Need Advice – Dopey Challenge Training Week 9

Help!  I’m not sure what to do this week.  I have followed my training plan religiously, but this week there is a hiccup, a good hiccup, but a hiccup nonetheless.  Hiccup.

Here’s what my week is supposed to look like:

Sun – Cross (done)

Mon – Rest (done)

Tue – 4 mile + weights (done)

Wed – 7 miles (will do)

Thur – Rest + weights (hmmm)

Fri – 2 miles

Sat – 7 miles

Sun – 17 miles

The hiccup is that I I fly to San Antonio for the Emmy Awards Gala Saturday morning and fly home Sunday Morning.  My flight Saturday is around 10 am – I’ll have to leave the house by 8 am.  It’s an about an hour flight.  Then travel to the hotel and lunch, I’m assuming.  I have to be at the awards gala by 4:30 at the latest.  So I only have a couple hours free that afternoon.

After last year's Emmy's.  Fake mustaches bring good luck!

After last year’s Emmy’s. Fake mustaches bring good luck!

I fly home Sunday around noon, so will probably have to leave the hotel by 10-10:30.  Will most likely be partying it up Saturday night at the gala, so an early Sunday 17 mile run is most likely out.  Travel always beats me down, so running Sun afternoon when I return may also be out.

I’d like to run in San Antonio as I found some routes online that look like fun.  But I’m not sure if the timing will workout.

Yosemite Sam would be proud of my moves.  He would then be sad that they no longer serve "Pie Alamode."

Yosemite Sam would be proud of my moves. He would then be sad that they no longer serve “Pie Alamode.”

So what should I do?

Should I move the 2 miler to Thursday?  I think maybe I should.

Do the 7 miler on Friday?  Probably, right?

What about Saturday – wake up super early to get the 17 in? (it’s probably going to take me 2.5 hours to finish)  Or try and hustle and squeeze it in once I land?  Or should I do half in the morning, and do the other half when I land?

Or should I do part of the 17 miler on Saturday and part of it Sunday morning?  Like do 10 on Sat and 7 on Sun morn?

I called my good friend (and expert runner) last night and she told me all that matters is that I spend the time on my feet, and that it’d be OK to break it up.  I’d rather do it all at once, but may not have a choice.  She also said that since we’re still a couple months from the races, that mixing up one week now won’t affect me too much down the road.  Good advice.

What would you do???  Please advise!!!

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16 thoughts on “Need Advice – Dopey Challenge Training Week 9

  1. I would move things around however you need to to prioritize the long run, but I’m sure you know that. You know you’re body best, and know what you need to do to be the most successful…AKA you don’t want to try and PLAN to squeeze it in after a flight if you know it ain’t gonna happen…

    • Yeah, good point. I was probably kidding myself a little. Even if there are no flight delays, etc. I’d still be pushing it to try and do it then. I’ll figure it out, thanks!

  2. I’ve never attempted the Dopey Challenge, but IMHO that 2-miler is out of there…the rest day is more important. Your body won’t miss two miles, but it will sure miss the needed rest period…especially with flying, staying up late, and perhaps indulging in a little par-taying along with trying to fit in your miles! Dump the 2 miler, run 6-7 on Friday depending on feel, and split the 17 as best you can on Saturday and Sunday, not worrying if you don’t total 17. You won’t suffer from being a couple miles short with this much time left. Just my opinion…travel safe, and good luck with juggling it all!

    • Thank you! I hadn’t thought about skipping the 2 miler, but you’re right, it won’t make much difference. Rest is more important! I can always squeeze the 2 miler in later if I really want to. Thanks for your advice!

  3. I don’t know what your Friday schedule is like, but if it were me, I’d move the 17 miler to Friday and the 7 miler to Sunday.

    • Hmmm, maybe that will work. That would allow me to enjoy Saturday completely without worrying about trying to squeeze in a run somewhere. Thanks!

  4. I’ve always heard that you should decide which of your runs is the most important (e.g. maybe the longest or speed work) to your training, and keep those in. I think the weights workout could be removed and sub in a run. But yes, I’ve also heard that time on your feet is important, so breaking up your long run would be fine. Have an awesome trip! Stop doing such cool things 😉

  5. TartanJogger

    Everyone has given such good advice! I agree with MaybeMarathoner, but I’d probably end up skipping the wrong runs if it was me :s

  6. An Emmy Awards Gala? Sounds exciting! I would probably get the 17 miles in on Friday or break it up on Sat/Sun. I don’t know about you, but after a 17-miler I’m pretty wiped out the rest of the day so I personally wouldn’t try to fit it in on Saturday because of the Gala and the partying it up 😉

    • Should be fun! Hopefully we’ll be bringing home some more statuettes!
      I think doing the 17 on Friday is the way to go. I’m like you, I get pretty useless after my really long runs. I’d rather be somewhat fresh for the Gala.
      Thank you!

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