Dopey Challenge Training Big Weekend Day 1

The upcoming Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2) will be four fun days of racing. For my training, today was supposed to be 2.5 miles of running to represent the 5k.  I accidentally on purpose went 3.  Didn’t see the harm.

I also went to the gym for an hour of strength training.  I had thought about skipping it to rest as much as possible for the coming 3 days of miles and miles.  But I did not skip, and here’s why.

He's leading the pack!  I'm right behind him.

He’s leading the pack! I’m right behind him.

Like I said, the race I was supposed to be “simulating” today is the 5k.  But what happens after that race is what I also want to be prepared for.  The boy has the Disney Kid’s race.  It’s only a 200 on the track, but I will most likely have to run it with him.  Add that to the walking we’ll also have to do that day getting to the track and such, I figured I might as well do some extra workout to prepare for it.

I can't believe he has better form than I do.  He also has better race photos.

I can’t believe he has better form than I do. He also has better race photos.

Last year Grif won his heat!  Hopefully he can repeat this year, but he’s running with bigger kids this time.

Showing off his medal.  He's as serious around a camera as his pops is.

Showing off his medal. He’s as serious around a camera as his pops is.

So that’s why I did some extra running/working out today.  I know I’ll need it for the Kid’s race!  BTW, after the race last year, I had to chase him about another qtr mile down the road.  When I finally caught him, I asked why he was running.  He said he was getting ready for his next race.  Yes!  Get em hooked while they’re young!

Photo op with the mouse.

Photo op with the mouse.

How bout you?  Ever do a little extra workout than the plan calls for?  Ever been to a kid’s race?


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29 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training Big Weekend Day 1

  1. Your kiddos are so freaking cute…just had to say it.

  2. Your son is a heartbreaker in training!

    It is crazy how kids have great running form. Where’d ours go?

  3. That’s adorable. All of it. Carry on.

  4. TartanJogger

    Yay! Love kids races- and I don’t even have any!

  5. That picture of him showing off his medal is priceless! Such a cutie!

  6. Wow- beautiful form and focus! That close up of him running is precious!
    And how fun for Disney to make a race like that!

    • Thanks! Mickey was at the finish line and I told him to run straight to him…so he was focused!
      They have races for kids ranging from 100 yard dash up to a mile. Pretty cool.

  7. Jane Likes to Run

    He is so cute! He has better running form than me as well! So do they make special kiddie running shoes? Or I guess all kiddie shoes are like special running shoes!

    • Thanks!
      I think they do make special shoes, but he doesn’t like any that don’t light up or have pictures of super heroes on them!

  8. HAHA OMG that is precious. Grif is so freaking cute and quite the athlete! I’ve been to my little cousins’ kids’ race (5K) earlier this year. They want me to run a 5K with them, which I’m pretty excited to do!

  9. Grif has such amazing form! I’ve noticed at the kids race that I help with up here that all the little kids have amazing form and they totally get into racing! The little little ones totally smile the entire way too. We should all try to run like a 4 year old.

  10. It’s pretty obvious you are Grif’s hero! He just want to be like his daddy. So cute!

  11. Your son is adorable. I love kids race photos.

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