Dopey Challenge Training Done & A Look Back!

I can’t believe the training is finally finished!  I basically started back in the late spring.  Then in the dead of summer the real training began.  I followed the Hal Higdon plan as closely as I could.  Except for a couple weeks when my knee was achy and so I had to swim instead of run.  And a few days when we were under a coat of ice and I had to run on the treadmill instead of outdoors.  I hope that means I’m ready!


Hundreds and hundreds of miles done!  I added up the entire past year and I ran somewhere between 1050 – 1100.  Pretty good!

But as I prepare to get Dopey, I realized I never did a race recap of last year’s Disney Marathon.  Oops, my bad.  To be honest, I didn’t have too much drive to write it because I didn’t have a great performance.

Me and my sis running this past year's Disney Marathon.  4 miles and and doing OK.

Me and my sis running this past year’s Disney Marathon. 4 miles and and doing OK.

While the race experience was wonderful, the weather was not.  It was so fargin hot and humid, that it was a real struggle to keep moving.  In fact, I didn’t even look at the race photos until last night…

Check the Sweat!  I was drenched!

Somewhere near mile 18, not doing OK.  Check the Sweat! I was drenched!

I’ve bought my share of Disney race photos before, but I didn’t have any good ones this time around.  Although this one gave me a chuckle…

I don't know who that guy is, but it looks like we planned to wear university shirts.  haha!

I don’t know who that guy is, but it looks like we planned to wear green university shirts. His was a little generic.  haha!

I eventually did finish, but my time was waaay off my goal.  I was pretty bummed, and was mad at the weather, and even tweeted about it.  But then a cool thing happened.  Sean Astin – famous actor dude, lover of running, and sometimes Hobbit responded to my tweet.

Puts it in perspective.

Puts it in perspective.

Yes, it was hot, but we still had a great time.  Can’t do anything about it, so just enjoy the experience.

Medals dang near big as yo head!

Medals dang near big as yo head!

Anyway, I hope to get better actual race photos this  year, in fact I already scouted out the photographers’ locations Here, Here & Here.  Hahaha!

Next up is travel and Expo!  So close!  If you’re running at Disney this week, best of luck!  If you see me, please say, “Hi.”  You can recognize me because I look like the guy in the photos above.^^^^^^^^^^

To everyone else, what do you do to get a good race photo?  How would you handle running in that heat?  Tell me something good!

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34 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training Done & A Look Back!

  1. TartanJogger

    Such a cool tweet! Well done on ALL of the training; you’ve got this, I’m sure. Hope the weather is kinder this year! You look like you’ve showered in your running gear! 😮

  2. Impressive training regimen! You’re gonna do great!

  3. In a lot of my race photos my eyes were closed so I wear sunglasses now. I also try to hold a great smile until I pass the camera. They still typically catch a weird expression on my face. I thought maybe you had run through a sprinkler to get that wet. That would be my recommendation to stay cool, run through a sprinkler or just dump lots of water on yourself at every water station (not gatorade).

    • Haha! Notice how the sunglasses are on my head. I bring them to the race, but when the sun comes up they are so fogged from my sweat, they’re useless. I’ll try not to have a weird smile face and will run thru any sprinklers I see! Haha, I’ll avoid dumping gatorade on my head!!!

  4. You are so ready! Look at it this way as one day at a time if your not feeling it one race then just save yourself for the next. Your photos are great especially the really sweaty one…wow you were pretty wet! Great photos? I pretend I’m my niece she lights up big eyes big smile and throws her hands in the air …it works because when ur in race photo mode you are not smiling like u think till u see the pictures. Your going to do great. Good luck!!!

    • Thank you so much for all of your support Holly! I’ll do my best to act like your niece when I see the photogs!!! Again, I appreciate all your support!!!

  5. I’ve never bought a single race photo; I try to bomb them. Or at least photobomb the person in front of me. Goofy faces, sticking out tongues, acting like I’m dying. You know, stuff I’m probably doing already.

  6. Wishing you the best of luck and the lowest of humidities!! Kick some ass!

  7. Whoa, you were soaked. But so cool about the hobbit tweet!

  8. You are SO ready for this! Good luck, and have fun! What a cool experience to do multiple times, especially with this challenge.
    Can’t wait to see pictures and read about it!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate all the support you’ve given me during my training. I’m just glad I won’t have frozen eyelashes like on your runs!

  9. Sweet tweet! I think I am officially scared of high humidity, good luck!

  10. Good luck! You put in some quality training, and should be ready to kick ass!

  11. Oh man that weather looks awful! At least you got a sweet tweet out of it! Is the weather still supposed to be what you saw earlier this week?
    You’re definitely ready for this! You’ve trained your ass off! And you’ve scouted the photographer locations so you’re totally prepared lol. Smile and wave. Pretend you’re the Queen.

  12. Whoop! You are going to rock.
    You have done the training and now you just have to run your run.
    Oh and my running pics I always look like I am mad and determined. That is good and bad I guess.

  13. Haha “College” I love it…the only time I’ve taken decent race photos was during my first race and I wasn’t aware they were taking pictures. I’ve been thinking maybe a hat and sunglasses would help, it’s practically a disguise but the camera couldn’t catch any pained looks 😉 Have fun at the expo!

  14. Oh my god Sean Astin!? That’s so awesome! You are going to do great. I can’t believe this all starts tomorrow for you! Ahhh I wish I was doing it this year! (Except that I don’t because I would be woefully unprepared for it.)

  15. UGH, the weather last year was BRUTAL! I am so glad it cooled off just a bit for the full marathon this year, it was great! And LOVE that Sean Astin replied to your tweet, he’s the best!

    • Yes, I was really hurting last year! This year was much better (for the full), which is also what makes me kick myself a little bit for not being able to break 4 hrs. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun!

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