New Marathon Training Workout (to me)

I just came across a new (to me) workout for marathon prep.  Apparently it’s fairly well known by those in the know, but it’s news to me.  Basically, it goes like this:

5-6 weeks before your marathon (not on the same week as one of your long runs), go on mile warm up run and then do two 5-6 mile runs back to back. You do so at 20-30 seconds faster than your goal marathon pace.  And here’s the other kicker – in between the two runs, you take a 10 minute break.

What they say happens during that break is your legs get stiff.  Combining that with the faster pace, it simulates how you body will feel during the last 6 miles of the marathon.  They also say that some elite folks use this workout with pretty good results.

I looked on my training schedule about 6 weeks out I have a 12 mile run planned.  I’m going to do this workout on that day.  This won’t happen until December, but once it does, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Has anyone else done this workout?  How did it go?  Did it help prepare for your marathon?


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8 thoughts on “New Marathon Training Workout (to me)

  1. Interesting — this might switch up the 12 miler I have planned this weekend.

  2. Interesting. I feel like it should be your speed workout for the week and you should still do your long run. Just because you’re not gonna stop for 10 minutes during your race.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m following the Hal Higdon plan for the Dopey Challenge. He has us alternating weekends, so I have a weekend with only a 12 mile run, followed by a weekend with 9 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday. So I think I can just replace the 12 miler with this workout, just to try it. Here’s the article I originally saw the workout:

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