Half Marathon Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 3

Race 3 of 4 of the Dopey Challenge.  This time it was time for the Donald Duck themed half marathon.  The evening before the race, we prepared by chilling a bit at Downtown Disney.

My sis and I carbo-loading.

My sis and I carbo-loading.

Our sunny set view.

Our sunny set view.

Then came the morning and another 2am wake up call.  By now I was used to it.  I had used up all my pre-race sleep jitters before the first race (5k).  And while I still hadn’t had a full night sleep, at least I got a few hours.  And of course we took our customary pre race photo.

Sis, Me, Mom.

Sis, Me, Mom.

Still wanting to take it easy, so I wore one last costume (as you can tell).  This time it was my PR 214 tech tank with an Alice in Wonderland apron.  My friend (who looks like an elf) lent it to me the day before I left for Florida.

Knee out. Hands on hips.

Knee out. Hands on hips.

She told me she got it at Disney World when she was a little girl…so it’s probably like 50-60 years old (JK – if she read this).  She also lent me the matching dress, but I could no way in Hades get it on.  I tried, but couldn’t get the waist over my broad manly shoulders.  Nearly split it in four.  I guess costumes meant for a 6 year old girl don’t work on me.

I do like how the rabbit is chasing time - just like us runners!

I do like how the rabbit is chasing time – just like us runners!

The apron got quite the few comments and gawks.  One example during the race: a couple bros asked me if I lost a bet – I told them that it was either a result of too much medication, or not quite enough.

I'd be much faster if I ran like a normal person.

I’d be much faster if I ran like a normal person.

I also ran with the GoPro camera.  But I had forgotted to charge it the night before, so I only got a few moments of video recorded during the race.    You can see the fleeting moments here:

As you can see in the video, there was a bit of a let down at the start of our corral.  Now I won’t get into the corral complaints here, as I’m sure the runDisney folks have gotten quite the mouse earful already.  But what I wanted to bring up was that our corral got extra jacked up.  You see, Disney shoots off a pretty nice little fireworks show for each corral start – except for ours.  Something happened when the dude pushed the boom button and we got zilch sky explosions.  Bummer, bro.

But no matter, we were underway!

Follow the yellow brick road...or painted line, as it were.

Follow the yellow brick road…or painted line, as it were.

I ran the whole way with my sis.  We chatted the whole way too, further ensuring that we’d take it easy (in addy to the costumes).

I have to correct my running form.  So does she.

I have to correct my running form. So does she.

We didn’t stop for any characters, but we couldn’t pass up the Cinderella’s Castle photo op (no lines!).

As much as my arms are in the air, I hope I did have BO.

As much as my arms are in the air, I hope I didn’t have B.O.

I was looking forward to this leg of the Dopey.  I had run the Disney Marathon 3 times, but never one of their 13.1 races.  I wanted to know what it was like.

Peace homey.

I think I thought I was in 2nd place here.

But after running it, I can now say that I’m glad I run the fulls.  They didn’t have all the bells and whistles out for the half.  The course only hit up two parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot).

Half of the most magical place on Earth.

Half of the most magical place on Earth.

The lights of the castle weren’t even on.  The people who run the half really do miss out on all the action of the full – but I guess that’s part of the reward for the people who are more than half crazy???

Catchin flies.  Schwetty shorts.

Catchin flies.

Anyways, it was pretty warm and humid.  So the apron and everything else got nice and sweaty (if Elf reads this – we did wash it after).  I’m really glad we didn’t have this weather for the full!  It was swampy!

Put the guns away already!

Put the guns away already!

Once again, the race started and ended in the Epcot parking lot.  The crowds of supporters were bigger than the day before (10k), which was bigger than the day before (5k).

No mid race selfie for you!  Battery is dead bro!

No mid race selfie for you! Battery is dead bro!

But once again, I was trying to go for a personal worst (PW).  This was the 3rd of 4 legs of the Dopey Challenge and the 1st of 2 legs of the Goofy.  And once again I succeeded!

I must've run the entire way with my hands in the air.  Sheesh.

I must’ve run the entire way with my hands in the air. Sheesh.

We finished at 2 hrs 17 mins.  A near 30 minutes slower than my previous half (1:48).  Just a nice easy medium-long run.

And at the finish, I did a little high step dance, but I couldn’t get the video for y’all, but you can kind of tell from the pics.

Sideways high steppin.

Sideways high steppin.

Anyways, we enjoyed the journey and Disney does make a fine race medal!

Thumbs up, finally arms down.

Thumbs up, finally arms down.

So now we’re 3 races down, with just one to go – the full 26.2 mile marathon!

Family reunion time.

Family reunion time.

The only scary thing was that people started to point out that even though we’d finished 3/4 races, we hadn’t yet reached halfway of the total mileage!!!!!  We wouldn’t reach that until a few miles into the full.  I wish nobody had pointed that out.

You can lick the medals if you want.  One of the benefits.

You can lick the medals if you want. One of the benefits.

So there you go.  We are now 1/2 Goofy and 3/4 Dopey.  One (big) race to go to complete the challenges!!!

