5k Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of 4 of the inaugural Dopey Challenge.  This was the 5k Family Fun Run.  It was chilly, but humid.  I was there with my mom and sis.  It was early.  The 2 am alarm clock did not allow for much sleep – especially since I kept tossing and turning afraid we’d miss the alarm.  I also couldn’t shut my mind off while struggling to figure out which outfit to wear for this race (a manly problem, I know).

Sis, mom, me.  Before the race.

Sis, mom, me. Before the race.

My goal for the first 3 races was to finish with a PW (personal worst).  I wanted to save my legs for the finale of 26.2 miles in just a few days.  To remind myself to take it easy, I had brought a few outfits to wear.  You can’t take a race too seriously if you’re wearing something silly.  I decided on an old Goofy hat that I own, along with giant Disney cartoon gloves.  And of course, I had to represent my Ohio Bobcats!

The theme of the race was Pluto, but Goofy's a dog too...isn't he?

The theme of the race was Pluto, but Goofy’s a dog too…isn’t he?

I also carried a GoPro video camera to capture some of the highlights.  If you have a couple minutes, and don’t mind Blair Witch style cinematography, then you can watch the video here:

And while I wanted to get a PW, I still wanted to RUN all 4 races.  I figured part of the Challenge is to actually run, and not walk.  Save for a few photo ops.  Not that I have anything against walk/runners, but for me personally, I wanted to complete what I took to be part of the challenge – running the races.

Yes, I started and finished the race before the sun came up.

Yes, I started and finished the race before the sun came up.

The 5k started in the Epcot parking lot, and finished there too.  Basically the course took us on a lap of the park.

The warm-up runs.

The warm-up runs.

I was a tad disappointed with the lack of characters out.  They’re were a few – but the line to get a pic with Dopey was insane!!!  Luckily I got to meet up with him later on (stay tuned for that pic)!

Judging from the photos, I ran the whole race with my arms in the air...like I don't have a care.

Judging from the photos, I ran the whole race with my arms in the air…like I don’t have a care.

I was also a tad disappointed that they didn’t have all the Disney flair going on – Like lighting up the giant torches.  This was done for a later race, however.

At the finish, next to a lady with a glorious lion mane of hair!

At the finish, next to a lady with a glorious lion mane of hair!

I was lucky to start in Corral A.  From the peeps I talked to who were in the later corrals (through E), it took a long time before they got started.  In fact, I talked to some who said people were finishing the race before they even started!  Apparently the gap between corral starts were kind of lengthy.

Bird's eye view of the finish.  Hands still in the air.

Bird’s eye view of the finish. Hands still in the air.

In the end, I reached my goal of getting a PW by about 10 minutes – 35:26.  Considering my last two 5k’s I finished right at 21:50, I’d say this result is a good job of taking it easy!!!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

Race 1 done, 3 more to come!  3.1 miles over, 45.5 to go!  And a fun finisher’s medallion to boot!

Medal 1/6 gotten!

Medal 1/6 gotten!

This race was over quick.  Like I said, it was still dark out at the finish.  And it was good to get the race jitters out of the way.  It was weird to line up for a race that I wasn’t “racing”, but like I said – I had a plan and stuck to it!

So there you go, Dopey Challenge Race 1 Recap!  Next up will be the race 2 recap – the inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k!  If you missed my recap of the Expo, you can read it HERE.

How bout you?  Ever ran a race that you didn’t “race”?  What do you think of the Disney 5k?  Holla at me!

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43 thoughts on “5k Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 1

  1. TartanJogger

    Sounds like they ramped up the festivities along with the mileage: I’m staying tuned to find out!

    • They did indeed! It made me feel a tad bad for those who didn’t do the Full Marathon, because they missed out on some of the fun stuff. I guess that’s part of our reward tho?

  2. I doubt Mr.Wilde was as funnier as you! Awesome pictures 😀

  3. Way to go for the gold! You Killed that PW!

  4. Sounds like a blast. Minus the early wake up :). So annoying about the corrals.

    • Yeah, that was a big topic all weekend. I know runDisney was trying to make it smooth, but the corrals were NOT organized well the entire time. But yes, it was a blast!

  5. Love the manly problem of trying to decide what to wear, and I like what you went with! Did the floppy ears bug you?!

    • Haha, thanks for catching my little jokes! Ya know, the ears didn’t bother me till I watched the video and could hear them flapping. Funny how I didn’t notice that during the actual event.

  6. Way to hit your goal of a PW! Makes total sense when you have to run so many races and the last one is a marathon. I’ve run one half without racing and had a ton of fun and still ran in a decent time. Oh, and your video gave me motion sickness.

  7. I loved the video! I’m not a Disney person but the novelty of running through Epcot impressed me! Maybe I missed it; when did the race begin? Were all the races in the middle of the night?

    • It is cool running through the parks – some people stop and ride roller coasters during the Full!
      I forgot to mention that the 5k started at 615, the other races started at 530. But you have to be there a few hours before that because the close the roads for the course!!!

  8. Congrats on the PW, great term by the way!

  9. Hey that’s close to my PW for a 5k, the one I paced a friend on New Year’s Eve. It’s kind of fun to run with deliberate lack of speed for the right reasons.

  10. I would like to know how sweaty those gloves were at the end of the race. Did they make the trip back home with you?

    • Ha, I wore them for the next race too! They got pretty schwetty. I’m debating how to wash them now as they sit in our hamper.

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  12. Congrats on your PW!

  13. Congrats on accomplishing your personal worst! Haha, I had the same goal though, basically run the 5k, 10k & half as slow as possible while still moving in a forward direction!

  14. LOVE your outfit! Great call on wearing a costume to remind you to keep it nice and easy. The lion mane hair pahahaha. Kind of lame that they didn’t have characters all over the place. Isn’t that kind of the point of doing a Disney race?

    • hahaha, thanks! I didn’t notice the lion until I saw the pics. Glorious! Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t have them everywhere? It seems like each year there are fewer on the course. There’s still a fair amount, but not as many as you’d think.

      • Lol one of the reasons why I love to look at race photos…K, next year I’ll dress up in costume to cheer on racers. I just need to find a costume with an air conditioner in it.

      • Yes, do it! I have heard that the high tech Disney characters have AC units in them. So there you go.

  15. I love the photo of you with your mom and sis! I think you probably finished before my mom and I even started. But it’s better that way–spreads out all the runners.

    • Can you believe my mom did the Dopey too?!?!? She only started running in the past 2 years. I’m glad you and your mom had fun too!

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  20. 2am? Did I read that right?

    • Yes. They start closing the roads so you have to get there fargin early. You can sleep in a bit longer of you’re at the resorts and riding the shuttle, but we weren’t.

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