32 Miles on a Dreadmill

The good news is that my knee is feeling better, not 100%, but tolerable to run on it now.  So I was able to get back into my Disney Dopey Challenge training this week.  It culminated with a weekend of 4, 9, & 19 mile runs on Fri, Sat, Sun.

The bad news is that we got totally iced over this weekend.  Everything has a layer of ice.  Everything.  No snow, all ice.  So I wasn’t able to run outside.  I had to do the 32 total miles all on treadmills.

All that white stuff looks like fun snow, but is actually pure evil ice.

All that white stuff looks like fun snow, but is actually pure evil ice.

I don’t know how you treadmill runners do it.  I was so bored, I was this close to offing myself.

I set the pace at just under my target marathon pace (around 8:50 per mile), and went to town.  So it took me around 3 hours to finish the 19 miles.  That’s a long time to run on the hamster wheel.

I never run with music, but thought it would help with the treadmill boredom.  Problem is that when I plugged them in, they kept getting some sort of electric feed from the treadmill that sent a shocks into my ears.  I didn’t feel like getting shocked in my ears for 3 hours straight, so I took them off.

And to make it worse, the gym’s TV’s went out with an hour to go.  So I really had nothing to listen to or look at while I ran.  It was pure mental torture.

That took forever.

Sunday’s miles.

On a side note, after this experience, I really don’t think training on a treadmill is good for you.  It’s not like normal running at all – no turns, no real hills, no real speed changes (I know you can “simulate” the last two, but it’s not quite the same).  Plus, since the treadmill is moving, I believe it’s basically doing some of the work for you because you don’t have to use the energy to propel yourself forward.  That is why they say you should set it to an incline of at least 1 to better simulate outdoor running.  So that’s what I did – yup, the 3 hours of running was all uphill at a perfectly constant pace.  Also, my chiropractor said I was way out of alignment, and in spots that I’m normally not after outdoor running (like the inside of my knees) – I’m blaming it on the ‘mill.

The good news is that I was still able to get the miles on my feet.  And I know that I can run that long without stopping once at what is supposed to be my goal marathon pace.

Here’s hoping the ice melts soon because not only was my vehicle slipping and sliding on the way to the gym, but never want to run on a treadmill again! (No offense to those of you who do – I know some don’t have an option and some even enjoy the treadmill)

How bout you?  What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone on the treadmill?  How would your brain react to running in place for 3 hours with no TV, music, etc. (mine was fried)?

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25 thoughts on “32 Miles on a Dreadmill

  1. You’re hard core! I’ve never run anywhere near that amount on the treadmill….or off 😉 Good for you!

  2. Cheers to you!!! Seriously, I know you were DREADING this! The furthest I’ve gone is 13.1…but I DEFINITELY had TV AND music. I can’t believe you did it without!

  3. I can’t believe you pulled off 19 on the dread mill! Four days in a row on the rower and I’m about to lose my mind.

    • I hear ya. It was all I could do to keep from going mental on that thing!

      • Did you run this morning? I went for day 5 on the rower…..tomorrow I’ll go back to cold ass running.

      • Nope. My knee is a little stiff after that weekend. I brought my running clothes with me to work, but it is freaking freezing outside! When it feels like 13 degrees, that hurts me. Hopefully it will warm up and my leg will loosen up! The weather dude is full of crap though. Yesterday said it would be in the 40’s today. Today says it’s not getting above 32.

  4. Oh my goodness- that many miles on a treadmill is incredible! That’ll build mental fortitude for the race for sure!
    I’m not much of a treadmill runner AT ALL. But, I did spend just over five hours on a bike trainer in one sitting last winter when training for IMCdA!

    • Thank you! I think you may be right about building up the mental side of my training!
      Wow, 5 hours! That’s along time to be doing anything. You’re hardcore!

  5. I did 22 miles on the treadmill (10 yesterday & 12 today). I don’t think I could do it without listening to a book or watching tv. It’s not just the boredom,but that I get a lot of negative static in my brain telling me I can’t do it. So I applaud you sticking to it despite no outside entertainment.

    • Yeah, I totally understand. I made the big mistake of calculating how long it would take me to finish and since the gym has a big clock that was facing me, it made it seem to go even slower. Just had to keep fighting through it!

  6. I’d say you are mentally prepared to do anything now that you’ve done that many miles on a treadmill. The most I can handle is 10km (6miles) with music while watching television.

  7. Holey crap you’re a beast. I could NEVER run that far on a treadmill. The farthest I’ve ever gone I think was 5 miles haha. Well, you’re definitely mentally prepared for your race! Seriously, I don’t know how you did that without TV or music.

  8. I often bring books, magazines, or my iPad and read. That keeps me busy a while. My other thing is I’ll stare at the time until a couple minutes go by, then stare at the distance until .5 goes by, then stare at the calories burned and pick another arbitrary, small goal to take the focus from the giant goal remaining. And at the end I like to increase the speed so I’m sprinting the last minute. I think that part’s fun!

    • Haha, nice! I was doing all I could to avoid looking at the clock and distance. The few times I did obsess over when the next tenth of a mile would click, it seemed to take forever and at one point I had convinced myself that it had frozen up. Haha! I also did pick up the speed the last couple miles (mainly because I wanted to get it done quicker)!

  9. PaulSmuts

    Glad you finished your run even with all the mental frustration. I’ve never ran on a treadmill before and don’t plan to any time soon!

  10. Ugh 3 miles has been my longest treadmill run. And it almost killed me. No joke. Kudos to you though for making it 32 miles..It’s definitely better than not getting to running at all! 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh. That sounds misreble. The longest I’ve been able to tolerate on the treadmill is 6. I don’t know how you did it, that is miserable. Big brownie points for your mental fortitude and dedication!

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