Disney Marathon 2014 – New Corrals

It’s only a few more sleeps until the Disney Dopey Challenge!  And the other day I shared some tips for running at Disney World.  Today I have some new info about the updated corral system.

Coming soon...

Coming soon…

Over on the RunDisney Facebook page, I noticed some trolls have been trolling.  I’m not used to runners behaving that way because when you exercise you release endorphins, which make you happy, and happy people don’t troll people.

They’re complaining about their new corral placement.  But like most people on the internet, they are making much ado about nothing, because they failed to edumacate themselves before spouting off.

As you may know, corrals are set up for your race pace.  The closer your corral is to the start line, the faster a runner you are.  This is a very good thing for races to do.  Imagine if it were reversed and walkers were at the front, there would be a lot of collisions from the faster runners trying to get around people.

In previous years the Disney Marathon only had like 7 or 8 corrals.  Which meant that there were thousands of people in each and every one.  I have always been in Corral B.  But this year I’m in Corral F.  Here’s the corrals for the Marathon…

Revised corrals with corresponding marathon pace.

Revised corrals with corresponding marathon pace. Click to enlarge.

Now if you’re like me, and used to being in the 2nd corral, at first glance it’s tempting to get upset at suddenly being in corral 6.  Hence the trolling.

But if they took the time to look, they’d see they are still in a corral with their pace peers.  They’d also see that the corrals are MUCH smaller this year.  Some have less than 100 people in them!!!!

I feel bad for the volunteers at the Expo, I know they’re going to get unedumacated people complaining about their corral placement.  And the website says there will be NO corral changes at the Expo!!!

I couldn’t find how long the start delays are for each corral, but I’m guessing it’s not more than a minute or two.

In years past they’ve shot off fireworks for each corral start, I’m curious to see if they’ll do that again this year!  That’s a buttload of fireworks they’ll be shooting for all those corrals!



If you’re running Disney this year, don’t be dismayed by the new corrals.  It’s all for the best!

How bout you?  Ever been in a big race with no corrals?  Ever had to change corrals.  Have you ever been a troll?

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40 thoughts on “Disney Marathon 2014 – New Corrals

  1. Wow, nothing like a little change to get people all frustrated. Obvious they have good reasons for doing this. I think I would be happier with less people in my corral and not having to worry about getting trampled on.

  2. We haven’t had “corrals” in any race I’ve run…wait. I lied. Run for your lives Zombie 5k kind of used them, but since that was more like capture the undead flag it doesn’t really count. But statistically, everything sounds the same, so suck it up unedumacated trolls!

  3. I had to change my corral at the Wine & Dine half because for some unknown reason, Disney couldn’t verify my submitted proof of race time even though it was easy to find. So they put me in the very last corral, which would’ve been a disaster for me. But they took my proof at the Expo and put me in the second corral. It was great because everyone else was going my speed and I didn’t have to dart around the slower folk.

  4. I do not mind Corrals, it is for peoples safety. But I do not like it when the slower people sneak into Corrals they are not assigned too. I’m not fast, and am usually further back. But I still end up having to weave my way through people that have no race ettique, and Snuck into an unassigned corral just to be closer to the start. Then they decide to walk in groups and make it harder for people who are running, to go around them. It happened at the Disneyland half marathon weekend during the 10k race. I’m hoping Tinker Bell will be better!

  5. What is the race cap for runners? Do you have to pay separate for park entry later in the day? I was checking out the entry fee and it’s pretty hefty. It must be worth it if the race is sold out.

    • It sold out in 2 days!!! Definitely a hefty price, but I figured its a one time thing. Parking is free, but they no longer include park entry. Luckily my sis can get is free entries!!! Not sure the cap, used to be 20k, but looks like 15k this year.

  6. “Have you ever been a troll?” Bahahahaha!

  7. Wow. I swear some people just like to complain to hear the sound of their own voice 😉 or the uneducated part…whatever. The only races I’ve done without corrals (keep in mind I’ve only done 2 halves) are 5Ks. What date is your race again (start date)?

    • I’ve only done one 5k that actually had corrals, it was awesome. I wish all races did – would help to keep kids and stroller pushers and group walkers in the back! The first race is jan 9 I think – whatever that Thursday date is. 8th or 9th.

      • Oh ok cool!! About 2 weeks left!! And yes, I agree about the corrals! I think it’s great to have people walk and bring their dogs and kids, but come on man! Move over and don’t start at the front of the pack!

      • Yes, almost there!!!
        And I completely agree on everything you said!

