Weekend Whirlwind: Emmys, Running, and American Gladiators!

I’ll try to keep this brief and let the pictures do the talking.  Friday I ran 17 miles and felt good.  Saturday I ran 2 miles and felt like bricks.  But after that run I got on a plane and flew to San Antonio for the Lone Star Emmy Awards Gala where we were nominated for 5 Emmys!

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Then got all gussied up for the brew ha ha.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

Then went to the ballroom for the festivities where I met a couple guys in nude tuxedos.

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

Ran into some of my friends who were also nominated for Emmys.  Here’s my buddy Emily Reppert – host of Chevy Hometown Kids on Fox Sports Southwest.

I almost wore that same dress...man, would that have been embarrassing.

I almost wore that same dress…man, would that have been embarrassing.

Out of the 5 nominations, we took home 2 Emmys!

Pretty cool night!

Pretty cool night!

Since we won 2, I got to make 2 speeches.  I think my jokes were funny.  Others might not be as amused.  haha.

Saying something important, I'm sure.

Saying something important, I’m sure.

The next morning I ran a 7 miler around the city.  Had breakfast with a friend, then flew back to Dallas. Ran into Nitro from American Gladiators at the airport.  2nd time I’ve run into him, so figured it was a sign to have a chat with him.  Very nice guy.  Now he promotes the Gladiator Rock n Run.  Worlds colliding!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Once home, the wife and I went to get some veggie burgers.

So my veggie burger wouldn't get lost, the branded it.

So my veggie burger wouldn’t get lost, they branded it.

I then met up with a bunch of my runner friends for a big tree lighting ceremony.  I brought one of my Emmys, people liked taking photos with it.

We don't always run, we sometimes have other fun.

We don’t always run, we sometimes have other fun.

Yes, it was a Christmas tree lighting.  I don’t know why they did it, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  But they lit up the whole square as well.  All the trees are lit, looks nice!

I'm so totally lit right now.

I’m so totally lit right now.

Obviously, it was a tremendous weekend.  I’m still processing it all.  But I’m also very thankful.  I work hard, and appreciate the recognition.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Which American Gladiator would you like to meet?  Tell me something good that happened to you recently! 

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27 thoughts on “Weekend Whirlwind: Emmys, Running, and American Gladiators!

  1. I can’t get over the fact that you’re wearing shorts. Not only wearing shorts, but continuing to wear them at night. I do not understand this being in Colorado.
    And PS: Those penguins are lookin’ SHARP!

  2. YAYYY!! I loved everything going on in this post… you are famous. And I like, kinda know you…. therefore.. awesome 🙂 way to go on the runs! And you are lookin’ spiffy in your tux! And I WANT that veggie burger…. yummm
    Great weekend! I would ride this “high” for as long as you can!

    • Thank you! You’re right, I should ride this wave for a while. Thanks for that advice. And you do kinda know me so yes, you’re awesome by proxy, haha. Actually I feel kinda awesome for kinda knowing you.
      Also, you looked good in your big girl clothes in Colorado too!
      If you ever come to Dallas I’ll get you one of em veggie burgers…good stuff!

  3. Nitro! I loved American Gladiators growing up.

  4. That’s how you know you are doing the right thing at the right time. Everything falls into place. Things we worry about fall into place. You got the run in and you won not 1, but 2 Emmys. Congratulations!

  5. If we ever meet up for a run, please bring the Emmy. Since you apparently take it everywhere….

    PS – It’s going to be friggin’ cold in the morning. Skip the shorts. -Your Local Weather Blogger

    • Yes, I’m thinking of having it made into a necklace.
      Thanks for the weather update, honestly I would’ve assumed it’d be warm like today. I have a weather problem

  6. Congrats on the Emmys! Two awards plus a Nitro sighting…that’s a big weekend.

  7. WOOOOO this frosted fitness blogger lady is now your biggest fan. Ever. You now have 3546789043 cool points. <–which I clearly don't have for saying that. Please tell me you stole one for me??
    So freaking happy for you! That's pretty amazing that you won 2 Emmys!! Congrats ScottyCatPirate!

  8. PaulSmuts

    Congrats on the two Emmys! Love all the pics!!

  9. TartanJogger

    Whoa, what a packed weekend! Congrats on the win!

  10. WOOOOOOWzers! Congrats! The pictures are awesome I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like being there …winning… meeting cool people like you. Also the fact that you got in a bunch of running –you literally do it all its not even funny. Congrats again!

    • Thanks Holly!!!
      It was quite the experience! I’ve been lucky enough to win 6 Emmy’s now, and it’s always a very exciting time!
      And yes, I’m glad I got the runs in. I really feel good with my training this time around and I’m really enjoying the miles and miles. I’ll post about my run in San Antonio later on. It was very cool!

      • You must be doing something right to get 6 now! Not only that but your talented in other areas of your life too. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about your run around San Antonio.

  11. So awesome, congrats on 17 miles and the Emmys!

  12. My God! Sounds like an epic weekend! Congrats on your two Emmy’s and keeping up the running spirit! Hard work always pays off, and now it’s your moment. Enjoy!! 🙂

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