Respect the Run & Don’t Fight Giraffes

Before I get into it, lemme fill in on last night’s social run.  It was good.  Cool temps and low humidity made it so I could actually breath on my run.  It felt awesome.  I ended up doing about a 7:20 pace for the 3 miles.  Much different than the humid & hot 9 per the 3 miles I ran just two days ago.  Anyway, afterwards we traded running stories and shared a few drinks and snacks like we do each Thursday.

Here's some of last night's group, along with our laser eyes.

Here’s some of last night’s group, along with our laser eyes.

Now onto today’s post…

The weekend approaches.  While most of our friends are thinking about how to relax this weekend, us runners have a different perspective.  The weekend for us either means a race or some training – usually a long run of the week.

For my Disney Dopey Challenge training, I have an “off” weekend.  Which means no back to back medium and long runs.  Instead I have 9 miles on Saturday and only cross training on Sunday.  The off week is designed to let me recharge a bit in anticipation of next weeks mileage – culminating with a 6 and 16 mile back to back runs.

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

But as I prepare for tomorrow’s 9 miler, something occurred to me.  I was reading a strong runner’s blog that I follow – BayRunner Jamie, and she had a line in one of her posts about respecting the run.  I started thinking about this, and it’s true.  Here’s what I mean about respecting the run:  That means you do not fear it, nor are you cocky about it, you simply respect it, and in return you should have a better performance.

My sis and I after a recent 1/2 marathon in OBX, NC.

My sis and I after a recent 1/2 marathon in OBX, NC.

Look at it like this:  My marathoner sis is a real keeper.  And by keeper, I mean Zoo Keeper (you see what I did there?).  She works with animals that could rip her skin off.  Gorillas, elephants, and don’t get me started on giraffes.  They look nice, and most are, but they can fight, and when they do, it looks WEIRD.  Giraffe fights creep me out.  Look it up on youtube sometime.

A pic my sis took recently of one of her giraffes.  I don't like the way it's eyeballing it wants to fight or something.

A pic my sis took recently of one of her giraffes. I don’t like the way it’s eyeballing me…like it wants to fight or something.

Sorry, I got off topic there.  I told you not to get me started on giraffe fighting.  Anyway, here’s what I’m getting at.  If you are around animals, you cannot project fear, or they may bite your knee off.  You also can’t be so cocky that you think you can just walk right up to them and take a selfie, cause they may teeth bite your face’s cheek.  You must respect the animal if you want it to respect you back, and hopefully not swing it’s giant spotted neck in your direction.

So when you wake up for your race or long run this weekend, don’t be afraid of it (the distance, pace, course, hills, etc.)…you got this.  And don’t be so confident that you assume you’ll own it…that’s a recipe for disaster (You could go out too fast, or if you think it’s going to be easy, you may freak out once you hit a difficult patch).  Respect the run and you should be able to handle it better than a fighting giraffe.

So what are you doing this weekend?  Racing?  Long run?  How far?  How do you feel about it going in?  Do you think there should be an organized giraffe fighting league?

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14 thoughts on “Respect the Run & Don’t Fight Giraffes

  1. TartanJogger

    I’ll be thinking about that fighting giraffe while reciting my hill running mantra tomorrow 😉

  2. Hilarious! I have a baby giraffe fight of only 8 miles for my final long run before MCM.

  3. LOL. Can your sister send me a penguin? I promise I’ll take really good care of it. Tell her I’ve always wanted one and I’m willing to transform my pool into a penguin sanctuary 🙂

    But I love this whole respect the run thing. For my first half, I definitely feared the run and it didn’t end the way I had hoped.

    • Haha! Funny story, when my sis worked for the Dallas zoo, she organized a 5k there. At the ceremonial start she put race bibs on penguins and had them do a waddle run. I’m not going to lie, it broke my adorable bone.
      As for your first half, you learned something, didn’t you? It’s a process.

  4. I like this approach. Especially since I mentally freak myself out during races (but I’m working on it !)

    Now if I cam just get the image of a giraffe biting off my cheek out of my head.

  5. Jane Likes to Run

    Such a great post. Thanks for sharing. I am actually of to run a half tomorrow so this really hits home. Giraffe fighting would be awesome. What do they do with their necks?

    • Good luck on your race, looks like good conditions!
      When they fight, they try to hit each other with their heads. But with those long necks, it looks crazy, they really wind up and swing!

  6. Hilarious! But I totally get what you say when you should respect the run— and how that transfers to other areas in your life. I seriously laughed-out-loud when I read about your sister, and in particular the giraffes, they were always my favorite. :/

    • Haha, thanks! Every time I talk to her about her job, I always ask if any of the giraffes have been fighting. She’s always like, “What is it with you and fighting giraffes?”

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