Disney Kids Race Recap

I’ll get to my recap of the Dopey Challenge Full Marathon soon, but I didn’t want to move on without writing about something else we took part in during the Disney Marathon Weekend.  In addition to the 5k, 10k, 13.1, and 26.2, they also had kids races.  And our just turned 5 year old participated.

His heel kick left the back of his shirt dirty!

His heel kick left the back of his shirt dirty!

It was his 3rd time doing the runDisney Kids race.  Last year he even won his heat of the 100 meter race!  But this year he’s in a new age group.  And the distance doubled to 200 meters.

Last year's race.  I wish I had that form!

Last year’s race. I wish I had that form!

I learned form years past to let the pushy over-eager parents take their kids in the first couple heats.  I planned to do the same this year.  The emcees said there would be 4 heats.  I decided we’d wait till the last one.  But after the first 2, they decided to lump everyone still waiting into just one giant (3rd) heat.  This was not a welcome last minute change.  Because of this, we were several people back from the starting line.  It was a mob scene.  And yes, the parents run with the kids, so it was doubly crowded.

Fighting through the crowds (and oversized sweatpants).

Fighting through the crowds (and his oversized sweatpants).

So he was pretty boxed in at the start.  Bummer.  But once he found an opening…he.was.GONE!  You can see it unfold in the video I took:

I was boxed in behind him, so the only way to catch him was to cut through the infield.  It’s shaky, but I think it’s kind of funny.  I caught up to him right as he high-fived Mickey at the finish line!

High Five Mickey!

High Five Mickey!

Oh, and BTW, if he looks sleepy, it’s because he WAS.  He was ready for a nap.  And he had gotten something in his eye, so he kept rubbing it, which made them kind of puffy.  But he’s a trooper.

Post high five.

Post high five.

In the end, he had a good time, and added another medal to his young collection!

Bringin home the hardware (or software, as it is rubber).

Bringin home the hardware (or software, as it is rubber).

And I was happy that he got to be part of this weekend of family running!  Hopefully he’ll continue to race as he keeps reaching new age groups!

Post race with the boy!

Post race with the boy!

And get this, for Christmas he was given a Disney gift card.  And he decided to use it at the Expo to buy a running Mickey doll (with it’s own medal of course).

Medals for everyone!

Medals for everyone!

What do you think about kids races – ever been to one?  Should I add the distance of this race to my 48.6 Dopey total? 

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57 thoughts on “Disney Kids Race Recap

  1. Quite the little runner on your hands there dad — watch out!

  2. I love that he got to run too and with you. What a great way to learn about the fin side of running. He is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks!!! I hope that since he’s grown up with me running all the time, that maybe he’ll think it’s normal and will be active too!

  3. It’s so good that you are giving him exposure to running at such a young age. Training my 16 yr old has been a challenge. Looks like he’s having fun. Before you know it he’ll be pacing you for a dopey challenge.

    • Haha, I can’t wait for him to pace me! He’s been coming to my races since he was born, so hopefully he’ll pick it up! I hear teens can be difficult, so I’m hoping to keep him a toddler!!!

  4. Oh my god, that video is hysterical. You really had to more to catch him. I think you have a track star on your hands.

  5. I think it’s awesome that the whole weekend incorporates races for all ages. Soon he’ll be good for the 5k with Dad.

  6. So cute! I love watching little ones run, they do have awesome form. My oldest can’t wait to do her run again this year!

  7. This is seriously the cutest thing ever! Your son is so handsome and the pics of him running?? Gah!!!

    My daughter will run her first race in April–Pat’s Run (for Pat Tillman) 🙂

    • Thank you! I like to think he gets the cuteness and good form from me. Haha!
      That’s awesome about your daughter! Good luck to her!

  8. I love how determined he looks!! Great pictures!

  9. TartanJogger

    Woo hoo! Well done! Kids races are so, so much fun!

  10. That video is great! Haha. And the little guy isn’t even out of breath at the end. Adobrable!

  11. That was awesome. Great recap. Since we don’t have kids, we never make it out to the kids races. Looks exciting. You are right, once he punched a hole he was gone! Great job to him.

  12. Love the video! He is really fast, and serious about it. We have a one mile race called the Macklind mile (named for the street it’s on) and after the mile race they have a quarter mile kids’ race. I don’t have or want kids but watching them race was absolutely adorable. Some had to be dragged along by parents and some ran all out, like your son. That’s the energy I want to have when running!

