The End is Near

I ain’t talking about the end of the world, that happened last year as the Mayan’s predicted.  I’m talking about your training.  Every day is one day closer to the end.  I reminded myself this a couple times this week already.  Why?  Not because I wasn’t enjoying it (I was…kind of), but it was hard.  I had to remind myself that I will need the strength I’m growing now when my race(s) come later.

Lemme splain.  In high school soccer, our coach ran us into the ground in preseason training.  We had 3-a-day summer practices, starting at like 5am and finishing at dusk.  People be pukin everywhere.  But he kept reminding us that we were going to need the fitness we were gaining not then, but a few months later when playoffs started.  In the middle of July, he kept saying we were training for October.  He was right.  We were faster, stronger, fitter, then every team we played.  When October came around, we never got tired.

I was a notorious midriff show-er.

I was a notorious midriff show-er.

So when I woke up the other day and saw “hill repeats” on the schedule, it was not only tempting to get back in bed, but to skip the hills for just an easy run.  But then I remembered, I’m not training for October, I’m training for January.  Every hill repeat I did, I reminded myself that come race day, I’ll be glad I did these now.  Same in the gym…when my legs were screaming from all my walking lunges and I wanted to skip a set, I reminded myself that I’ll need this strength in a few months.

If it was easy, everyone would do it, right?  We have to do the hard stuff now, so that we’re injury-free, fitter, and stronger later.

So if you have a training this week, remember that you’ll be glad you did it come race day.  If you have a race this weekend, remember that you did the time, you did the work, and you’ll be ready to go!

What about you?  Did you ever do a workout you didn’t want to do and afterwards wish you hadn’t?  I doubt it, ha!  What upcoming workout are (not) looking forward to, but will destroy anyway?


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17 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. A local runner said something like, all the training you do this year is actually for next year. Which is along the lines to what your coach was saying. Great advice and a great way to stay focused and disciplined.

    Not looking forward to a tempo run next week…

    • Thanks bud! Great point!
      I’m not exactly looking forward to my weekend long runs, but I know I’ll be glad that I did them once they’re over!

  2. Umm — I don’t know if it counts as “not wanting to do it” but I’m pretty freaking anxious about 13.1 miles I have to run this weekend?! 🙂

    • Didn’t you see the end of my post? You are ready! Be confident! Be strong!

      • I can do this . . . I can do this. I’ve done it multiple times why do I still get anxious? ha

      • I think everyone does before a race. You’ve spent so much time and energy preparing for it, that we start to worry that something might go wrong come race day. Guess what, something will go wrong, so accept it and move on. And appreciate all the things that do go right!!! I know I can’t sleep before a race, but I’m trying to teach myself to relax, trust my training, and ENJOY IT!

  3. I think my half marathon last weekend was a good example of how those runs many months prior add up down the road. And I nail every workout, of course (ha!)

  4. Last 2 miles of my 18 week training plan happening in 5, 4, 3, 2…..!!!!
    Then, I’ll find another race to do. Already thinking about a 13.1 in 2 weeks.

  5. PaulSmuts

    You have a good attitude towards your training. There are some days when I also don’t feel like doing what was planned (especially hard speed sessions), but I remind myself that that is what I need to do to get to the top and improve my times.

  6. Okay you totally read my mind and sensed that I needed this! Love your attitude and I will definitely be using this to get my lazy butt moving!

  7. Wowza! Sexy midriff. You made me spit on my iPad screen with laughter.

    The only workout I did but wished I hadn’t was a stationary bike session with a ruthlessly uncomfortable seat that bruised — yes bruised! – my backside and made it hard to sit for several days. I really wanted to run, but I was nursing an injury and went to a gym in Iowa that didn’t have good spin cycles. Ouch.

    • Hahaha! I’m glad you got a chuckle! I hope your iPad still works!

      That sounds really unpleasant! I’m never very comfortable on those bike seats, but I’ve never left one all bruised up…yowza!

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