10k Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the inaugural Dopey Challenge was the inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k.  Day 1 was the 5k Family Fun Run.  This race was warm and humid.  And still early.  Yet another 2 am wake up call for a 5:30 am start.  It was also much more packed and energetic than the 5k.  There were a lot more people this morning.  A lot more buzz.

My best Mickey pose

My best Mickey pose

For this race, I was again rockin’ an Ohio University shirt.  My costume consisted of my over-sized Disney cartoon gloves, and my customized Mickey Mouse ears.

Sis, Mom, Me B4 da race.

Sis, Mom, Me B4 da race.

To help keep the ears on, I wore the GoPro camera on my head with a head strap that held the hat in place.  The only issue was that it was hard to tell if the camera was recording or not.  The solution was to hold my hand in front of it to see if I saw the reflection of the red blinking light…or ask one of the volunteers if it was blinking.

Hitting record on the GoPro.

Hitting record on the GoPro.

Same corral as the 5k —> A.  The course once again started and ended in the Epcot parking lot.  Truth be told, the first few miles were kind of boring.  Actually, a lot boring.  It immediately took us out on the roads that link the parks within Disney World.  Dark.  Quiet.  Sure, there were a few attractions (characters, deejays, etc.) placed along this stretch, but not much.

The 10k is the RED line.

The 10k is the RED line.

Plus, I got to see first hand the corral start separation that everyone was complaining about after day 1.  I got to see it because the course started with about a mile out and back on the road.  I kept watching the road on the way back looking for corral B.  It never seemed to come.  Not sure why they held them so long.  There was plenty of room on the roads.  As you can see from the highlights from my head mounted video camera:

Anyway, once the course finally got us into Epcot, it livened up.  It also took us around the Boardwalk Resort.  That was pretty cool too.  It’s so weird being there so early in the morning, and I’m sure we woke up a few tourists staying in the hotels there, but it was eerily cool.

Running and waving. Talented.

Running and waving and sweating. Talented.

The final stretch took us back through Epcot before finishing back at the parking lot near where we started.


Running and smiling.

Once again, I tried to take it easy.  My last 10k I finished in 46:23.  This one I came across in 1:04:28.  Once again, I reached my goal of finishing with a personal worst (PW)!!!  Mission “Take It Easy Races 1 Thru 3” successful so far!

I have weird running form.

I have weird running form.

Again, I ran the entire way, as I wanted to complete the Dopey Challenge by actually running all 4 races – no matter how slow I took the first few.

I really need to stop running like that.

I really need to stop running like that.

Again, I was trying to relax, enjoy the run, and not exert myself too much.  This was all in design to be able to have something in the tank for the 26.2 in just a couple days.

Moments before I pounced on Snow White.

Moments before I pounced on Snow White.

At the finish, I decided to do something other than just run over it – so I did a little heel click hop!

Heel click wide shot.

Heel click wide shot.

Heel click close up.

Heel click close up.

The Minnie medal was pretty cool too. I do love getting new hardware!  Bling Bling Race Bling!

Yup yup.

Medal 2 of 6 got son!

And now we were done with 2/4 races.  9.3 miles down, 39.3 to go!  The 39.3 is the Half and Full marathons back to back – they call that the Goofy Challenge.  So all that’s left for me to get Dopey is to be Goofy.

Next up I’ll recap the Half Marathon.  If you missed my recaps of the Expo and/or 5k,  you can see them HERE and HERE respectively.

How bout you?  How was your last 10k run or race?  Ever run with a camera?  Ever do anything special at a finish line?

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45 thoughts on “10k Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 2

  1. I love your photos.
    Never ran with a camera but never ran in a race that it would be a fun event to run with one.
    I just want to finish and get across the finish line so haven’t done something fun. But maybe on Sunday I will since I won’t be competing competitively. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s good if you’re not taking a race too serious. Spoiler alert, I took it on the Full too, even though I wanted to perform well. It may have cost me a little time, but with so much going on at Disney, I think it was worth it.

  2. Sweet lord the heel clap. I must admit I love it.

  3. I’ve never run a 10K race, but it’s my favorite distance on training runs. I always run with a camera and take pictures, I’m not especially competitive so I think it helps to keep me focused on enjoying the race or run, rather than just focus on time or numbers.

    Congrats on a second PW! 🙂

  4. Great photos and love the idea of PW. I am most impressed with your ability to run 10k with Mickey hands!

    • Haha, thanks! They did provide a challenge…I had to take one off to turn on the camera over and over. And they got quite sweaty. But I liked the look!

  5. It’s been way to long since I’ve run 10k – but that’s about to change. I’ve never run with a camera – can’t run with anything in my hands. Well done on your PW!!! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks! I tried my best to get a worst!
      I don’t think I’ll be doing much more running with a camera, but I figured for Disney, it would be worth it.
      Good luck on your 10k!

  6. Awesome recap, love the photos and captions! My last 10km was April, I ran fast and nearly threw up at the finish line. It was just after the Boston bombings and I was wearing a Boston shirt and this news crew stopped me for an interview. It was horrible as I could hardly talk. I don’t think it ever aired thankfully. I’ve never run with a GoPro type camera, but would love to have one for the mountain race I do as it’s so scenic!

    • Thanks! I always try to come up with something silly for the captions, but I don’t think most people read them.
      Oh oh oh, you have to find that footage!!!! I want to see it, hahahaha! Luckily nobody has tried to interview me – I wouldn’t be able to get many words out either!
      Yes, the mountain race would be a good one to capture some footage!

  7. Ha- I love in the video how you can see your hands waving at characters!!
    The Dopey challenge sounds like so much fun already, and you’re just getting started! I think it was brilliant to try to run PWs at the first races!

    • Haha, thanks! I thought the hand waving was funny too!
      It was a fun event, but it was weird to line up at the start without any intention of giving it my all (until the last race). Running PW’s allowed me to enjoy the first races more I think though.

  8. All I can think of when I saw this post and your 5K recap is, “How hot were your hands?” I would be miserable with my hands in those things. 🙂

    • It was chilly for the 5k, so the gloves weren’t too bad. For the 10k it was so muggy and humid that it really didn’t matter – everything was sweaty!

  9. Oh my goodness, you must have been sweating with those gloves on your hands the whole way! I loved running along the Boardwalk, but all I could think about was how bad I felt for the people staying in those rooms right along the course!

  10. TartanJogger

    I love the bling, the PW and most of all the heel click!

  11. Congrats on your PW! It’s a great race for that 🙂

  12. Hahaha OMG I’m loving these recaps! Very impressed with your GoPro usage. I would think running with that would be a pain. Digging Snow White’s costume. LOVE your race finish. THAT’S how it should always be done.

  13. Awesome pictures, your energy is always so positive. I appreciat that! 🙂

  14. I’ve never run with a GoPro but we have one for Jeff’s motorcycling. They seem fun! The only thing I do special at a finish line is cross it…like a BOSS.

    • Hells yeah!!!! Haha! Before I left on this trip I met someone who always does something at the finish. She told me last time that she did a cartwheel, so it was in my head.

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  18. I love that you ran with a camera! And once again, most boss pictures from a race ever. My last 10k run actually just ended about a half hour ago (I did a 10k tempo run on the treadmill during my break). It went okay as far as treadmill runs are concerned.

    • Like a boss! I was really trying to pay attention to the photogs as my normal race photos aren’t too flattering. Nice job on that dreadmill!!!

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  20. That heel click just made my day! The gloves, the camera, the spontaneity–hysterical!

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