Destination Workouts and Awards

I was in the Texas town of Seabrook for work the past couple days. It’s home to NASA and the Kemah Boardwalk. It’s right on the Gulf of Mexico. Sticking to my training sched, I got up early to run. I love running in new places. You really get to see stuff from a different perspective. This run I got to see the sea.

This was NOT a pedestrian friendly town. Not many sidewalks, busy roads, etc. But I didn’t get run over, so I got that going for me. I also ended up at the commercial seafood selling district. I love seafood, but that place smelled funky! Must be the dumpsters! But it was made up for by the beautiful sunrise views over the water. Awesome.
There were a lot of animals about too. Deer, jellyfish, non jellyfish, and lots of pelicans. In fact they had painted pelican statues all over town. Kind of their mascot I guess.


Anyway, a nice run. I also got a good little workout in in the hotel gym. After though, we had an awards dinner. I’m a TV producer when not running (as part of this conference I taught a class on pre-production). So I got all gussied up and collected our trophies. We work hard on our shows and it’s nice to be rewarded time to time.


All in all, a pretty good couple days. But the travel and excitement and exercise has left me a tad tired. Just landed back in Dallas and off to home to hopefully relax on the couch with the fam and rest up for 6 mile Saturday and 16 mile Sunday. Here we go!
Here’s my question. If you had a mascot, what would it be?

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13 thoughts on “Destination Workouts and Awards

  1. TartanJogger

    ‘Twit twoo’: not an owl, but a shout out to your ‘smart’ pic! I live in a seafood producing village, and when I run past the seafood factory that funky smell is very familiar…

  2. TartanJogger

    Forgot my mascot: either a red squirrel or a langoustine šŸ˜‰

  3. Yayyy! Congrats on your awards!! What TV shows have you worked on?

    I would definitely be a penguin mascot. Definitely.

    • Like I told your twin, mostly Texas based shows, so you prob won’t see them, unless you watch online.
      Hahahaha, you and your penguins!

      • That’s still awesome!!! I told my twin that knowing you makes us cooler by association…so now I’m like a notch above Steve Urkel šŸ˜‰

        My boyfriend’s brother worked in television for a bit (he did a very tiny independent film and then worked on the show Castle for a while).

        Penguins are awesome!! I found out today that they waddle the way that they do because it’s the quickest way for them to move while burning the least amount of calories. You’re welcome.

      • Oh you are definitely cooler from knowing me! Haha.
        I think I told you I was in a few independent films. I might have to share the trailers or how to watch them at some point. In one I play a priest who has a girlfriend – the actress is also works as a Jennifer Aniston look-a-like. So if you want to see what it looks like a Father and Rachel Green make out, let me know. Ha!
        Thanks for the penguin tip. Maybe we need to run that way to be more efficient???

      • OMG pleasssse do a post with some clips of films you’ve been in! That would be really cool!

        Hmmm I think you might be on to something. I’ll have to learn how to run like a penguin, or like Phoebe Buffet because that just looks like fun.

      • Haha, yup!
        I’ll see if I can fit the movie stuff into a post. Stay tuned…

  4. I’m with my twin here — what shows do you work on Mr. Celebrity?! Your fans need to know!
    PS: I am UBER sensitive to foul smells when I run. Like, gag worthy — any gag reflex through fishtown?

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