My Watch is a Jerk (& Dopey Training)

So the previous couple weeks I wasn’t able to follow my Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 in 4 days) training schedule due to some sudden weird ache in my knee.  But since I’ve got it rested and taped up, it’s been much better.  I was able to jump back into it the past few days, and that makes me happy.


Dat my RockTape job.

This may change, as the weather here is supposed to go from righteous to growdy.  Today it was 80 degrees (American) and sunny.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 30’s and sleet/snowing.  What?   And then it gets worse.  Supposed to get colder and colder and icier and icier.  That could mess with my weekend training.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

As you can hopefully see, I’m supposed to do 4, 9, 19 on Fri, Sat, Sun.  This weekend is also the Dallas Marathon, and they came out today and said that if the roads are too icy, they will cancel it.  That’s a bummer.  Especially for all those people traveling here and all those who have done months of training.  Here’s hoping the weather dude on TV is as accurate as he normally is (not very at all).

Anyway, since I’ve been able to run again this week, I was trying to be smart and take it easy.  Take it a little slow.  Well, when I got home from one of my runs and plugged the Nike+ GPS TomTom watch into the computer to record my run, it gave me the following message…


Insult me then try to get me to buy stuff, is that your game?

Yes, my training device is mocking me.  It’s insulting me.  It’s taunting me.  Why?  I can only conclude that it is a big stupid head jerk.  I already know I’m running slower than normal…that’s by design you butt-clown!

Ahh well, I’ll get him/her back (somehow) soon enough!!!

How bout you?  Ever been insulted by a robot?  Do you think we’ll be able to run this weekend?  How you doin?

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23 thoughts on “My Watch is a Jerk (& Dopey Training)

  1. Ok I would NOT be happy with my watch if it told me that. NOT cool — I judge myself enough on my runs thank you.

  2. That’s just RUDE. Seems to me that it’s a bad programming design — we’re supposed to train at different paces. It shouldn’t assume you’re going into the toilet.

    • Haha, what’s it going to say when I’m 90? “You just aren’t as fast as you used to be!”

      • Lol. Right. At my age, I think my watch should be cheering me on for not sofa-loafing. Or as my son would say, “You’re t bad for an old bag.”

      • Haha! One of my running buddies has sons in their 20’s. She’s pretty fast (ran Boston several times), and whenever she starts to get a big head, they always bring her back to Earth by saying they’re going to put her in a home. Haha!

  3. HAHAHA your watch has quite the attitude. Question- does rocktape hurt when you take it off cause of the leg hair? Random, I know but my boyfriend always hates taking athletic tape off and I was just curious if it’s the same thing.

    • It hurts like a mofo, but I can take it (as I wipe away tears). This may be TMI, but normally I trim my leg hairs with the electric clippers. I’m well past due for another shearing, so maybe that will help with the pain. Maybe the internet has other suggestions for painfulless removal?

  4. TartanJogger

    Mine constantly calls me ‘slow and steady’…

  5. 8 miles this morning. Figured I could brave the 30mph winds since it looks like this weekend will be a bust. I’m with you-I’m hoping our illustrious forecasters are wrong as usual. But the NWS is calling for up to a half inch of ice tonight. Forget the marathon-that will jack with our power lines.😳😳
    By the way, I think your watch needs a good talking to. Where are its manners???

  6. Ha- kind of funny that your watch says that!
    That would be such a bummer to train for a marathon and travel somewhere only to have it cancelled due to ice. Hopefully the forecasts changes!
    Good luck with your runs this weekend, and take care of that knee!

    • Yeah, they said it wouldn’t be rescheduled, just straight up cancelled! I would be ticked! The Dallas Marathon always seems to have funky weather, which is why I don’t run it. Except one time when I had a free entry for the half, but I wish I didn’t because it was near freezing with freezing rain that just POURED. It was miserable.
      Thanks! My knee is feeling much better!!!

  7. That’s like when you get on the Wii after a long absence and it makes your Mii enlarge to show your weight gain…just insulting, and not motivating at all. And btw, growdy? Never heard that word, but I like it!

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