Disney Dopey Challenge Training Week 6

It continues.  Today called for a 3 mile run and a weight session in the gym.  I must still be tired from the combined 20 miles I ran this past weekend, because the 3 was no walk in the park (it was a run in the park, though).  It was still 90% humidity and in the mid 70’s, so a tad bit swampy.  It’s supposed to cool down some today, and we’ve actually gotten rain for the first time in like forever.

And can I just say that with the rain, it brought out like a million snails all over the place.  I don’t know where they came from, but they were everywhere.  I think today in the snail world, will forever be known as massacre day.  Now I can’t be certain, because my morning run was in the dark, but I heard and felt an awful lot of crunching under my feet.  I kept hoping they were nuts that had fallen from trees, but I have a feeling many a brave snail met his doom today.

Stole this pic from my friend.  I felt I was moving as fast as this guy on my morning run.

Stole this pic from my friend. I felt I was moving as fast as this guy on my morning run.

As for the rest of the week, I’ve got 6 miles with hill repeats on Wed.  3 miles with weights on Thurs.  9 miles on Sat.  And Yoga on Sunday.  Still on course to successfully navigate the Dopey Challenge!

What about you, did you witness any exoskeletal massacres today?

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15 thoughts on “Disney Dopey Challenge Training Week 6

  1. I really like to do a very short and super easy run on Mondays. Just to get the legs loose from feeling sore from weekend long runs and so my longer Tuesday runs aren’t rusty.

  2. PaulSmuts

    Enjoy the rest of the weeks training (especially the hills)! 🙂

  3. Ew! Were the bottoms of your shoes mucousy? (Is that a word?)

  4. I would love to know what “hills” you are planning on running. And yes, I think I wiped out half of the snail pop this morning. CrunchaCruncha.

    • The massacre continued today. Why are they on the sidewalks?!? Don’t they know people run there?
      By ‘hills’ I meant hill repeats. There’s a pretty nasty one near my house that usually do them at. It’s not quite Windhaven, but it’s pretty good.

  5. LOL oh no! When it rains at my house, snails migrate to the path that leads directly to the front door. When I was little, I used to get so sad if I accidentally killed one. Oh and then there was that time my sister convinced me that a slug was just a snail without a shell and you could take the shells off of them…we won’t get in to that…

    • LOL, I’m afraid to hear the end of that story. I remember as a kid pouring salt on a giant slug with some neighborhood kids. That was bad. I still feel bad about that, and all the ones I can’t help but crunch on my runs this week. I hope there aren’t snail ghosts that can haunt me!

  6. TartanJogger

    Massacre Day-is it weird that I fund myself sniggering at that?!

  7. I saw a ton of squashed caterpillars today. It made me sad.

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