Run Glorious Run

I got to run outside again today!  We’ve had two days with afternoon temps just above freezing, so much of the ice has melted, not all of it, but much.  I was so happy to be outside and not on the treadmill that even though my run was not the most scenic, it was still glorious to me!

I did a quick 7 miles this afternoon.  I wanted to run in the daylight so that I could see any lingering icy spots (there were quite a few) along with downed trees and branches.  Many trees suffered casualties from the weight of the ice.  I had to negotiate around many poor tree limbs.

And here’s something strange that I also saw on the sidewalk – a fleshlight.  If you don’t know what it is, google it when you’re not at work.  Hahaha.  I had to stop my run and go back to make sure I had seen what I thought I had…and I had indeed!  Not sure how it got there or why, but it gave me a chuckle.

Anyway, this morning I saw this sight over our garage door, and figured I’d snap a pic before they all melt.

In case you didn't believe that we did actually get ice in Texas recently.

In case you didn’t believe that we did actually get ice in Texas recently.

Again, it was just a simple mid week training run, but after being cooped up indoors for almost a week, it felt glorious!

How bout you?  Had any glorious runs lately?  Come across anything strange on the ground during a run?  Is saying an icicle broke your glasses a good excuse after an incident with your Red Ryder BB Gun?

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33 thoughts on “Run Glorious Run

  1. I’ve come across a dead, squished mouse. I was running on a trail where motorized vehicles aren’t allowed, so I’m not sure how it got squished. I guess a bike, but man that mouse must have been slow? I thought it was a patch of dog fur until I looked closer and then I got all sad haha.

  2. Sounds like a nice run in the daylight! That icicle photo is gorgeous! Snow/ice/cold can be so pretty!
    My last two runs were simply amazing, out in the mountains, along a river, all by my lonesome!

    • Thank you! I usually run in the morning, but didn’t want to take any chances with the ice! You’re right, it is pretty though!
      You’re so lucky to be so close to such amazing views. I was once on an Alaskan cruise and did a couple runs on the ship. It was so amazing watching all the mountains, glaciers, wildlife, that we sailed past as I ran. The miles just flew by!

  3. O M Gee. I wasn’t expecting a fleshlight to be that type of apparatus. That is crazy to see something like that out the blue.

  4. I really wish I hadn’t googled fleshlight. How do I clean my browser out with soap?

  5. PS your Instagram toenail looks just like mine. Same toe and foot.

    • Oh really? I wonder why? On my other foot there’s just a small blister on the same toe. I’ll probably tape it up before today’s run, hopefully that will help.

  6. Those icicles are incredibly scary!

  7. I’ve come across pants, underwear, a carton of cigarettes, a coconut (last winter), beer (full can), and a box that held something similar to a fleshlight (all at different locations). And yes, I totally think the excuse of an icycle broke my glasses is a good excuse for an incident with a Red Ryder BB Gun (that’s my favorite Christmas movie).

    • Haha, thanks for getting my movie reference!!!
      It’s crazy the stuff we come across running. Do people just throw this stuff out their car window? I don’t get it.

  8. TartanJogger

    I did not think you’d have icicles like that on your part of the world! Wow! Meanwhile, it’s practically barbecue weather here, at 54 degrees!

    • It is rare that we get them, so I thought I better take a pic!
      Enjoy the warmth! We’re supposed to warm up a bit, but then have another massive cold front come through! Yikes!

  9. This is BS. I walked outside – in a robe and house shoes, mind you – at 3:45 this morning to check my street. Sheet of ice where the ice melted yesterday and had drained out onto the street. So back to the rower I went. Day 7 of NO RUNNING.

    • Booo! You need to alter your schedule and run in the afternoon when it’s warmer and sunnier. That’s what I had to do. That said, I found that areas where no direct sunlight had hit, it was still very icy.

      • I would if I didn’t have E. It’s too cold to push him in the BOB. Tomorrow I will get back to it. I don’t care if its raining fire from the sky. At least then I will know there’s no ice!

      • Yeah, that’s tough. I was lucky to be able to do it on my lunch break at work.
        Good luck with the sky fire.

  10. Weirdest thing I ever found while exercising? I was on a pretty remote limestone bike path, and I found a deer leg. JUST a leg. Laying right across the middle of the path. Ew. I also had a snake rear up at me while biking in town, and a squirrel run right into my bike tire. Geez, wildlife, just leave me alone and let me work out!

    • Just a leg? How bizarre. Makes me worried about what happened to the rest of it…a bear? With your luck with wildlife, you might want to avoid that area! Ha!

  11. Wow, just above freezing does not sound pleasant! Good for you for getting out and running anyway.

  12. Oh damn I couldn’t stop my curiosity and I had to google it (at work!). You can imagine my reaction “oh no, oh no…looking desperately for the red button to close the page” haha.

    The photo with the ice is amazing! I wish we had that for a while here in California. I’d enjoy taking pictures so much more!

    • Bwahahaha, I wish I could’ve seen that! I’m so sorry, but I warned you!

      Thank you! I think you have plenty of beautiful landscapes to photo in Cali!!!

  13. By far, the oddest thing seen by ANYONE on a run! Hands down.

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