Weekend Reekap – Early Run & Good Cause

On Saturday the Disney Dopey Challenge Training Schedule called for 13 miles.  I had three groups of friends who were running different distances at different times, I wish I could’ve run with all of them, but my time was limited that day.  So I chose the group that was meeting at 5am.  Ugh.  3:45 alarm.  Ugh.  I told them that the same roads are out there at 7 am, but they didn’t care.  And I had no choice anyway, as I needed to be somewhere by 8am.  13 windy, chilly miles done with some buds.

On Sunday, the sched called for cross training.  I went to yoga, which I’m so glad that I did.  Afterwards, I went and met some friends who were helping another friend finish a run.

At the mile 27 station.

At the mile 27 station.

Here’s the lowdown.  My bud’s dad committed suicide several years ago around this time of year.  So he does several events to get the word out about fighting depression.  One of the things is an unofficial 30 mile run.  He does this with little to no run training.  He want’s it to be a challenge that he proves he can overcome, just like he believes others can overcome their own challenges.

Hey, there's me (on the right)!  I know him!

Hey, there’s me (on the right)! I know him!

A handful of people run the entire way with him.  The majority of us join him for short stretches of the run.  For the past two years, I’ve joined for the final 3ish miles.  And I’m glad to say that he once again made it the entire 30 miles!

At the finish!

At the finish!

He’s also working to start a non profit foundation.  He set up a donation page for the past weekend’s 30 miler.  You can donate here: http://bswarms.com/swarm274

How bout you?  Ever run at any crazy times because you have no other option?  Have you ever gone a run for no other reason than for a good cause?

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Reekap – Early Run & Good Cause

  1. TartanJogger

    Some great running this weekend! 🙂

  2. 30 miles is crazy, what an important cause he runs for. 3:45 on a weekend is impressive!

    • Yes, he’s very passionate about it. He even puts on a 9 mile official race in the summer.
      Yes, my weekend party plans are so lame nowadays due to my run sched.

  3. You are crazy!!!! I love it!

  4. Wow you were really productive this weekend. Way to get up early and get the workout in and still accomplish other saturday things. I don’t think its so odd but I often run at 7:00-9:00pm because its the only time I have after work to do it! I feel like running tired and on tired legs might be beneficial? I’m not a morning person and if I wanted to run before work it would require getting out the door at 4am…not happening!

    • Yes, absolutely running on tired legs is a good thing. I recently read that if you do so often enough that your body will learn to turn lactic acid into energy that it consumes!
      Running at 4 am everyday would be a beating. I used to hate getting up early to run, but now I’m used to it. Doesn’t make me a morning person though – people know not to talk to me in the morning unless they want a rude response. Haha. But since we have to check in by 3am for the Disney races, I figure this is good practice.

  5. The earliest I ever run is on race days!

  6. What a sad but inspiring story! Your friend is awesome! And you guys are awesome for supporting him!

  7. That run sounds like such a great cause. I’m glad he gets a lot of support!

    • Yeah, he’s had a rough go. His mom died a few weeks ago too. But it was very heart lifting to see all the support he got. There was no incentive for anyone to be there other than to run for a good cause.

  8. WOW! how inspirational!! Incredible!
    And I am a morning person.. I am ALWAYS up early… but being up early drinking coffee and lazying around the apartment and being up early to RUN are entirely different things!!! Props to you! It is even worse in the winter when It is dark and cold…. bahhh way to go! Dedication!

    • Haha, yup, two way too different things!
      Thank you! It is a bit scary when it’s dark out, and we still had a few icy patches on the weekend, so gotta be careful! But it is nice to get it done before most people are even awake!!!

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