Dopey Meet-Ups!

I love how that now-a-days pretty much all my friends are so active.  It always amazes me that I can go to a race, or just go on a training run, and I’m almost guaranteed to “run into” someone I know.  I like that.  It was no different when I traveled half way across the country for a race.  At the Disney Dopey Challenge, I got to meet-up with a few peeps.

If you missed my recaps of the races, you can see them here:  5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2

First off, these aren’t really reunions, but traveling with me was our boy and my moms.  The boy was doing the Kid’s Race for the 3rd time.

Collage credit goes to my mom.  She got all artsy recently.

Collage credit goes to my mom. She got all artsy recently.

My moms was doing the Dopey Challenge too.  She only started running a few years ago, and hadn’t run a full marathon yet, but she wanted to make this happen!

Traditional pre-race family photo.

Traditional pre-race family photo.

And of course, my sis.  She lives in Orlando, FL so of course we saw her.  Also, her and her roomie let us crash at their crib (I’m so hip), so that was groovy (see).  And if you’ve followed along, then you know that she ran the Dopey too!  We even ran the whole half marathon portion together.

They did NOT light up the castle for the half.  I wish I had the pretty lit up one to share with y'all.

Sibling photo op.  The castle photo bombed us.

Many of you asked how my mom and sis did, and I’m here to tell you that they both finished!  My sis came across the full marathon line a little after me and we reunited when she passed by me stretching next to the medical tent.

With Sis before the marathon.  We looked much better here than afterwards.

With Sis before the marathon. We looked much better here than afterwards.

After we cleaned up, we went into Epcot to look for our ma.  We bought a rose with a Mickey Mouse in it to give to her.  Our plan was for the boy to hand it to her as she passed so she could cross the finish line with it.  All we had to do was wait.

While waiting, we cheered on all the other runners.  And we saw my sister’s friend and cheered for him!  He had met us each morning (he was Dopey too) before the races and served as our official pre race family photographer.

Pre one of the races with my sis' friend.

Pre one of the races with my sis’ friend.

Then we finally saw our ma!  We yelled at her to come over so we could hand her the rose, but get this…she blew us off!!!  Haha!  She literally waved us off and kept going.  Everyone around us thought that was pretty funny too.  They said it was comical that we had been waiting there for her, and she was not interested in stopping.

The boy said he was looking "stylish".

The boy said he was looking “stylish”.

Now I know how it is in a marathon, and I’m sure at that point in the race she just wanted to finish, but it was still funny to us.  Anyway, we gave her the rose a little later.

You can see the rose on the ground next to her.  Don't marathons look fun???

You can see the rose on the ground next to her. Don’t marathons look fun???

Another mom collage.

Another mom collage.

Another meet-up I had was with a friend from high school…who I hadn’t seen since high school.  We ran track together at our Ohio high school, but now he lives in Hawaii.  Not a bad gig if you can get it.  Anyway, he was doing the Dopey too.  I actually bumped into him in my coral before the 5k and we ran the whole way together.

That's him next to me (he's in the kilt).

That’s him next to me (he’s in the kilt).

We would see each other before and after each race.  It was cool to catch up.

Representing the mean streets of our hometown - Westerville, Ohio.

Representing the mean streets of our hometown – Westerville, Ohio.

I had another long time reunion.  Now I must preface this with a short fun fact – also in high school, I used to travel the East coast competing in (mostly) hip hop dance competitions.  My sis went to a dance school, and I just kind of fell into it.

National championships in Myrtle Beach.  I know you're jealous of my mighty dancing shoulder pads.

National championships in Myrtle Beach. I know you’re jealous of my mighty dancing shoulder pads.

So, one of the gals I used to dance with now lives in Florida and her and her husband were running the marathon.  After they finished (PR’d!!!) we met up for some post race re-hydrating.

We had to refill our carb levels somehow.

We had to refill our carb levels somehow.

I hadn’t seen her in a long long time, so that was awesome!

Another meet-up I had was with a fellow blogger.  Danielle over at Live, Run, Grow.  There were many that I wanted to run into, but I was only able to find this one.  And here’s how: before the Dopey she had blogged her race costume – Newsies.  After the 10k, I saw a group of Newsies, and knew it must be her.  So we had a brief meet-up.

Virtual friends meet!  We take life very seriously.

Virtual friends meet! We take life very seriously.

That’s a great tip from her – post  your race costumes before hand so people looking for you can find you!  For you other blogger friends who were there, know that I was looking for you, and I’m sorry we weren’t able to meet up.

