Night Running in the Morning

I’m afraid this non-morning person has become a morning runner.  Too many years of Texas heat have forced me to lurk in the shadows of pre-dawn streets and trails.  During the summer, the sun would come up early enough that I at least had some light.  But as we creep into fall, the nights are longer and the sunrise is delayed.  It seems so odd to wake up for my run, only to be greeted by Orion and Cassiopeia.

My running buddy!

A couple of my running buddies!

I thought it was morning, so why am I able to utilize my college knowledge from my Astronomy class?  Also, this week we’ve had a new moon that is slowly waxing, so there ain’t much moonlight to help light my way.  Some streetlights, but once I enter a wooded park and hit a paved trail – it’s very dark.  It kind of plays with me as I can’t exactly see the ground, so sometimes my depth perception is off and I may take a few wobbly steps.  Mainly though, I just hope I don’t land on a snake trying to warm himself on the cement!

It is nice though too.  The world is pretty silent.  Construction projects haven’t started.  The roads are pretty bare.  And if I time it right, I can just catch the sunrise over the pond in the nearby park.  Lately though, I’ve been finishing before the sun is even up.

It can also be lonely at these hours, but then I started thinking…dangerous, I know.  What had happened was I passed another night morning runner.  Then I got to a park and an entire high school cross country team was there practicing.  And I realized, I’m not alone.  All over the world people are doing exactly what I am doing:  Sacrificing night time shenanigans to put in early morning miles, all for a goal.  My goal is completing the Disney Dopey Challenge.  But who knows what the others are getting ready for.  Perhaps Olympians are training at the same time.  Perhaps other people wanting to be Dopey like me.  Perhaps it’s someone’s very first run on a mission to get healthy.  Probably all of them.

It’s comforting to think that way.  And I’m always glad after I finish my run before my day begins.  But it will probably always still be a little odd.  Especially when I’m running past a house where I can hear an alarm clock going off.  Or the other house that’s park adjacent and the owner doesn’t realize that there might actually be people utilizing the trails so early and decides to leave the bathroom blinds open during the morning shower.  Or the occasional random car parked in the park parking lot with someone just sitting inside it – that’s plain creepy.

What about you?  Are you a morning hawk or night owl?  What do you think the guy in his car is possibly doing?!?!



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12 thoughts on “Night Running in the Morning

  1. I can totally relate! I’ve been noticing a brighter than usual Orion. There is some construction in my area so I’ve had to dodge those huge, orange diamond signs. Much larger face to face vs. Driving by. Running through spider webs is no fun either.

  2. I wish I could say I was a hardass and ran outdoors in the dark AM hours. . . but I’d be lying.
    Then again, you knew that. I’ll wave at you from the building treadmill though.

  3. Oh man you’re brave! I used to run in the early AM (5:20ish) back when the sun rose super early. Now it’s too dark for me to run before work, I’m too scared to run in the dark by myself. But I wish I could run in the early AM, I love that feeling of having the whole day ahead of me!

  4. Nothing beats a morning run

  5. I got a new head lamp recently and I love it. Takes some getting used to, but I hardly notice it anymore. Petzl Tikka Plus 2.

  6. TartanJogger

    I mostly run in the evenings after work, but you make morning runs sound pretty magical! Here, it’s getting darker in the evenings, so I’ve dug out my head torch as I think I’ll need it over the next couple of weeks. I do run in the morning at weekend, though in a fishing village it can be pretty busy early on!

    • It may seem magical because I’m half in dreamland still when I first get up! Don’t burn yourself with the torch! That would be cool to see all the fishermen hauling in their catch! Sadly, I’m pretty landlocked here.

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