Knuther Knee Update

Thanks again to everyone!  Today I feel much much better.  Here’s what I think went down – I hadn’t missed a workout, not a single one, in over 3 months.  Road runs, yoga, trail runs, track workouts, weight sessions, etc. etc. etc., it’s been a never ending parade of physical phitness.  So last week when my knee decided it wasn’t going to let me run or workout, I think it was just telling me to take a few days off.  So that’s what I’m doing.

It hurt noticeably for a couple days, and when that scared me enough to decide to cool it through the weekend, it suddenly started feeling better.  As if my knee was saying, “Thanks for getting the message, bro.”

As those of you who complain about taper madness know, I’m kind of going through the same thing.  But I’m using the time to catch up on housework, etc.  Hopefully next week my body will have gotten the recovery it needed and I can get back at it.  We shall see.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Tell me something good.

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13 thoughts on “Knuther Knee Update

  1. You’re doing the right thing. Cake vodka and diet root beer go really well together. Tapering sucks unmentionable body parts. Did I tell you something good yet?

  2. TartanJogger

    Something good, you say? I bought ‘The Christmas Magazine’ today, not BodyFit or Women’s Running… for a change. I’m now reading it while watching football, catching up on blogs and drinking Christmas coffee. That’s a good Sunday evening, I reckon 😉 Glad you’re on the mend 😀

    • Thank you!
      Were you watching American or European football?
      Imma hold off on Christmasy stuff until after American Thanksgiving!

      • TartanJogger

        NFL, of course 😉

        I’d love a ‘barrier’ like Thanksgiving here! 😮

  3. That’s good you’re taking time off. By this point, you’re definitely well trained so a few days off to recover isn’t going to hurt you (mentally it might hurt a lot). Something good- I’ve had yummy dinners this whole weekend. Saturday was a burger the size of my head (which is saying a lot because I have a big head). Sunday my boyfriend made Thai food from scratch. I’ve probably gained 10lbs. Yes, 10.

    • Yes, I keep reminding myself that I won’t lose much fitness by taking a short time off. Hopefully I’m all good to go now!
      Wow, you ain’t kidding – that must’ve been a huuuge burger! Haha 😉
      The Thai food sounds awesome – hope it was worth the double digit lbs gain.

  4. You’re smart mister. Much smarter than I am. Good for you, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE that after your “massage” that your knee is good as new.

  5. It is in rest that we reap the benefits of exercise. Take care!

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