  8. You must be so excited, it’s almost race day!

    I’m always shocked by the negative comments I read about races…and it’s always over dumb things too. I was so worried about running the Nike Women’s Marathon because I paid almost $200 and there was a LOT of complaining on their Facebook page. Even about the fact that their website WAS a Facebook page. And the race turned out to be amazing! You are right about endorphins, how do you even run with all of that negativity?

    • Yeah, the one troll I saw was a really cocky dude, saying he’s super fast and deserves to be in the front, but then he said his times, and he’s not that fast, lol . I think some of them are nervous or mad at themselves for not training or whatever and looking to take it out on someone.
      Did you get what I was paraphrasing with the endorphins quote? Legally Blond.

      • Haha sounds like he needs to chill out…this is a Disney race, isn’t it supposed to be fun?? 🙂 No I didn’t but now I remember, I haven’t seen Legally Blonde in forever!

      • Ha, if I see him at the race, I’ll be sure to remind him of that!

  9. That sounds like such an awesome race! Good luck! I ran the BAA Half marathon which was pretty big, but they weren’t too strict on the corrals, luckily.

  10. PaulSmuts

    With so many people in a race there’d be chaos without proper corrals. Good luck, not long now till race day! 🙂

  11. I think it’s a smart decision to have more corrals. It’ll take a bit longer to start the race but less congestion on the race course is a good thing.

  12. We have one long start line with time markers for the TC 10k that happens in April. There are over 10,000 people who run. I have in the past waited until the end of the group of people to start because it is so crazy. I don’t run that race for a PR. It is just to say I did it and for me.

    I want to do a Disney run sometime so maybe that is our destination run and taco date in the future. 🙂

    Good luck!

    • We have a turkey trot with 45,000 peeps and NO corrals. It’s a nightmare!!! Like you said, no PRs to be had.
      Disney may work for a taco date, maybe Disney land in Cali?

  13. That looks like an awesome challenge! Have fun!! 🙂

  14. Ahhhh you’re doing Dopey!? You are so awesome!!! I am obsessed with the idea of this challenge and hope to do it in 2015. I can’t wait to hear all about your experience with it. 🙂

    The largest race I’ve run with no corrals was like 1,100 people and that was a total cluster so I can only imagine how bad a bigger one would be. I think all of this sounds like a great thing. When I got my corral for my October half I was a little PO’ed because my speed had improved since signing up for the race, but in the end my assignment ended up being a really good thing because I was forced to start slower than I normally would and had so much more energy left for later in the race.

    • Yes, I’m very excited! It’s so close now! I’ve run the Disney marathon 3x’s but never had any desire to do the Goofy, so I don’t know what made me thing the Dopey was a good idea? Probably wine. Haha!
      I wish that every race had corrals – I ran one 5k that did, and it was awesome to have the walkers start at the back for once!
      I’m glad you didn’t change corrals, you got to learn something that took me years and years of racing – negative split are the way to go!!!

  15. runningfirstdisney

    I’m in the opposite boat. I registered late for the Tinkerbell and am in the last corral (F). I’m not super-fast but with a usual 1hr 30min half-marathon time, I might sneak up to C or D. I just don’t want to be with the walkers and I’m sure they don’t me with them too. After saying that, I’m just going to have fun – running 5K and 10K too.

    • You’re “not super fast” but run a 1:30 half?!? Haha, that’s a great time! Best of luck in the Tink! Let me know how your races go!

  16. I have to admit even after the races I’m still not happy about the corrals. I totally understand the whole “there’s more corals so you’re going to be farther back”, but what I’m upset about is that the challenge runners were just put in the same corrals for the half & full even though they don’t really align correctly – for example, I understand I was in the right corral for the full having put down a 4:30 estimated finish time, but sticking me in the same corral for the half put me with the 2:45-3 hour half marathon runners and I can run a sub-2 hour half. It made for a very crowded and very slow half marathon, I really hope they change this in the future so challenge runners are in the appropriate corrals for both races! Ok, sorry, rant over!

    • Agreed! I was trying to be positive going into it, but it was kind of a mess. I usually run a 1:47ish half, and they had me next to the 2:30 pacer. They really do need separate bibs for each race! I think they automatically put Dopey runners further back assuming they’d be tired by the last day. But the result was a lot of slower runners still ahead of us!

      • I totally agree. In fact I called Track Shack about it and they actually SAID “if you’re doing 4 races in 4 days you’re going to be running slower” and I was like, “So you bumped back the challenge runners??” and he goes “I didn’t say that”. Hmmmm…

      • Grrrrr. That’s a bummer for those of us who had a race plan, and had trained, and were focusing on the last race! And ha, I love that you called them on it (literally).

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