Weekend Workouts Weecap

This weekend in my Dopey Challenge training called for a back to back of 6 and 16 miles.  I had just got home from my work trip and was tired from all the travel and excitement (as well as from my week’s workouts).  I woke up Saturday and felt exhausted.  I decided to just take it real easy and focus on my breathing – taking big full breaths.  Well you know what, when I finished I looked at my watch and realized I had run close to 8 minute miles.  Felt alright about it.

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

The rest of the day I tried to stay off my feet and eat right to prepare for my 16 mile Sunday Runday.  Sushi for dinner?  You bet!  I met a few people at White Rock Lake in Dallas the next morning for the run.  It was in the 60’s, but 90+% humidity.  It was a sweaty sweaty run.  Luckily it was overcast because if the sun had been upon us, I don’t think I could’ve afforded to safely lose any more body water!

But I still felt good on the run, and even with chatting along the way, I still ran 8:30 something miles.  If this keeps up, I will shatter my marathon PR!  I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride as a runner.  I keep getting faster with much less effort, which is good.  A couple years ago in a 1/2 marathon I ran around 8:15 minute miles and wanted to vomit up puke the whole time!  Not any more!  Now I can cruise at that pace without suppressing hurl.

Anyway, I’m jealous of all my running friends and blogging friends who keep posting about their recent races.  There’s been a ton the past few weeks, but I’m not registered for anything besides the Dopey.  I have a training plan and I’m sticking to it no matter what!  If a race can fit into my plan, then I’ll try to run it, if it doesn’t, I won’t.

Pretty much everyone around here ran the Allstate 13.1 this past Saturday.  I ran it last year and PR’d, but this year it didn’t fit into the sched, so I had to watch from afar.  But so I don’t feel left out, here’s a photo of me after finishing the Allstate 13.1 last year…

See I have a race photo too, guys!

See, I have a race photo too, guys! (Even if it’s not current)

Anyway, after Sunday’s run I got to enjoy my cheat meal day – amongst the items consumed, the highlight was a mashed potato and chorizo taco.  I wish I had a pic, but I was so hungry after running 16 miles, that it was devoured before I could take my smart phone out!

What about you?  How’d your weekend workouts go?  Have you ever spewed chunks during a race?  How’s a mashed ‘tater and spicy sausage taco sound?

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Workouts Weecap

  1. You know how my weekend was, so I’ll spare you those details :).
    But seriously great runs! It certainly does seem like you’re hitting your stride as a runner (is there a pun there). It definitely is race peak season, but your race will be here before you know it, and you’ll be going crazy through taper, turn into one big carb, and then ooze adrenaline like the rest of us soon enough!

  2. TartanJogger

    Nice going on those runs: that chorizo taco and mashed tatties sounds amazing! Almost as good as pigs ‘n’ blankets crisps!

  3. Wow congrats on your AMAZING progress! It’s funny how much we improve but don’t really realize it. I have never blown chunks in a race/while running- knocking on lots of wood right now.

  4. bahh I totally know what you mean when everyone is racing or smashing PR’s and you are not! That was basically the story of my life for the last 3 years while i was recovering from an injury. It was so frustrating haha all i wanted to do was race!!
    BUT…. in your situation you have an AWESOME race coming up!!!! Seriously I am so excited to hear how it goes! And I think that you are smart for sticking with the game plan! And those times?!?! awesome! love hearing how much you have improved in such a short time!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re back from your injury! You’ve got some amazing times, but I’m working to catch up to you! Haha!
      I ran high school track, and was decent, but stopped competitive running after I graduated. I’ve always run a little each week since, but didn’t rediscover my love for the sport until a few years ago. Now I can’t get enough. Wish I had kept it up all along. If you keep going, who knows what your potential is!

  5. I skipped Allstate. So there – feel better? Was this another Torchy taco??

    Don’t think about what everyone else is doing. Running is a solo sport, right? Just think about PRing all over that little dwarf!

    • Haha!
      This time it was Good 2 Go tacos. Good stuff!
      Yeah, I know I shouldn’t compare, but it’s hard to see everyone else racing. I want to race too! But you’re right, I’ll just have to focus on kicking that low IQ’d little dude’s arse!

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