    • Haha, yes, some had to be dragged! I also I wish I had his energy, and form! And he can do it without a lick of training. Ahh, to be young!

  13. He is adorable! You are grooming him to be quite the racer as he has great form and can clearly run through any conditions..sleepy and eye drama. So awesome the whole family can feel apart of such a huge and exciting weekend! way to go dad!

    • Thank you! I’m glad he was able to participate too! I hope that since he’s grown up seeing me run, work out, play soccer, walk dogs, yoga, etc. that it’s installed in his brain to be active!

  14. Melanie

    My son ran his first 5K when he was 4. Now he is 11 and can run circles around me. My husband is starting to feel the pressure as well because he is quickly catching him. Last year we ran a marathon relay with him and my oldest son. It is one of my favorite family memories!

    • That is awesome! I look forward to the day when he can beat me, but I’m not going to give him an inch, he’ll have to earn it!!!

  15. LOVE it! I’ve been to my little cousins’ 5K. They were so cute! I think I’m a little seasick after watching the vid. We know how well I do with motion sickness *cough* Captain Phillips *cough*. He is super speedy especially considering he was definitely blocked by a bunch of parents and little kids. How lame that they decided to lump everyone together at the last minute. Stick to the plan people!

    • Oh sorry, I forgot about your “condition”! It was crazy to see him boxed in, and as soon as he saw an opening he was off like an arrow!!! Yeah, the last minute corral change was not part of my plan!!!
      That’s awesome about your cousin! Keep them at it!

  16. I definitely think you should add his distance to your total. He is SO CUTE and SO FAST!! What an awesome guy you have. 🙂 I’m wondering if maybe my daughter will want to do something like this when we go. She will be almost three.

    I love kids races and B already has one under her belt. She did the Play 60 Kids Run that was part of the NFL 5K in Baltimore last September. She was the youngest one out there and had so much fun running around the field! (And waving to the team’s mascot!) I hope it’s something she is going to want to keep doing as she gets older too.

    • Thank you! Yes, have your daughter do it! They have races starting from crawlers to 13 years old. He’s done it the past three years! It’s pretty cheap for Disney, like 15 bucks, and they get a shirt and medal.
      That’s cool that you’ve already got her involved! I’m sure she has your fast genes!

  17. Your son is so adorable! I love watching the kids races. They have a 1.6km (just under a mile) race at the 5k series I’ve been doing this month and if I get there early I watch it. There some kids their not much older than your son and they just take off like its a sprint. I’d love to stand halfway round and see how many of them ares till going that fast!

    I think you should add the race to your total miles for the weekend – looks like you had to work pretty hard to catch him!

    • Haha, yes, I was supposed to be off my feet in between Dopey races, but clearly I wasn’t!
      I know what you mean about the kids taking off like it’s a sprint! Last 5k I did with a bunch of kids, you’d see them crash after running too fast too early, but as soon as they hear my footsteps they speed up again – over and over. I wanted to trip them! Haha!

  18. Oh my goodness- he is so cute! I feel like giving him a congratulatory hug. I love how at the beginning of the video he does just take off! He’s seriously speedy!
    That’s kind of silly they bunched the last two heats together when there were so many people left.
    I have a feeling you have a burgeoning runner on your hands!
    I really hope that when we have kids they love to run for fun!

    • Thank you! Yeah, you can see how he’s boxed in, but as soon as there is an opening, he shoots like an arrow!
      I don’t think you will have any problems when you have kids – it’ll be in there genes!
      If we ever meet in person, you can give him all the hugs you want!

  19. That is so great to see!! At a couple of the races I’ve done there are smaller versions for kids, and while I haven’t actually watched any of them I think it’s fantastic that children are being exposed to the community.

    • Yes, me too! A lot of races will have a 1 mile fun run, but this was nice because they had events for all ages – from a diaper dash on up!

  20. He’s ADORABLE! What a runner! That video is hilarious. He just took off! I went to the kids races with my niece and nephew in 2012. My nephew won his heat. He was SO determined. They both still have their medals hanging in their rooms. LOVE the kids races.

    • Thank you!!! Ha, I thought it was funny too! He was able to sneak through a hole, but I had no chance, so I booked it across the infield. Haha!
      Congrats to your nephew!!! Grif keeps his medals hanging up too!!!

  21. The video is hilarious, so cute and so fast!

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  23. Epic recap!! Especially love your toughness juxtaposed with tutus. 🙂

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  26. OMG this is sooooooo adorable! He’s so fast! Love it!

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