So there are the running reunions I had at the Dopey Challenge.  So cool!

How bout you?  Ever run into old/new friends at races?  Any surprise get togethers?

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23 thoughts on “Dopey Meet-Ups!

  1. I know you joined that dance troupe to get the half-dressed chicks.

  2. That is awesome that your mom and sis did the Dopey Challenge too. Love the photo of your mom with bags of ice on her legs. Reminds me why I don’t want to do another marathon anytime soon.

  3. I love, love, love that your mom and did the dopey with you! That’s so awesome! And how cool you were able to meet up with people!
    Do you still live in Ohio? I’ll be there (Dayton) the end of March and am looking for a race to run

    • Yes, it was so much fun! They did great! And so lucky on the meet ups. Unfortunately I’m not in Ohio anymore, in Dallas. I’ll try to find some Dayton area races for you!

  4. The running community is awesome! Blogging and Twitter bring together a lot of folks. I once met a tweep from Indiana at a marathon here in NC, and then saw her again in a desert race north of Las Vegas.

  5. So freaking awesome your mama is. Can’t believe she did a marathon…and then blew you off hahahaha. Crib and Groovy- pretty sure those became “hip” a few decades apart. But we’ll give you points for trying 😉 Pretty awesome that you ran into so many people. I guess you’re Mr. Popular.

    • Haha, our wait definitely had no reward! And yes, I use old phrases and make them new again which makes me extra hip! It is difficult being so famous sometimes 😉

  6. Please…PLEASE tell me that you will be posting video of your hip-hop dancing days. Please! And congrats to your mom and sis as well…your family is amazing!

    • Hahaha, I was wondering if anyone would ask that. I think they’re all on VHS, but I might be able to transfer it. Luckily I don’t embarrass easily.
      Thank you !!!

  7. Your kid is the cuttest!

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  9. I was just going through your running posts and I love all of them! I love how you stay motivated and how you just do it! Your little guy is super cute by the way! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them, and also, I l like to think the boy gets it from me, haha! Thanks for finding me, I look forward to following your adventure too!

  10. “I used to travel the East coast competing in (mostly) hip hop dance competitions. My sis went to a dance school, and I just kind of fell into it.”

    Bahahahahaha! Want more pictures of this! Do videos exist?!

    • Haha, of course there’s more photos. And video, but I have to find it and transfer it from VHS. It will probably change your world, I’m sure! Haha!

      • Pictorial and video evidence of this will, undoubtedly, improve the quality of my life! Looking forward to the laughs.

      • Haha, we’ll see what I can do! I just wish I still had that silver shirt.

  11. Just so you know….I have every video tape and pix of every dance show and many rehearsals…..including the ballet show, when you were the silver guy in a Christmas show (and your bro was a ninja turtle), etc, etc—plus, soccer, basketball, track, etc!…… and yes, they ALL need converted! If you can do that, it would be awesome as I have hundreds of hours of 8 mm and videotape of all you kids!

    Also, thanks for the shout out! This was a challenging year preparing for the Dopey….esp. training by myself, etc. I know Robyn does that and pretty much always has, but she is a very strong, disciplined person; I was proud to kind of follow her lead a little. You did a lot by yourself, too; and followed Higdon’s plan religiously which was admirable. You were lucky to have a lot of support from other runners, too! When your dad couldn’t make it to the event, I figured no one except the great Disney volunteers would be yelling for me. You guys do get your determination from your dad and I 🙂 I am pretty proud….thank you for letting me know you were proud of me, too!

    In fact, I did not see you guys yelling for me in Epcot! I saw Ang, Eric and Griffin…after I was well past (at least it felt like I was way past)–I had my music on and wasn’t listening for my name!. I was not expecting to hear anyone yelling for me and I purposely moved away from the rope holding the spectators back b/c of that. I had .25 mile left to go or so and I thought waving was okay, tho when I glimpsed Griff looking around for me I twinged. But, I was tired and sore and worried about cutting across the traffic of all the runners and going backwards! If I had seen you and Robyn, I would have definitely gone back. I kind of wish I had anyway; but I had worked hard to not stop the whole way and was afraid of stopping anyway 🙂 I also kind of thought and hoped I’d see you and Robyn at the finish. Actually, I felt a little sad I hadn’t. It would have been nice to know you had waited for me! So this touched me!

    And I still have that rose 🙂

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