Thanksgiving Run & Race Fun

In my first run in over a week since I’ve been resting my knee and letting it heal, I felt pretty good.  My chiro gave me some kinesio tape that I think gave me some extra support.  I also took it pretty easy on my pace.  I also made sure to do a proper dynamic warm up – lunges, squats, toy soldiers, etc. etc.  And since it was in the upper 20’s when I woke, I made sure to bundle up to help keep my bod loose.

I knew that after my run I wanted to go and cheer for my racing friends.  Where I was running, I could hear the MC of the race off in the distance and it was a bit of a downer knowing I wouldn’t be in the race, but I wanted to be smart about my health.

The turkey was probably sad because it was Thanksgiving - a sad day for flightless birds.

The turkey was probably sad because it was Thanksgiving – a rough day for flightless birds.

Afterwards I did plenty of static stretching, changed to dry clothes and went to the race.  It was fun to cheer for everyone.  I saw so many people that I knew running this race.  It’s amazing to me that can go to pretty much any race in town and chances are I will know people there.

It was also cool that as some of my friends finished, they would go back and find other friends to help them finish.  Good stuff.

Afterwards we tailgated in the parking lot.  To our surprise there were a couple other groups tailgating, and being competitive people, we were determined to beat them.  We made sure to stay until the other groups packed up and left.  Yes, we won Thanksgiving!

We are so very thankful, obviously.

We are so very thankful, obviously.

Afterwards it was the family celebration, but unfortunately I don’t think anyone took any photos, so you’ll just have to imagine what happened.

How bout you?  Did you race or run?  Did you have a good turkey day?  Have you ever gone to a race to support others?

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16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Run & Race Fun

  1. Congrats on winning the tailgate throw down! How far did you take your knee?

  2. Art smass.

  3. TartanJogger

    Yay! A run! Nice. Hope you’re feeling ok today 🙂

  4. It’s great how you bring humor to every situation.

  5. LOL too funny you competitive tailgater you! Hope the knee is doing better!

  6. I’m so glad your knee held up, even in such chilly temps. Sounds like you’re being smart and treating it right.

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