Visualizing Your Workout

I find that the more I run, the more I sometimes let my imagine that I’m in race conditions.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I run faster, it just means I think about how I would react in a race to whatever the situation is.

Example, when I come to a hill, I lean into it because I know pretty much every race will have some sort of incline along the route.  I remind my self of that fact.

Or, if I need to stop at a drinking fountain to get a drink, I try to pretend I’m at a water station in a race.  Translation, I try not to linger, gotta keep moving.

There are many more examples, but I’ll leave you with this last one.  When I come to the end of most of my neighborhood runs, there is a baseball field.  At the end of the field is a row of trees.  I like to pretend those trees are the truss holding a “finish” banner.  Even if I’ve reached my mileage goal, I will keep running until I cross that imaginary finish.  I tell myself it’s the last .1 or .2 of a race and must keep going till I get there.

My virtual finish line.

My virtual finish line.

What about you?  Do you ever pretend your in race situations on a run?  Do you have a “finish line” on your training runs?  Or do you think I need to have my head examined for my hallucinations?

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30 thoughts on “Visualizing Your Workout

  1. I actually really like this little metaphor you have going here with the trees. I now need to find some sort of exciting finish line near my place. Unfortunately my city apartment really only leaves me with construction, a busy intersection, and a theme park. Maybe I can work with the theme park…

    • Definitely a theme park! You could pretend that all the noise and sights are just like the normal chaos that accompanies a finish line (I assume every race around the country has screaming fans, oh and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders)

  2. Great minds think alike. I do the same thing but mine is a little fancier. I imagine there are people cheering for me.

    • Haha! Funny story – there’s a spot near where I live that they occasionally have 5k’s. When they do, I like to run there on my long run and run down the course thru the finish line just so I can have people cheering for me. Is it sad that I’ve done this on way more than one occasion?

  3. I vote head examined. 😉

  4. I love that you run through an imaginary finish line! Do you hear people cheering, too?!
    I always try to push it at the end of my runs until the end of my block. Even if I’m at the perfect distance I wanted to run, I push that extra bit.

    • Nice! Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I do see people cheering in my head – even some specific friends and family members.

  5. What a great post! I’ve never thought about approaching my runs this way. I’ll definitely try next time, see if that gives me enough motivation to run more often (that’s my battle at this moment, I always find perfect excuses to skip my workouts!).

    • Thank you! Yeah, getting started is the hard part, but if you can make yourself do it over and over, pretty soon it becomes a habit and something you need to do – like eating or sleeping. Just find what exercise you like to do and do it!

  6. Sometimes when I am running I pretend I am running towards something or someone as motivation. Like I am running towards my bf or family… or I am running towards X goal (usually I pick a non running goal).

  7. Oh I pretend I’m in a race all the time! Well, at least during my hard runs (aka not the runs I’m supposed to go easy). I usually pretend there’s a crowd yelling and cheering lol

  8. Do you kick that trash can I see for good measure! 🙂

  9. Jane Likes to Run

    Maybe you are having racing hallucinations. The only thing I do currently to mimic race conditions is to gradually speed up during the last mile of my long runs so at the end I am pretty much almost at a sprint. So I guess I do have imaginary race finish lines as well. But I’ve noticed that this really does help to have a kick at the end.

  10. I think setting mini-goals is a great way to break down a daunting workout.

  11. Haha as funny as this sounds I do the same thing. I read recently that finding these small ways to stay motivated in the short term help us continue working towards our goals for longer. Way to go and keep it up!

  12. Haha I don’t think you need your head checked, just don’t mention this to your dr 😉 I absolutely imagine the finish line, especially at the end of a particularly difficult or long run. It’s motivating to push to the end, and makes me all the more psyched for race day!

    • Yes! I used to have a different “finish line”, and now it’s a little weird stopping at this one now. All good though!
      Some may disagree with you on the head checking, but I appreciate it!

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