***Side note – I saw a really funny race shirt that day – it read on the back, “Is this the line for Space Mountain?”  Bwhaha!****

If you missed the previous recaps, here’s the ones for the Expo, 5k, and 10k.

How bout y’all?  Ever cross dress in an ill-fitting outfit for a race?  Can you suggest a new mid-race pose other and arms up?  Should we had made fireworks sound effects when their real ones malfunctioned?

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34 thoughts on “Half Marathon Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 3

  1. Love love the apron! Also love the family side of this. Looks like you all had such a nice time! Thanks again for sharing.

    • Sure thing! My sis and I have always run together, it’s only been the last few years that my mom got into it. I guess we’re a good influence after all!

  2. That costume looks AMAZING on you…seriously. I’m always impressed with how much energy and excitement you have at the finish line…any photo I’ve seen of myself at a finish line looks like I want to murder the photo taker, or just die myself.

    • Haha, thanks! It’s easy to have energy when you’re taking it easy. At the end of the full however, I was dragging. You shall see soon!
      And I know what you mean, haha, I made a conscience effort this time to be smiling and not looking like I’m about to puke in the photos!

  3. Ha- love the costume! Which was your most uncomfortable of the three?
    That’s nice you and your sis ran the whole thing together! I love the photo of you guys in front of the castle!
    I also give the photographers peace or hang loose. Maybe I should try raising my arms!

    • Thanks! I’d say the apron was most uncomfortable – mainly because it didn’t fit right (obviously) so we had to tie it pretty tight in the back to keep it in place, and I didn’t realize that one of the shoulder straps was rubbing against my neck the whole time – so I had a pretty nice rug-burn afterwards!!!
      Yes, you raise your arms and I’ll stick to peace and hang loose! Haha

  4. I dressed up like batman for a local race once and wore men’s navy briefs over my tights. I thought it looked cool, but I did get some funny looks. I think your “arms in the air” is your thing, keep doing it! And yes, sound effects would’ve been good, but it’s hard to remember to do everything that early in the AM.

    • Haha, you need to share a pic of the batman outfit!
      I should’ve made the sound effects, it would’ve definitely broken up the awkward anticipating silence!

  5. I dunno. I just finished smoking my hookah and thought you ate on the side of the mushroom that just made you taller. ;). Love the apron! Congrats!

  6. Hilarious! “Knee out. Hands on hips.” HAHAHA! Interesting you followed that statement with something about “manly” shoulders. 😉 The space mountain shirt- best ever! And holy crap I cannot believe that was your “taking it easy” pace!!! Can’t wait to read the full marathon recap!!

    • Haha, I didn’t realized I had put those statements so close to each other. LOL!
      I wish I had some battery power to get a shot of that shirt. Oh well.
      I’m working on the full post – probably not done until tomorrow, but I have another something special planned for today!

  7. Great pictures! Who took all of them? Looks like the whole family was running.

    • Some of the before and after we took, the rest were from the official MarathonFoto dudes. They had a deal at the expo where you could get all 4 Dopey races for like $80 – normally 115. So I grabbed it.

  8. I totally had that Alice in Wonderland dress when I was a kid! I wonder if it’s still around anywhere??!

    I totally agree, the full is a much better experience than the half, I’m just not a big fan of that course. I actually like the Wine & Dine Half marathon course better (especially running through Osborne Lights!), but it doesn’t go through the Magic Kingdom, so I guess it depends on what you’re looking for!

    • Hmmm, I doubt it. It was pretty good quality – real stitching on the apron. I don’t think they go to those lengths now-a-days. But maybe!

      I haven’t done any other races at Disney besides the ones at Marathon Weekend. The Wine and Dine sounds like a lot of fun! They do have a lot of options!

      • Haha, no I meant if my actual one was still around…like if my mom still has it! The old school dresses from when I was a kid were SO nice!

        And yes, Wine & Dine is a lot of fun!

      • Ha, if she does, you need to try and fit into it!

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  10. Great recap. This was my 2nd Goofy, so I always run hard on the half and take it easy on the full. I came in right at 2:00, which is still about 15 minutes off my half PR time. But I was still able to PR the marathon the next day!!!

  11. Love the details of this recap from the night before to the end! well said! first, I love your sis’s shoes…she has great taste in shoes. Next, your outfit I couldn’t stop laughing at every picture. Hilarious! last, your finish…skipping and jumping? I had a feeling you got in the kid spirit in Disney…clearly I was right. Nice way to pace yourself…thats what its all about …also smart! Reading these recaps is making me want to do this next year. Great job!

    • Haha, thank you! I did look pretty silly. It was fun to watch people’s faces as they first looked at me with confusion, then realization, then smiles! I got so many comments!
      Yes, I did get in the spirit! I wish I had planned something better, but it was improvised at the moment!
      It is a great challenge, I’m glad I was able experience it (and finish)!

  12. Haha the apron is your best yet! Wow, not even half way through the mileage?? How did you feel at this point? Great video documentary of the race!

    • Hey, thanks! I felt ok! My legs weren’t exactly springy, but I didn’t feel exhausted by any measure.
      Glad you liked the costume and video. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear, but that’s the price we pay for comedy!

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  14. You have the best race pictures I have ever seen in my life. The apron was very becoming on you. 🙂

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