Race This Weekend or Not?

My training for the Disney Dopey Challenge is done until Saturday.  So far this week I’ve run 26 miles and done a couple weight sessions at the gym.  I’m fairly sore.  It’s been a rough couple days as we’ve had 90% humidity each morning that I’ve got up to run.  Like running through soup.  But I got em done, and my pace was decent despite the conditions.  The weather man on the TV says it’s supposed to rain Fri and it should cool down after that.  But like my dad says, “The weather man couldn’t predict a bowel movement, let alone the weather.”

But assuming it does cool off and the humidity goes bye bye, it would feel great to run in that weather.  My training calls for this weekend to be an “off” one.  I’m only supposed to do 8 miles on Sat and cross train on Sunday (yoga and maybe a trail run).  Buuuut, there is a race that some friends of mine are running.  It’s a 15k (9 miles) around White Rock Lake in Dallas.  Aaaaand, the price to enter is only $10.  Yes, I said ten doll hairs.

It is one mile further than I’m supposed to run, but that doesn’t bother me too much.  But since it is a race, I know that I’ll be going harder than I would on a normal training run.  So I will exert my already tired body more.  But I like to race.  It’s been months since I have because I’ve really been sticking to the training plan.

So what do y’all think?  Should I stick to my easy 8 miler, or push a little more and join my peeps for the 9 mile race?



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9 thoughts on “Race This Weekend or Not?

  1. You’re still a ways from the race — so I wouldn’t be so worried about it affecting your race day. More just don’t let yourself get injured! Play it smart if you do it!

  2. I’ll be doing the last half of my 18 miler at that race your talking about. If you give it a go, just make sure to run your next few runs super easy!

  3. TartanJogger

    I’d definitely go for the race! Your dad’s phrase made me laugh!

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