I could easily get addicted to pickleball!

  7. You think the Traumeel helped?

    • To be honest, I haven’t been able to make it to the store this week. The arnica was helping, and I can tell because I ran out of it yesterday and it was a little more stiff this morning. I’ll pick some Traumeel up today! I still have some more healing to do.

  8. After all your training and races, I agree that this break is probably good for you. Try to enjoy it. Tell yourself it is your body resting and repairing to be better than ever. 🙂

  9. But you should still be grateful for the crappy CVS gifts too.

    Even after I get in a run and am driving to work, I see someone running, and get jealous I’m still not out there.

    But yeah, getting to run or any physical activity is a gift. Even just being alive is wild to think about.

    • Haha, the crappy ones are good too, I was just trying to come up with a lame joke.

      I feel the same! Even if I don’t see anyone running, but I see a trail, I want to be on it!

      It is wild, you can drive yourself bonkers trying to figure out that scenario.

  10. Although I’m not injured I completely understand your mentality. All the snow and ice have brought my running to a slow crawl. I am seriously suffering from cabin fever mixed with too much energy.

    I’m glad to hear your knee is improving!

  11. Ha I hear you. I was out for 5 weeks after hurting my SI joint and still can only run a mile or two 1-2x a week. Not running sucks!!

  12. Glad your knee is slowly healing. It’s so true that runners don’t get upset about actually being hurt…You know what’s worse than receiving a thoughtless gift from CVS- a CVS gift card. I’m like, so you really didn’t put an ounce of thought in to that one huh? 😉

  13. I know how you feel, 2 weeks off is an eternity in runner years! I took a healing break last year and I was sooo dramatic about not being able to run for 6 weeks. But you will be out there before you know it and realize what short a time it was that you couldn’t run! I haven’t been on a break break, but my running has been sporadic because California decided it wanted to participate in winter so it was raining for awhile. I kind of had blogger’s block too, but I think it was just the gloomy days!

    • Well I’m glad your break helped you! Several years ago I took like 4-5 months off because I had bad IT band issues. It was rough to take that much time, but I wanted to be a pain free runner. I’m sorry about your Cali-winter. I hope it clears up soon. The weather totally affects people’s moods. We finally got a break in the cold/grey this weekend, and I just feel better being able to go outside with shorts and sunglasses!

      • I think it’s always good to take some time off once in awhile anyway, running can be so hard on your body. And you just finished an incredible # of miles, this break is probably letting everything heal, not just your knee. When I train heavily, there is always a little twinge here or there that could use a little rest and TLC. Haha yeah the whole mood changed in SF for like a week, we all go in to hibernation and try to tell ourselves we need the rain 😉 It is such a nice feeling when you can notice a change finally, the days are already starting to get longer!

      • You’re so smart! I need to remember that my body needs to heal. Just like you, I always seem to have some sort of little nagging thing. Hopefully after this break I’ll be good as new!
        It was great being outside all weekend (even if some of it was spent cleaning up dog poo)!

  14. “It’s funny, most people get upset at the fact that they are hurt. But runners don’t get upset that they’re hurt, they get upset because they can’t run.”

    Best quote of the day. Totally agree. Hope you get back to chasing pavement soon.

  15. I’m dealing with some kind of knee issue also, although mine didn’t come from a fall (I almost wish it had, at least I’d know what was going on with it). I got pretty depressed about it yesterday, but I have to remind myself to remain positive and that I WILL be back on the road running soon!

    • Oh no! At least I know how I got hurt. A few months back the inside of the same knee started hurting for some reason. I think I over extended it by not warming up properly. It took a couple weeks of rest and felt better luckily. Hopefully that’s all you need!

      • I hope so too! I’m supposed to be a month into training for my first marathon, so that’s adding some stress/panic to my mindset also, it’s great.

      • When I couldn’t run, I did other stuff like swim, yoga, etc to try and keep my fitness level up. Maybe you could give that a try?

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