Dopey Challenge Training Missed Workout

For the first time in almost 4 months, I’m having to skip a workout from my training plan.  I. Hate. It.  But I have no choice.  I did something to my knee, not sure what.

The week started good – last weekend called for me to run a total of 26 miles – check!  Monday rest – easy check.  Tuesday 4 miles – check.  Wednesday 8 miles – check*.

So Dopey indeed!

Click the pic to enlarge it.

*This is where something went wrong.  We had our first really bad cold front come through early that morning.  The temps went from shorts and t-shirt weather to sub-freezing in a matter of hours.  I woke up early for my 8 miler, saw that it was 29 degrees, cursed in my head, then busted out the winter running gear for the first time this season.

I got all bundled, did my dynamic warm up, and hit the roads.  It was taking me a while to get loose in the cold, and off and on my left knee did feel the slightest uncomfortable, but I still ran a pretty decent pace (for me) at that distance for a training run – 8:11 miles – and didn’t think much of it.  Thought everything was normal.

Then I showered and drove to work.  No big whoop.  But when I got out of the car, it hurt to walk.  The inside of my left knee hurt every step.  I’ve never had this pain before.

Hoping it would go away, I got up today wanting to do my planned 4 miler – nope.  I went to the gym like normal, but couldn’t do what I normally do.  Still hurts to walk.

Frustrating!  All my training was going so well!  I will probably have to skip my 11 miler on Saturday and yoga on Sunday if it doesn’t improve.  May have to get it checked out.  I hope not.  I hope it’s just a little strain that will heal quickly.  Grrrr.

Anyway, ever have any weird “injury”?  Any idea what’s the deal with my knee (yes internet people, give me a diagnosis – especially if you’re a doctor)?

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22 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training Missed Workout

  1. TartanJogger

    Oh, no! I really hope it clears up, and fast! 😦

  2. Oh no!!
    Something similar to this happened to me last year after a 10 miler on the treadmill. But I HAD felt pain during the run and just ran through it. I ended up “self diagnosing” runners knee from everything I read. I was able to cycle and use the elliptical, but I was off running for 4 weeks or so.
    I’d hope that with some TLC, ice and heat, compression etc. (RICE) that you should be back on it soon!

    • I don’t think it’s runner’s knee. I think I slightly strained a ligament. Been resting and icing it and it feels better today. I hate to take the weekend off, but may have to!

  3. You might want to go to yoga and let the instructor know about the issue so he or she can modify for you. Often my aches & pains can be helped with some gentle yoga.

  4. Depending on where the pain is, it might have to do with either the IT band or the patellar tendon. RICE that shit. And look up strength training exercises, most likely happened from a muscle imbalance.

    • I’ve had IT issues before, and so I know it’s not that. I try to be diligent about working my legs independently at the gym in my weight sessions, so I hope it’s not an imbalance. It’s on the inside of the knee, I think I strained a ligament going too fast down a hill. I RICE’d all up in it’s grill, and it’s feeling better. I’ll continue through the weekend. Thanks!!!

  5. I DISLIKE this very much 😦 I’m sorry about your knee, but you’re doing the right thing and resting. My WebMD degree is telling me that you have knee cancer. Obviously. Or you might have just tweaked it a little bite and it needs rest, elevation, compression, and ice. If it doesn’t get better, I’d consult an actual MD.

    • OK, I have to admit, you made me LOL at your 2nd sentence!
      Yes, I believe it’s a ligament that I strained a bit by landing too hard going down a hill. It’s feeling better so I’m going to continue RICEing the crap out of it for a few days.
      How many years of schooling did it take to get your WebMD degree?

  6. If its the inside if the knee, it’s not your IT. Does it hurt walking up and down stairs? You could have runner’s knee which is nothing more than tendonitis.

    • Yeah, I’ve had the IT issues before, this ain’t that. I believe it’s a ligament issue – think I landed too hard on a down hill. Feels better today. Hopefully some rest will take care of it!

  7. Jane Likes to Run

    That sounds like the same thing that happened to me, and I self-diagnosed it as runners knee (take that as you will…actually I am a “doctor”…just not that kind!). You might want to still do the yoga, but stay off the lunges. I think you definitely have the right idea to just not do your runs at least for 2 days and see if it gets better. I thought about trying Kinesio tape as well, especially if you are training for a race, but I could never get it to stick right. So that may be an option if the pain is not too bad!

    • Thank you, Doctor! Ha! I don’t think it’s runner’s knee, I think it’s a ligament strain. Going to rest it and maybe try out yoga. Yes, I may have to skip the warrior poses though! My Chiropractor said she’d KT tape it on Monday if it still hurts. Hopefully I won’t need it!

  8. Sounds like you’ve already gotten lots of good advice…hope it heals quickly!!!!!!!

  9. Hope it heals quick for you.

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