Taper Run & Taper Tacos

My Disney Dopey Challenge training is finally in Taper mode.  This weekend only called for a 12 mile run on Sat and cross training on Sun.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

The 12 miles was a little challenging, but I wanted it that way.  I don’t know if it’s smart, but I figured that since I’m only doing 12, that I should add some hill work.  I picked a particularly hilly part of town to run in.  They did their job.  Add to that the 20 mph winds, and I got a pretty good workout in!

Afterwards I got my reward – Tacos!  I went to a local Texas BBQ joint (slash gas station) and got some BBQ breakfast tacos.  I don’t really eat meat at all, so mine had mostly eggs, potatoes, and smokey beans.  I also know that flour tortillas aren’t good for you, so I ate their innards with a spoon.  (I know I’m mostly defeating the purpose of a cheat meal, sorry).

Rudy Rudy Rudy...

Rudy Rudy Rudy…

For my cross training I went to yoga class.  The instructor I see never does the same routine twice.  He does NOT take it easy on us.  This ain’t yo mama’s soothey-stretchy yoga!  I’m feeling it a day after, and that’s a good thing!

Afterwards I took the rug rats and rug dogs for a walk.  Before hand though, the girl tried to figure out a magnifying glass.  She pretty much nailed it…

Just like Inspector Clouseau.

Just like Inspector Clouseau.

I can’t believe that tomorrow’s run will be the last one of the year (2013).  We’re so close to getting Dopey.  Just gotta stay focused a little while longer!

Questions:  Do you have any good restaurants/gas stations? (we have several in Texas).  What kind of yoga do you do – does it have you shaking and sweating and questioning why?  Any good weekend workouts?

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23 thoughts on “Taper Run & Taper Tacos

  1. We have a really good Asian fusion type thing in a gas station! Their fresh rolls, pork tacos, and firecracker rangoons are amazing.

  2. You have the most flippin’ adorable little ones! I can’t get over it. . . but moving on from that (I swear I’m not a creeper) Cheers to taper!! Almost Dopey time!!!

  3. WOW, that training is INTENSE!!!! Though I just started following your blog in the last 1-2 months I can’t wait to hear about this event!
    Fav. weekend workout: Snowshoeing yesterday for 45 minute with baby H in the carrier…so great to be hiking on the lake.

    • Yes, the week 1 long run was like 9 miles, so obviously I had to be running lots before then to be ready to start the training!
      I grew up in Ohio, but never wore snowshoes. That’s so crazy to hike on a lake instead of around one!

  4. Love how skewed perceptions are before a race: “only called for a 12 mile run”!
    Your taco sounds awesome! My favourite are with black beans!
    I had a killer workout on Friday after work. I normally take Fridays off but I felt so gross from all the food at Christmas! I had sweat burning my eyes!
    Happy New Year!!

    • Haha, I know! I cringed a little when I typed that, but considering the weekend before I had to run 35 miles, 12 didn’t seem so bad! Haha!
      Glad you had a good workout! It’s good to listen to your body, whether it’s saying to rest or workout on a rest day! I’ve been trying hard to avoid all the rich holiday foods while I train!!!
      Happy new year to you!

  5. LOL 12 miles as a taper run! You’re a beast! Those are my long runs! And LOL the magnifying glass! So freaking cute! We used to burn things with a magnifying glass until I got yelled at by my grandpa because it could ruin your eyes. When your grandpa yells at you, you gotta listen…

    • Ha, I know, I know. I shouldn’t have writting “only” in front of 12 miles, but compared to the weekend before, it makes sense!
      Yes, she’s a nut! I haven’t taught them the whole burning things trick. I wouldn’t want them to burn their eyeballs out either! Your grandpa knows a few things…

      • Haha yeah, don’t teach them! If they figure it out, say they’ll burn their eyeballs. Same thing as “your face will freeze that way”- gotta scare them!

      • Ha, I’ve also realized that Santa may have been invented for this reason – if they act up, warn them that Santa is watching! Admit it, that still works on you, doesn’t it?

      • HAHA yes, that would work! My mom was “Santa” in my aunt’s phone and would text my little cousins messages. They got really scared when they were acting up and Santa knew about it.

      • Hahaha! I knew it!

  6. My favorite post-run meal is actually a place at my school. It’s called New World Tortilla. I get a corn tortilla with black beans and a side of peanut sauce. It comes with some lettuce and I use the peanut sauce as a dressing. I’m missing it so bad since I’m on my break from school right now!

  7. No good restaurant gas stations where I live, they just sell coffee and potato chips. I hear ya about the yoga, the class I go to is brutal and about 15 minutes in I question why I am there. The instructor must be a mind reader as she usually says something that seems directed at me to politely suck it up. I hurt bad the day after her classes too.

    • It’s weird, but some of the best food comes from joints tucked inside gas stations here – not the usual stale hot dogs!
      That’s good that you have a good yoga instructor that challenges you! You might like my guy, he’s very passive aggressive in his scolding of people. If anyone gets up and quits the class early, he might say something like, “Thanks for almost trying.” Ouch!

  8. That taco looks delish.

    I should do yoga but I don’t get all the deep breathing and feeling your breath and such. I am sure though it would do wonders for my running and my lack of flexibility.

    Love how you named your yoga class. That gave me a good laugh this morning. 🙂

    • It was!
      I think yoga is important for runners – you’re right, it helps flexibility, but also works a lot of other muscles – especially the core! And yes, the breathing is key! I find when running that if my breathing gets out of control, I think back to yoga and try to calm it down.
      Glad you got a chuckle!

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family!! 🙂

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