Remote Running: Seabrook Edition

This morning I ran 7 miles around my Dallas suburb. Tomorrow morning I will run 4 miles around Seabrook, Texas. I’m here for a conference and to collect some awards for some of my TV productions I’m also teaching a class on how to make TV gold.

I do think my running views will be much better here, I must say. As the name of the town implies, we’re against the sea. We’re south of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico. Lots if boats and beach side bars (which is where I write this).


It’s good to not be landlocked for a change. As Jimmy Buffett sang, “The salt air, it ain’t thin. It can stick right to your skin and make you feel fine. Makes you feel fine.” -Tin Cup Chalice

Anyway, I’m on a floating bar/grubbery watching the tide and boats and fishies jump. It’s pretty nice, though don’t come here if you get seasick easily (frosted blogger, I’m looking at you). And to my other blogger friends, I may not be able to keep up with y’all’s posts the next couple days, but I’ll be sending good vibes for your workouts/races (chocolate medals blogger, I’m looking at you-good luck!).

What about y’all? Do you take your running shoes on trips? Do you prefer to run by the sea or by mountains?

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18 thoughts on “Remote Running: Seabrook Edition

  1. I definitely take my running shoes on any vacay — best way to explore. Especially when you have views like that!

    And thank you for the shout out 🙂 I really appreciate it — and will be drawing from your confidence Sunday!

    Oh and — props again to being a celebrity. Enjoy the awards sir!

    • Yes, I love running in new places!
      You will rock it this weekend!
      Sorry I couldn’t link to you but I posted from my phone real quick.
      Haha, you want a signed 8×10 glossy?

  2. HAHAHA oh cool, you have another blogger friend with “frosting” in their name? 😉 I read the first half the sentence, “It’s pretty nice, though don’t come here if you get seasick…” and I started chuckling, and then I finished reading it and was laughing pretty hard…

    Congrats on the awards! That’s awesome!!

  3. So sweet of you to think of the blogging friends with races. Enjoy your time and your awards!

  4. A parrot head too? No wonder I like your blog so much! Don’t try to reason with hurricane season while you are down there….

  5. TartanJogger

    Enjoy your trip: I pack my running gear- but that doesn’t always mean I use it… 😉

  6. I always bring my running shoes on trios, even just overnighters. I even ran races in Ireland and England while on vacation this year. It’s fun sightseeing on my runs.

  7. And thx for the follow.

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