Will Run 4 Tacos

It’s still bitterly cold here in Dallas (in fact, the news dude said it’s colder than Anchorage, Alaska), and there’s still plenty of ice on everything.  Good news is that a mysterious bright yellow-orange sphere made an appearance in the sky for the first time in several days.  The sunshine helped warm things up a bit and melt some of the ice.  It’s not all gone though, and I’m weary to run outside as I don’t want to step on an icy patch and possibly hurt myself a month before my races!  Also, my knee is a little sore after the 32 mile weekend of running.  So I took today off of running and went to the gym instead to pump iron.

But the real highlight was tacos!  For some reason, tacos just sound good after a run.  And so to reward myself for the weekend, I went and got my self some Torchy’s Tacos.

Mmmmm, tacos.

Mmmmm, tacos.

The one on the left is called the Mr. Pink because the star of it is seared ahi tuna!

The one on the right is called the Dirty Sanchez because, well, I’m not sure why.  It’s full of scrambled eggs among other things.  (feel free to urban dictionary the name if you aren’t familiar)

So there ya go.  Running, tacos, it’s all good.

What about you?  What do you reward yourself with?  You want a Dirty Sanchez, don’t you? 


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25 thoughts on “Will Run 4 Tacos

  1. I love fish tacos.

  2. Well damn, those look good.

  3. Wow, colder than Alaska, that’s crazy! I would likely reward myself with tacos after a run if we had a taco joint where I live, but we don’t. I opt for eggs and toast and a latte instead.

  4. After a long run, I’m usually not in the mood to eat but I stick to bland things. However, later I crave salty stuff. I would be down for some amazeballs tacos.

    • They were awesomesauce.
      Are you getting enough salty stuff in your diet? They say if you aren’t it can lead to cramping during runs.

      • You’re actually spot on. My last half I got stomach cramps (which doesn’t usually happen). I looked it up and asked around and people say if they are like muscle cramps, it can be salt. I thought about my diet leading up to my race and it was bland because I didn’t want tummy issues, but I also forgot about salt…So before races and long runs, I’m going to try to remember to increase my salt intake a little, especially since I’m a salty sweater haha.

      • Nice, keep experimenting to find what works. Remember that it’s about what you put in your mouth all week, not just the night before the race!

      • Haha yeah definitely. Kyle kept offering me spicy foods and such the week leading up to my race. I had to turn it down cause I knew I would regret that decision around mile 5 in the porta-potty

      • Haha, true, you don’t want to get the “ring sting” in the middle of a race!

  5. I always come in from a run, walk to the fridge, and grab about 4 kalamata olives, does that count? If not, my husbands homemade pizza. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Love tacos! Once my husband went vegan we started to eat a lot more Mexican! It’s so easy with all the beans.
    Glad to hear you listened to your knee and took the day off running!

    • YES!!! Mex food can be very healthy if you order the right stuff – so many vegetables are used!
      Straight up vegan, eh? That’s impressive. I try my best to only stick to fish and eggs, and find that to be a challenge sometimes.
      Thank you! I’m hoping if I’m smart now, then I’ll be good to go later!

  7. Your darn tacos always look SO GOOD!

  8. Can you believe that the first time I ate Tacos was 4 months ago? I don’t know why but Mexican food is not too common in Spain (weird, huh?), is not like in the US where you can find a restaurant in every corner! Dan made some for me and I fell in love with them!

    • Wow that’s crazy! I know what you mean about them being everywhere here. Growing up in Ohio I thought I knew what good Mexican food was, but then I got to Texas. Now I’m kind of picky about it!

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