Run Training by Swimming

Over the weekend I was still letting my knee heal.  That meant I couldn’t do my proper Disney Dopey Challenge training by running…a lot.  So instead I went to the gym and swam laps.  I know it’s not the same as spending time on my feet, but my knee kneeded rest, so this was the best I could do. 

I’m hoping to keep my aerobic conditioning up as much as possible until I can hit the streets again.  Hopefully swimming will accomplish that! 

I also went to a tough yoga class.  So I’m glad to say that even though it isn’t the same feeling I’d have if I were able to run the planned 30 mile weekend, but I’m still sore and a bit tired.  So that’s good.

I’ve also stepped it up in the weight room.  I’m hoping that these replacements will still help keep some of my fitness levels up close to where they were.  I’m going to try and run later this Turkey week, so keep the good vibes coming that this was all I needed!

How bout you?  If you can’t go for a run, do you do something to replace it?


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18 thoughts on “Run Training by Swimming

  1. I’m big for biking and cycling. I think I would LOVE swimming, but have never had access to a pool that I could use for training. And Denver doesn’t exactly have many open water options.

    • Ahh yes, I forgot to mention that it was at the gym. We had a cold front come through, so def too chilly to be swimming out doors! I would’ve ridden my bike to the gym, but thought it might work the knee too much, so I just drove there. Hope you’re enjoying NC!

  2. TartanJogger

    Other than sitting around complaining about it, no, not much. Swimming & yoga sound like good options!

  3. I’ve got a pool running belt you can borrow if you’d rather run in the pool instead of swimming. That’s what I’ve done in the past when I’ve been sidelined. Not the same as running on solid ground, but at least it’s the same motion.

    Or, if your Emmy-award winning pocket is deeper than mine, you could pay to go run on a sweet Alter-G treadmill at one of the Playtri stores. All the fun of running, with substantially less impact.

    • Oh wow, thank you! I’ve never heard of a pool running belt, let me research it.
      I had thought about the Alter-G, but not sure how much it costs. Sadly, and disposable income we once had quickly disappeared with the birth of our kids! I do have a friend associated with PlayTri McKinney, maybe he can hook me up.

      • Here’s the pool running belt I have:
        Basically just keeps your head above water so you can run in place without drowning. I’ve been able to use it to run in our backyard pool, which is too small to swim laps in and only 5′ deep at most.

        I’ve never used an Alter-G, but I think I had seen on Playtri’s website that it normally costs something like $25 for 30 minutes. Could get real pricey real quick! But if you’ve got a friend who can hook you up, …

      • Cool. I just looked up some youtube tutorials on using the belts. I’m going to test out the leg later this week on the roads, hopefully it will be all good.
        I looked it up and it’s $1 per min for the first 20, then $1 per 2 mins after that. Or get a monthly pass for $250. Yowza!

  4. Oh swimming will definitely help you aerobically! If I didn’t look like a drowning rat, I would add swimming to my list of workouts. Keep up the cross training, your knee will thank you later! If I can’t go for a run, I definitely try to replace it with biking or something!

    • Haha, I’d like to see that drowning rat look!
      I’m actually a decent swimmer (form wise) as my mom made me take lessons from about the time I could walk (she was a swimmer growing up), but I do NOT have the breathing down yet! Need to work on that.

  5. Not that I’m an expert, but I think yoga and swimming are great replacements. I actually “learned” to swim because I was always injured from running. I swim 2-3 days per week now and find it’s a great aerobic work-out that you can do if you can’t run or to compliment your running. I find water running a bit mind numbing but it’s also very good. I love power flow yoga too but never find I have enough time to keep at it consistently.

    • Thanks! That’s great that you learned to swim to help keep you healthy for running. They say that even if you’re not a triathlete, you should still train like one – meaning if you’re a runner, you should mix in other activities like biking and swimming to make sure you’re well rounded.
      Yes, yoga is great! I try to go at least once a week. I find it to be very good for my running.

  6. Sounds like you’re being super smart! And swimming is a great replacement! It sure can be a workout.
    When I had bad knee issues, I couldn’t even swim without aggravating it. I went so far as to swim with a pull buoy for lap after lap. At least it was a workout!

    • Thank you! I’m trying to be smart. I was way tempted to push through it, but I’m hoping that a little rest, ice, yoga, etc. will get me back out on the roads soon!
      Swim with a pull buoy…That would be a great workout! You’re a beast!

  7. PaulSmuts

    I would totally swim if I didn’t hate it so much! 🙂 My Mom and sisters are the swimmers in the family, I just do core when I can’t run to take some of the strain off my legs!

  8. When I’m not running, I prefer yoga and Pilates over anything else. I would love to bike, but I don’t own one and I have a short attention span with the stationary at the gym. I think swimming is the best cardio alternative though. Hope you find yourself running again by the end of the week!

    • Thank you! I love yoga in combo with my run training. I haven’t been on my bike in a while. I don’t mind swimming…if it’s every once in a while. 3 x’s in last 4 days and I’m ready to be done with it. haha!

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