Toenails in Jepordy!

Several years ago when I got into doing this long distance running, my sis gave me a bumper sticker that says, “Toenails are for sissies”

toenails are for sissies

I didn’t get it, but now I understand.  Runners occasionally lose their toenails.

Funny story:  I was in NYC and had dinner with a friend, who is also a runner.  She wore open toed shoes – mistake.  One of her toenails was barely hanging on by a thread to begin with.  By the end of dinner it was gone.  We don’t know where it went, but I just hope the restaurant didn’t get shut down for a health code violation!

Nuther funny story:  When my sis lost one of hers, she still put nail polish on the area where the nail should’ve been.  Haha!

I’ve been pretty lucky with my little piggies.  I’ve only had a couple losses.  But now I have some fear.

I guess I should've warned you about the pic.

I guess I should’ve warned you about the pic.

This was my toe after last weekend’s 32 mile treadmill runs.  Since then I’ve done a few more runs and it looks worse.  I have a few other little blisters and bruises on my feets, but nothing this bad.

I’ve since then been putting BodyGlide on it, and I’m thinking about RockTape-ing it.  Hopefully it will be OK.  I may be a sissy, but I’d prefer to keep my toenails.

How bout you?  Ever lose any nails to running?  What did you do?  Or what do you do to prevent it?

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19 thoughts on “Toenails in Jepordy!

  1. TartanJogger

    No toenail losses for me…… yet. It’s a badge of honour I’m happy to pass by, or at least delay!

  2. Been there. Looked worse than it felt. Not pretty!

  3. Yup. I lose my second toenail often, after blistering UNDER it. Never had blood blisters, but they often look very similar to that. Instant relief when the blister pops.

  4. Ouch. I have a blood blister working on the upper inside of my right foot ball too. Hasn’t popped yet.

  5. I’ve never lost a toe to running but have during a soccer tournament. Not fun!

  6. I don’t get grossed out but I must admit that made me squirm.

  7. I put those hydracolloid finger/tie bandages on mine. Thus far it’s seemed to keep the toenails on until they grow out (and get re-bruised)

    • Never heard of that, will have to look into it. I’ve been more conscience about how I land each step, so hopefully that will help!

  8. Jane Likes to Run

    I have a toenails are for sissies shirt! I probably lose 1 or 2 during heavy training sessions. I am convinced that some of them just don’t grow back any more. I take your sisters approach and paint lines where my toenails should be our over the bloody ones to not gross anyone out!

    • Haha! My sis is a character. I’m trying to land gentler on each step, so hopefully that will save it. Do you lose the same ones, or does it change each season?

      • Jane Likes to Run

        It seems to be the same ones. I don’t really know what that means!

  9. Your toe looks pretty gross. I can’t recall how many times I’ve lost a toenail – more than 10x I think. I take pictures of them just before they fall off and send them to friends – running friends that is – bragging rights. I also put nail polish over the spot where the nail was and also over the purple bruised ones. I’m in the process of losing one right now.

    • Haha, you should also send it to your non running friends, I’d love to hear their reactions! So you’re like my sister with the nail polish trick! Good idea!

  10. I haven’t lost a toenail yet *knock on wood. I have no idea why I haven’t lost one, otherwise I’d give ya advice!

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