KT Tape & Elves

No offense to swimming, but I’m really itching to get back running.  I’m going to give it a go later this week, but when I do, this time I’m going to wear some tape (in addition to clothes).  You may have heard/seen all the rage for athletes the past few years: KT Tape.  I have too.  Problem is that the few times I’ve worn it, it never seems to last too long after I get schwetty.

But I have a running buddy who has introduced me to a new (to me) brand.  In case you’re curious about her, she looks like an elf.  See if you can spot the elf in this photo of some of us after a recent trail run…

I was caught by surprise by the camera lady.

Hint: She’s the one on the John.  I was horrified.

Anyway, after a run, she took off her shoes.  Once we got over the smell, I noticed she had some funky KT Tape on the bottom of her feet.  She said she does it to prevent blisters.  “Doesn’t it come off pretty easily in that location?”  I inquired.  “Nope.  Elfen sweat doesn’t bother it either.”  She retorted.

Fast forward to last night.  I was getting adjusted by my chiropractor and she offered to put some KT Tape on my knee.  That’s what reminded me of the Elf’s brand – it’s called Rocktape.  I went to Amazon and read all the glowing reviews.  Mostly they said it cost more than other brands, but is way worth it.  I ordered a roll.  Can’t wait to try it!

Bonus, they have tutorial videos on how to adhere it, like the one above that I’ll be following.

Anyway, what’s your experience been with KT Tape?  Ever tried Rocktape?  Do you know any elves?

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19 thoughts on “KT Tape & Elves

  1. I have never used KT or Rocktape, but I hope it is the answer to your knees buggin’ out on you!

  2. TartanJogger

    Never tried it, but your post tonight actually made me snort with laughter! Poor girl! 🙂

  3. I actually just ran with my back taped up after one of my floating ribs decided to float in the wrong direction. Such a rebel that rib is. I’ve run with it on my knee too, but I only let the chiro put it on! Hope you’re on the road to recovery!

  4. When I’ve used KT tape, it stays stuck if I lay it down properly the first time. If I try to readjust, it comes off with a little sweat. But it stays in even in the shower if I haven’t reapplied.

    That said, I’ve been interested in rock tape because they have a biofreeze product that they claim works with it. That would be cool.

  5. I haven’t used Rocktape before, but I’ve used kinesio-tape as a preventative measure on my feet to prevent blisters during ultras. I use compound tincture of benzoin to make it stick (you have to use “compound tincture,” as regular tincture doesn’t work). That tape doesn’t go anywhere when combined with benzoin (rubbing alcohol takes it off though).

    Maybe I should look into Rocktape though. Compound tincture of benzoin smells horrid, and so if I could skip that step, …

    • Hmmm, thanks for the info. My friend swears it doesn’t come off of her feet and she hasn’t gotten any blisters. Maybe try some on your shorter training runs? The benzoin sounds like it is a hassle all around!

  6. I’ve used Rocktape before, I know it’s supposed to be better for endurance athletes than other KT tape (or so says my doc). I also used it with Golden Tiger pain relief cream, and between the two treatments it seemed to help with my shin splints! Hope you have luck with it 🙂

  7. My PT used KT tape on me last year when I had achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. I didn’t have issues with it staying on (probably because I do no have harry legs). At the same time I really didn’t feel the benefit to running with or without it so I never stuck to using it. I’ve been told those with knee issues have had success stories with taping things up so I hope it helps for you! Get better soon!

    • So you’re saying I should shave my legs…got it!
      And you “never stuck to using it” Pun intended? Haha.
      Sorry it didn’t do anything for you, here’s hoping it works for me. Thank you!!!

  8. OMG tell me how the Rocktape goes! I always get a blister on this one spot on my foot. Doesn’t matter how many calluses I build up. I do not know any elves, but I want to meet Buddy the Elf.

  9. Good luck; I hope it works!!
    I actually fell in love with KT tape this year! In my race photos, I always matched my tape to my outfit!
    I found if I put it on the night before it stuck really well, so I started doing that before races and long training days.

    • OK, great, thanks for the info!
      Funny thing is that when I went to order it, I was going to choose black, but then I was like screw it, I’m getting my favorite color – Green. Bright green. I usually like to race in shirts that represent where I went to college – Ohio University, whose color happens to be green too, so I guess I’ll be matching! Haha

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